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Test & Measurement

Vacuum Gauge has space-saving, miniature design.

With 7/8 in. dial diameter and depth of 1 7/64 in., Miniature Vacuum Gauge features dual scale for indicating vacuum from 0 to -30 in. Hg. Brass-geared movement contributes to accuracy specification of 3-2-3%, and dual threads allow choice of fitting connections: external 1/8-27 NPT center back brass external connection and 10-32 UNF center back internal connection. Applications include hydrogen...

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Packaging Products & Equipment

Cartoner offers speeds up to 120 cpm.

Featuring base frame footprint of 115 x 30 in., ECONOSEAL PEGASUS continuous motion cartoner erects, loads (optional), and closes end load style cartons at speeds to 120 cpm. Modular, build-on concept allows users to start in manual product loading mode and add further automation as required. Unit accepts cartons from 2 x 1 x 5 in. to 8 x 3 x 12 in. and handles up to 7,200 cartons/hr depending on...

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Flexible Helical Couplings feature zero backlash.

Flexible helical couplings in S50HAWM (metric) and S50HAA- (inch) Series have one-piece Anodized Aluminum construction with set screw type or integral clamp split-hub type designs for fastening to both shafts. Able to adapt to high- and low-speed applications, fatigue-resistant products fit shafts diameters from 3-12 mm and 3/32-1 Â-½ in. Angular misalignment compensation is 5Â-

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USB Protocol Analyzer supports USB over-air standards.
Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

USB Protocol Analyzer supports USB over-air standards.

Wireless USB Explorer 300(TM) can record and decode WiMedia(TM) ultra wideband and Certified Wireless USB protocols from wireless or direct connection. It records traffic exchanged over air between devices through external omni-directional antenna and captures traffic between MAC and PHY from boards during design phase. Unit helps verify data encryption, optimize performance, tune power...

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Bottom Web provides thermoformable packaging solution.

ClearForm(TM) copolymer blend exhibits clarity for thermoform/fill/seal applications in medical and frozen food markets. Offered as alternative to bottom webs such as EVA/Surlyn/EVA, nylon coextruded films, and other PE-based polymeric blends, product is suitable for EtO and gamma sterilization. When coupled with AllegroÂ-® peelable top webs, total package offers machine-friendly forming and...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Rotary Hammer is suited for chipping and light demolition.

Able to work with stone, concrete, and brick, MHE 65 SDS-Max Chipping Hammer employs 10.5 A motor that provides 1,325-2,650 bpm and 1.0-10.0 joules of single blow energy. Vario-Tacho-Constamatic electronic speed control maintains constant speed between load and no-load. Other features include magnesium die-cast gear housing, auto-stop carbon brushes, spring-loaded lip seal, winding protection...

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Scara Robots can accelerate to 6.21 or 8.03 m/s.

With respective max payloads of 5 and 20 kg, TH550 and TH850 feature low-profile, heavy-duty housings that lend to stable performance. Both models have compact bodies and 3-axis speeds of 2,000 mm/s. Features include TS Controller for up to 5 simultaneous axes and absolute system that eliminates difficulties with home return. Total arm length of TH550 and TH850 is 550 and 850 mm, respectively,...

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Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment

Container securely transports and stores large quantities.

Measuring 88 x 44 x 100 in., MAX3(TM) 8844 features one-piece molded base with wood flooring and can be compartmentalized with up to 3 tiers of interior shelving. Water-resistant product, constructed of HDPE with rigid sidewalls, supports 4-way fork entry and holds up to 3,000 lb. RFID-ready containers are recyclable and stackable up to 3-high when empty, 2-high when loaded. Weighing 450 lb, unit...

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Software optimizes cutting on waterjet systems.

FlowMaster v6.0 WindowsÂ-®-based waterjet control system enables users to program and cut parts with varying thicknesses via programmable Z-axis capability. Helping to optimize cycle time performance, software offers ability to view and path parts in 3D as well as control cut speed to reduce marring. It performs automatic calculations for cut speed and material thickness and optimizes cut...

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