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Juki Automation Systems

machinery & machining tools, thermal & heating equipment

SMT Placement Machine offers placement speed of 32,000 cph.

September 9, 2015

By incorporating screw type nozzle option, Model JX-350 can place 6 pieces of large components up to 25 mm diameter or diffusion lenses simultaneously. Screw type nozzle optimizes productivity by performing pick, recognition, and placement all in one pass for 6 nozzles, which previously was done in 2 passes. Capable of long board production up to 1,500 mm, for applications such as LED lighting, machine features placement range of 650 mm max in 1 clamp and 1,200 mm in 2 clamps. Read More

machinery & machining tools, material handling & storage

Storage Management System supports 32 and 44 mm reels.

June 2, 2014

Designed to manage large dimension reels, ISM2000 Fortress supports combination of 7 in. reels from 8–16 mm in height, 13 in./15 in. reels up to 44 mm in height, and JEDEC trays. Intelligent Storage Management System uses multiple outlet system that allows simultaneous extraction and insertion of up to 27 reels. Additional features include ESD package certification and humidity control module that makes it possible to control and maintain internal environment with humidity of less than 5%. Read More

machinery & machining tools, thermal & heating equipment

Air and Nitrogen Reflow Ovens feature 6-zone design.

May 8, 2014

In addition to 4-way air recycling system in each zone, Series RS-600 features top and bottom Independent Air Velocity Controlling System that allows for flexible processing control to handle complicated lead-free soldering requirements. KIC Auto-Focus Power gives Best First Guess when setting up product. To set up oven for new PCB, technician inputs PCB length, width, and weight and AFP software will take it from there by using built in library of profiles and oven specifications. Read More

printing & duplicating equipment

Automatic Screen Printer offers accurate, high-speed operation.

March 25, 2014

Equipped with Motion Screen feature that automatically corrects printing position by moving screen, RP-1 achieves high-accuracy positioning of ±10 µm and high-speed printing within 6 sec plus printing time. Automatic Solder Dispenser option keeps volume of solder paste on screen at constant, minimum, and necessary amount to prevent smears and smudges and reduce mounting defects. High-Speed Cleaning option utilizes blade to wipe away solder from bottom of screen. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Modular Mounter achieves top speed of 49,000 cph.

March 10, 2014

Using 2 compact rotary heads, capable of 16 nozzles per head, Model RX-7 can support up to 76 8mm parts for placement and offers accuracy of ±40 µm, which meets specification for production of smartphones and other high-density electronic applications. Each Super Rotary Head has 2 placement head-inserted cameras, one recognition camera to take images of each component from rear surface, and one pick inspection camera to take images of component and nozzle point from side surface. Read More

machinery & machining tools, materials & material processing

Batch Selective Soldering System offers operational flexibility.

February 19, 2014

Able to be configured with single nozzle or 2 nozzles, CUBE.460 offers batch platform with flexibility for through-hole applications. Selective mini-wave soldering system supports exchangeable solder pot for dual alloys and comes with various features: heated nitrogen at soldering nozzle; 0° and 7° soldering to accommodate various types of nozzles, including wetted nozzle tips and non-wetted nozzles; live viewing camera, and Quartz IR bottom side preheater. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Inspection System detects PWB failures at high speeds.

February 10, 2014

Utilizing automatic optical inspection and solder paste inspection functions, Model RV-1 inspects component mounting and solder printing to prevent defective PWBs from going to market. System uses Clear Vision Capturing System as illumination device, and is equipped with 270 mm dia high-brightness white LED 3-ring light and coaxial light. Twin linear motor, high-speed data transmission of CMOS camera, and image processing library enable high-speed image shooting at 0.14 sec/frame. Read More

machinery & machining tools, printing & duplicating equipment

Solder Paste Printer includes motion screen mechanism.

February 6, 2014

Utilizing Motion Screen mechanism, Model RP-1 aligns PWB with screen mask. System drives 3 alignment modules attached to outer circumference of mask stage to adjust position in X, Y, and θ directions simultaneously. This allows repetitive printing accuracy of circumference fine adjustment to improve up to ±10 µm and duration time to be reduced to 6 sec. Automatic Solder Dispenser automatically supplies solders by measuring solder’s rolling diameter with sensor and adjusting volume accordingly. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Modular SMT Component Mounter offers operational flexibility.

February 3, 2014

With LNC120 LaserAlign® module and Placement Monitor (EPV) function, RX-6 features max placement speed of up to 26,000 cph (IPC985); RX-7 Ultra-High-Speed Placer enables max placement speed of 60,000 cph (IPC9850). While 6-nozzle head supports components from 01005 up to 33.5 x 33.5 x 33 mm, 3-nozzle head supports components from 01005 chips up to 100 x 100 mm or 50 x 180 mm connectors up to 33 mm high. Standard unit handles PCBs up to 610 x 590 mm (905 x 590 mm with long board option). Read More

machinery & machining tools, robotics

High-Speed PWB Component Mounter has compact, modular design.

January 24, 2014

Employing head units on both rear and front sides, RX-6 picks up subminiature, large IC, and odd-shaped components and places them on PWBs. Placement Monitor provides picture of component pick-up/placement to let user monitor mounting process. Rated to 75,000 cph, RX-7 places mainly subminiature components on PWBs. Dual Super Rotary Heads, in parallel head configuration, are equipped with 16 nozzles, and camera installed inside head detects tombstone problem or component absence. Read More

material handling & storage

Electrical Tape Feeders handle ultra small components.

August 19, 2010

Compatible with Super High-speed Mounter FX-3 as well as High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020, motor-driven Electrical Tape Feeders suppress vibration, enabling part positions to be stabilized for smooth, rapid supply of tiny parts. Feedback of component centering variance enables feeders to automatically adjust and control pick position for stable simultaneous pick. LED display shows feeder positions when running machine, and by using appropriate buttons, users can change feed pitch. Read More

machinery & machining tools, material handling & storage

Intelligent Feeder System features automatic traceability.

November 22, 2005

Suited for SMT manufacturers, IFS-X system uses RFID technology as primary communication method between feeder and assembly machine to track components from initial receipt through placement. Traceability is conducted by intelligent feeders, which store component data such as part number, quantity, and lot number. Date and time board was assembled are also traced. Through automated part recognition, closed-loop system minimizes setup time and prevents human errors. Read More

materials & material processing

Selective Soldering Machines work with lead-free alloys.

May 23, 2005

Model 300L and 400L are suited for selective soldering of conventional (through-hole) components after reflow process. First machine can utilize pre-heater and includes bare board or mask grippers, internal spray or drop jet fluxers, and various soldering nozzles from 4-30 mm dia. Building on features of 300L, 400L offers 3-stage inline system for automated soldering process. It can also be customized to meet specific requirements. Read More

machinery & machining tools, robotics

Modular Mounter places up to 33,000 components per hour.

December 3, 2004

Utilizing linear motor technology and proprietary HI-Drive mechanism, FX-1R placement machine achieves throughputs of 33,000 cph (optimum) or 25,000 cph (according to IPC 9850 standards). It employs dual placement heads, with 4 nozzles each, on one X beam, where heads alternate picking and placing. Featuring SuperCast(TM) single piece frame, unit utilizes Windows XP OS for security, network connectivity, and peripheral support such as USB. Read More

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