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Densified Chopped Strands suit thermoplastic compounds.

Oct 20, 2004

Available in 4 mm fiber lengths for thermoplastics such as PA, PP, PBT, and SMA, ThermoFlow® strands exhibit processing, mechanical, and matrix bonding properties suited for extrusion applications. Product features minimal fines and bulk density as well as uniform bundle size and shape. Featuring consistent glass content, strands are suited for automotive, electrical and consumer goods... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Textile Industry Products

Flame-Resistant Fabric is NFPA2112 certified.

Oct 12, 2004

Featuring NFPA70E Hazard Risk Category Rating of Class 2, GlenGuard(TM)FR 6 oz fabric consists of blend of fibers, including Kermel® aramid, and is engineered to provide comfort and moisture management to help keep wearer cool and dry. Offering abrasion resistance, fabric is UL certified and meets Canadian Standards CGSB 155.20 for industrial flash fire protection. It is also in compliance... Read More

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Digital Color Line Guide uses optoelectronic technologies.

Sep 07, 2004

Utilizing 4 ultra-high intensity LED light sources, AccuBeam® II recognizes and guides any printed line or pattern regardless of color or surrounding graphics. To compensate for different reflective qualities of matte, glossy, or holographic webs, unit provides 3 projection ports. A 20 MHz microprocessor performs frame-by-frame analysis of captured images to optimum scanning accuracy. Up to 25... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Textile Industry Products

Static Protective FIBC Fabric is FDA compliant.

Jul 14, 2004

CROHMIQ® Type D Fabric features humidity-independent coating with components that cannot wash off, migrate to surface, or contaminate bulk product inside FIBC. CROHMIQ fabrics offer protection against incendiary electrostatic discharges, and FIBCs do not require grounding. Fabric is suited for bulk storage or transport of dry food, and complies with Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and... Read More

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Edge Detector automatically adjusts to new web widths.

Jun 02, 2004

WideArray(TM) Edge Detector detects web edges passing through 18.4 in. wide edge detection range. When positioned on opposite sides of web in center guiding mode, detection range is doubled, providing 36.8 in. fully compensated detection. Wide detection range allows operators to change guide point or web width without manual adjustment. Detector is available in ultrasonic and infrared models. Read More

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Hot Melt Adhesive is suited for textile laminators.

May 03, 2004

Mor-Melt R-7001E moisture-curing polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive resists high temperature, moisture, and solvents. Product retains tensile strength in autoclave or sterilization environments and is typically applied at temperatures from 100 to 120°C. Composed of 100% solids, adhesive eliminates puckering, shrinkage, or destruction of delicate substrates. Application methods include... Read More

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Miniature Rib Milling Cutters handle difficult material.

Mar 17, 2004

Hanita square- and ball-nosed end mills, designed for mold and die machining, cut materials such as graphite and steels hardened to 60 Rockwell C at speeds to 150 m/min. Offered in 4 series, Diamond Like Coating or TiAIN coatings are available. Hanita Vision end mills, designed for machining hardened steels up to 67 Rockwell C, operate at speeds to 200 m/min. They give surface finish of 63Ra and... Read More

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Brushless Web Guide Actuator has explosion-proof housing.

Mar 17, 2004

Suited for printing, coating, and laminating operations that require spark-free environments, brushless web guide actuator directs electrical current to motor windings electronically. Design creates no sparks and reduces maintenance by eliminating need for brush replacement. It interfaces with Micro 4000® NET network-compatible controller and compensated array edge detectors. Read More

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Three-Roll Stack handles various processes.

Feb 20, 2004

Horizontal 3-roll stack allows for casting, laminating, and sheet processes due to its ability to integrate different payoffs and winders. Machine is available in sizes from 12-30 in. wide, with single- and twin-screw extruders, in single- and multi-layer configurations. Each roll is independently servo driven, with precise roll dimensions and roll gaps available. Unit is suited for use by... Read More

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Inspection System detects small web defects in real-time.

Nov 28, 2003

FLAW SCAN SYSTEM detects 0.3mm² defects on 2 m wide webs, running at 200 m/min. It contains embedded hardware and software with i2S technology for real-time defect detection on continuous web products. Features include real-time display and roll-map, statistical analysis of defect content, and power defect classification tool. Programmable alarm settings are offered for each defect class.... Read More

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Fabric provides static protection for bulk containers.

Oct 22, 2003

CROHMIQ® WHITE(TM) Type D static protective fabric, for manufacture of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), is white with distinctive blue highlight yarns. It eliminates hazardous static discharges without requirement of grounding and with no special FIBC construction techniques. Fabric is offered in weights of 3.0 and 6.5 oz/yd². Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Textile Industry Products

Chemically Inert PTFE Fibers withstand high temperatures.

Sep 17, 2003

PLASTOLON(TM) Fibers, available in flat format, can also be twisted in single or multiple strands to provide threads measuring from 600 denier and higher. Physical properties include thermal resistance to 550°F, resistance to intense UV exposure, and low co-efficient of friction. In particulate filtration applications, dust collector bags made with PLASTOLON(TM) Filtration Fibers withstand... Read More

Textile Industry Products

Sheeter offers optional fixed-gap shear.

Aug 06, 2003

ServoSheeter provides high-speed operation and close tolerance performance similar to rotary sheeter. Down-acting scissor shear cuts clean in short and long increments. Optional fixed-gap shear allows clean cuts through dense materials. Machine features heavy duty components and brushless servo motor for minimal maintenance. Optional Allen-Bradley PLC controls are available, allowing operator to... Read More

Textile Industry Products

Web Cleaning System accommodates webs 2 to 144 in. wide.

Jun 09, 2003

Neutro-Vac System incorporates vacuum system and static control to clean and neutralize static charges from web materials. System is comprised of vacuum hood assembly connected via ducting to dust collector. Hood assembly options include non-contact, contact, intrinsically safe non-contact, contact with compressed air, and Pneumatic Lift option. Pneumatic Lift moves hood up to 4 in.,... Read More

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Loom Attachment enables on-loom warp printing.

May 23, 2003

LOOMPRINTER consists of retractable heating plate, transfer paper unwinding and rewinding system, and control panel with PLC and touch screen. Device synchronizes printing operation with weaving process and allows users to start, stop, or change printing at any time during process. Product also enables side-by-side and simultaneous weaving of 2 weave constructions of differing take-up from one... Read More

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Mesh Material suits female pelvic floor repair.

May 08, 2003

GYNEMESH(TM) PS polypropylene mesh support material offers permanent, yet soft and supple support in applications such as cystocele, rectocele, and vaginal vault suspension. Constructed of same material as PROLENE® Polypropylene suture, its design is 70% more flexible than standard mesh. Knitted construction allows surgeon to cut mesh into different sizes and shapes without unraveling of mesh. Read More

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Web Tension Controller maintains consistent tension.

Apr 10, 2003

Microprocessor-based RSD200 Dancer Arm Controller incorporates adaptive control algorithm and maintains constant tension by compensating for tension disturbances. PC-based setup and calibration eliminates need for potentiometers and manual adjustments. Automatic, closed-loop system includes digital dancer position controller, EN50 electro-pneumatic transducer, DPS 30 or 60 dancer position sensor,... Read More

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Textile Dryers provide even heat distribution.

Feb 21, 2003

Super Turbo G Series Modular Gas Textile Dryers cure-dry solvent and water-based textile inks at speeds to 110 dozen pieces per hour. Optional preheat Quartz tube chamber obtains correct curing temperature of inks. Jet-air knives and hot air fully cure textile ink while removing evaporates through exhaust system. If airflow becomes restricted, heating system shuts down automatically and safety... Read More

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Web Inspection System provides OPC and ODBC data access.

Feb 10, 2003

SmartView®, with OPC interface, ensures real-time inspection control and data access between surface inspection system and business/production/quality systems in mill. ODBC data access allows remote access to inspection data from mill information systems and third-party production data-management applications. System combines line-scan cameras, camera support unit, lighting, and image... Read More

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Hand-Crank Shafts are suitable for narrow-web setups.

Jan 16, 2003

Hand Crank Mechanical Shafts, available in diameters of 70 mm and larger, are designed specifically for narrow-web applications. Products are suited for light loads and provide moderate torque. Read More