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In-Register Butt Splicer feeds narrow web label applicators.

Dec 23, 2002

Model SSBSC-IR performs butt splices at zero speed with single-sided tape always applied to same side of web. Splices may be made between labels, while single roller dancer maintains process speed during splicing operation. Product is available in various web widths and roll diameters. Read More

Textile Industry Products

Sheeter offers small footprint for cramped production floor.

Dec 16, 2002

Roll-Fed Sheeter undwinds 2 different rolls of aluminum foil laminated paper at 90° angle to each other. One roll goes into 45° breakover roller to align both rolls together in same direction, then roll material is spliced together and processed. System maps and detects each splice; spliced sections of web are automatically rejected. Roll material is sheeted to precise lengths, and conveyor... Read More

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Composite Fabric suits heavy-duty welding applications.

Nov 25, 2002

CARBO-GLAS is produced by sandwiching AMI-GLAS fabric between 2 layers of partially carbonized acrylic non-woven fabric. Resulting tough, soft, flexible fabric is resistant to weld splatter and direct flame contact. Its composition and multiple, heavy-duty layers, provides protection for equipment and personnel by ensuring effective horizontal capture of concentrated spatter and red-hot cut... Read More

Textile Industry Products

Web Guide Controller features joystick operation.

Nov 05, 2002

Model RK31 remote web guide controller is equipped to control up to 10 web guides at same time. It connects to web guide driver(s) using single Serial BUS RS485 cable to facilitate electrical installation requirements. Controller can receive signals from ultrasonic, infrared, and camera sensors for line, center, or edge guiding. RK31 includes LCD display that communicates instructions for initial... Read More

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Thru-Beam Fork Sensors are easy to install.

Sep 27, 2002

One-piece BGL sensors for part location, height verification, and edge detection have pre-aligned optics integrated into metal fork-style body, allowing for plug-and-play installation. Resolution is 0.3 mm, repeatability is 0.02 mm, and hysteresis is less than 0.1 mm. Sensors are available in sensing gap slot sizes from 5 to 120 mm, are protected against short circuits/reverse polarity, and are... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Textile Industry Products

Proximity Sensor has 4 times standard sensing range.

Sep 27, 2002

HyperPROX 4X long-range proximity sensor incorporates on-board temperature compensation ICs that eliminate impact of temperature on sensing distance. Sensor may be mounted farther away from target, minimizing risk of mechanical damage. Applications include controlling, regulating, automating, positioning, and monitoring work processes in machine-tool, plastics, textile, and automotive industries... Read More

Textile Industry Products

Daylight Simulation Booth is desktop-sized and portable.

Sep 27, 2002

SpectraLight® Jr provides multiple light sources for color matching and evaluation of color quality/uniformity. It uses filtered tungsten halogen daylight technology. Unit is equipped with 5 selectable light sources for various color evaluations and metamerism testing. Interior is made from low gloss, neutral-gray material. It includes push button membrane keypad, removable diffuser, and... Read More

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Inspection System reduces defects in non-woven material.

Sep 27, 2002

Real-time, in-process Inspection Accelerator, designed to accelerate material processing, offers high-speed image capturing, processing, and analysis for defect and anomaly detection. It also provides classification, visualization, enunciation, tracking, and marking for unpatterned, continuous sheet and web materials. System inspects web speeds of more than 3000 fpm, web widths of more than 30... Read More

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Strain Gage Amplifiers handle multiple channels.

Sep 26, 2002

MAC MultiAmplifier Card and IMUX Tension Multiplexer provide multi-point tension monitoring. MAC amplifies signals from up to 8 tension transducers or load cells, and supplies corresponding number of 0 to 10 Vdc signals. Signals may be used as inputs to drives, PLCs, or other control devices. Additional 0 to 1 mA or 0 to l00 microA signal is supplied as meter output. IMUX can select and display... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Textile Industry Products

Sensor suits precision, position, and opacity measurements.

Sep 26, 2002

Non-contact, laser-based, industrial gauging sensor, based on shadow measurement principle, is suitable for non-stationary, rubber, metalworking, aluminum, paper, textiles, and plastics applications. Class II Laser Beam Sensor (LBS) consists of emitter and receiver, and allows up to 3.3 ft distances between them. Measurement range varies from 0.02 to 1 in., accuracy is better than 0.5 percent at... Read More

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Scrim suits filtration applications.

Sep 26, 2002

Typar® Super Scrim(TM) spunbonded polypropylene media offers high airflow, and can be electrostatically charged. Available in weights from 1.75 to 8.0 osy, it is suitable for ASHRAE-related pleated or multi-pocket bag filters. It can be used as backing, facing, or between layers of filtration media. Super Scrim has no binders such as glue, adhesives, or acrylic to limit filtering area. It... Read More

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Sheeter/Stacker offers continuous operation.

Jun 05, 2002

Non-Stop Inline Sheeter/Stacker takes material coming off production system and sheets it; sheets are then stagger-stacked onto pallets that are automatically changed out when full. Festoon-type accumulator allows on-the-fly change out. While pallets are being changed, accumulator collects web so web does not have to stop. Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Textile Industry Products

Fabrics are vinyl coated.

Apr 29, 2002

NaugaTek fabrics are designed for use in seating applications. They are available in 11 colors and meet requirements of hospitality and health care industries. Other uses include transportation, recreation, and commercial applications. Read More

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Slitter/Sheeter offers shaftless unwind.

Apr 22, 2002

Roll-Fed System slits and sheets rolls of material weighing up to 8,000 lb. Material is slit, accumulated through controlled gravity loops to restrict material stretch, and cut using gap shear cutter. Gripper stacker grabs sheets and stacks them for use. Operator needs only to load roll, adjust sheet length and slit width, and unload stacks of finished material for next processing operation. Read More

Textile Industry Products

Web Guiding System uses brushless DC stepper motors.

Mar 20, 2002

Double E/Re web guiding system utilizes 3-zone system with zero point centered in dead zone. Dead zone is flanked by slow and standard zones. System adjusts web if it moves away from zero point into slow or standard zones in exact proportion to problem. DC stepper motor requires little or no maintenance. Options include digital microprocessor control panels and edge, center, and line guide... Read More

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Tension Control keeps web stable.

Mar 14, 2002

Dancer Control System includes RSD100 digital dancer position controller, EN50 electro-pneumatic transducer, DPS 30 or 60 dancer position sensor, and power supply. RSD 100 interfaces with brake, clutch or motor drive to provide stable web tension. Dancer position sensors accurately measure rotational movement of dancer arm. EN50 electro-pneumatic transducer allows RSD to interface directly with... Read More

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Attaching Tool inserts fasteners through fabrics.

Mar 12, 2002

Portable MicroTach(TM) hand tool inserts 0.172 in. T-End fasteners through fabrics and paper or cardboard packaging, replacing thread, pins and metal staples. Fasteners can hold 2 pieces of fabric tightly together or secure fabric to packaging. Tool is made of polycarbonate material for use in factory environments. It is available with brush anvil, which can serve as firm fastening application... Read More

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Turn Bars flip web without changing centerline.

Dec 17, 2001

Air Turn bars flip web over or change its path 90 deg. Bars fit above or below other machinery, eliminating need for additional machine length. Multiple styles and configurations, including low-inertia and low-tension models, are avilable. Components are sized to meet application needs and have custom-drilled and grooved surfaces. Air turn bars, with adjustable alignment, install easily and can... Read More