Intelligent Feeder System features automatic traceability.

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Suited for SMT manufacturers, IFS-X system uses RFID technology as primary communication method between feeder and assembly machine to track components from initial receipt through placement. Traceability is conducted by intelligent feeders, which store component data such as part number, quantity, and lot number. Date and time board was assembled are also traced. Through automated part recognition, closed-loop system minimizes setup time and prevents human errors.

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Juki Incorporates Traceability into Intelligent Feeder System

IFS-X system provides lowest cost of ownership...

ROSEMONT, ILL., Assembly Technology Expo Booth #5034 - (September 27, 2005) - Providing SMT manufacturers with the ability to automatically trace all components, Juki Automation Systems has introduced an intelligent feeder system that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as the primary communication method between the feeder and the assembly machine.

According to Bob Black, Chairman and President of Juki Automation Systems, the new system provides manufacturers with the highest cost/benefit ratio. "The storage medium on the feeder is passive, which removes the requirement for power on the feeder," said Black. "This improves the contact reliability as well as the feeder cost, providing manufacturers with the lowest cost of ownership."

The IFS-X system tracks components from initial receipt through placement. Traceability is conducted by the intelligent feeders, which store data about the components, such as part number, quantity and lot number. Date and time the board was assembled are also traced. By automated part recognition, the intelligent feeder system reduces setup time, improves setup accuracy and prevents human errors that can cause defective products to be assembled.

The IFS-X is a closed loop system that constantly communicates with the feeder. A network of feeder trolleys connected to either in-line machines or an on-line docking station allows the easy location of any feeder along with its currently programmed component. This process allows unused feeders to remain loaded and programmed, saving time during future setups. Through RFID technology, the IFS-X system has the capability of tracking the actual location of every feeder on the machine to ensure that the machine never picks the wrong component.

Customers can easily retrofit their existing compatible machines with the IFS-X. Juki's intelligent feeder system is compatible with the KE-2050/60 and the complete R-Series of machines. The IFS-X uses standard Juki feeders including FF and ATF tape feeders, vibratory, belt and stick feeders.

About Juki Automation Systems
Juki Automation Systems Inc., the U.S. division of Tokyo-based Juki Corporation's Electronic Assembly and Test Systems Division, is a leading supplier of SMT automated assembly equipment to the printed circuit board assembly market. Since 1987, Juki has shipped more than 10,000 SMT systems, making it one of the world's largest suppliers of SMT Assembly equipment.

For more information on Juki, contact Juki Automation Systems by phone at 919-460-0111, by fax at 919-469-0480, by mail at 507 Airport Blvd., Morrisville, N.C. 27560, or at on the Web.

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