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Agricultural & Farming Products

Universal Waveform Generators test electronic circuits.

Available with 1, 2, or 4 independent or linked channels, 28x series employs direct digital synthesis generator with variable clock sampling technology to reproduce waveforms at any repetition rate. This 40 MS/s generator series comes with Waveform Manager Plus software and is designed for low-frequency manufacturing and service applications. Signal simulation capabilities include arbitrary...

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Piston Pump handles polyurethane components.

Variable-displacement, axial piston pump, Model A7VK is designed for high-pressure pumping of polyol and isocyanate used in making polyurethane. Capable of outlet pressure up to 3,625 psi, pump features double shaft seal and flushing chamber that helps identify any inboard seal leakage. Pump displacement can be adjusted manually from 0-28.1 cmÂ-³ using integrated display in handwheel. Once...

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Long Fiber Concentrate offers high glass-loading level.

Featuring 80% glass-loading by weight, Long Fiber Concentrate provides optimal dispersion, allowing materials with varying melt flow rates to be blended together. Adjusting LF glassloadings directly at machine enables processors to customize blends to meet specific properties, such as stiffness, impact, and strength. Product offers replacement for metal, particularly in die-cast parts where...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Semisynthetic Microemulsion offers high lubricity.

TRIMÂ-® MicroSolÂ-® 585 provides cleanliness and lubricity to keep machine tools up and running gray iron and multi metal machining operations. Product provides cooling and wetting of surface active synthetic along with machine- and operator-friendliness of soluble oil. Compatible with variety of materials, product provides corrosion inhibition and eliminates hot chip hoppers and...

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Scara Robots can accelerate to 6.21 or 8.03 m/s.

With respective max payloads of 5 and 20 kg, TH550 and TH850 feature low-profile, heavy-duty housings that lend to stable performance. Both models have compact bodies and 3-axis speeds of 2,000 mm/s. Features include TS Controller for up to 5 simultaneous axes and absolute system that eliminates difficulties with home return. Total arm length of TH550 and TH850 is 550 and 850 mm, respectively,...

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Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment

Container securely transports and stores large quantities.

Measuring 88 x 44 x 100 in., MAX3(TM) 8844 features one-piece molded base with wood flooring and can be compartmentalized with up to 3 tiers of interior shelving. Water-resistant product, constructed of HDPE with rigid sidewalls, supports 4-way fork entry and holds up to 3,000 lb. RFID-ready containers are recyclable and stackable up to 3-high when empty, 2-high when loaded. Weighing 450 lb, unit...

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Portable Analyzer measures leak rate in packages.
Mining, Oil Drilling, Refining Products & Equipment

Portable Analyzer measures leak rate in packages.

PAC CHECKÂ-® Model 820 Package Integrity Test System measures residual headspace oxygen as well as package leak rate in one analysis. Unit produces absolute leak number based on Poiseuille's law, which yields total hole diameter leak size based on measurements of pressure and flow. It can save up to 400 data points in internal memory and send information to computer via RS-232 data line....

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Machinery & Machining Tools

Swiss Turning Center produces moderately complex parts.

Swiss-style, 6-axis DECO 20s is mirror image machine with near equal number of tools for both 5.5 hp, 10,000 rpm direct-drive main and counter spindles. Featuring total of 22 tool positions, machine supports quick-mount powered or live tooling that can perform milling and drilling operations in addition to turning. Unit supports 220 mm max part length and 20 mm part diameters and features Fanuc...

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Test & Measurement

Vacuum Gauge has space-saving, miniature design.

With 7/8 in. dial diameter and depth of 1 7/64 in., Miniature Vacuum Gauge features dual scale for indicating vacuum from 0 to -30 in. Hg. Brass-geared movement contributes to accuracy specification of 3-2-3%, and dual threads allow choice of fitting connections: external 1/8-27 NPT center back brass external connection and 10-32 UNF center back internal connection. Applications include hydrogen...

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