Polystyrene Capacitors are housed in epoxy cases.

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Suited for audio and telephone equipment, Series EXFS consists of extended foil polystyrene capacitors sealed in fluid- and temperature-resistant case, and vertically mounted for high packing density. Values from 47-8200 pF are available with tolerance of 1% and working voltage of 63 Vdc. Insulation resistance is greater than 500 GΩ with loss factor of 0.0003 and tempco of 110 ppm/°C.

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Low-loss Polystyrene Capacitors - Now in Epoxy Cases

Pittsford, NY. EXFS is a unique new range of precision polystyrene capacitors in North America. EXFS capacitors are ideally suited for audio and telephone equipment or any application where low loss, excellent stability and high reliability are required. Vertically-mounted for a high packing density, EXFS capacitors are extended foil polystyrene capacitors sealed in a fluid- and temperature-resistant- case. Values from 47pF to 8200pF are available with a tolerance of 1% and working voltage of 63VDC. Insulation resistance is >500Gohm with a loss factor of 0.0003 and a tempco of 110ppm/degC (IEC40/070/56).

A few years ago across the world, all polystyrene plastic production was stopped, making polystyrene capacitors very hard to find. Some engineers have been able to switch to polypropylene or Teflon for their precision capacitor needs, but these have poorer temperature coefficients. But polystyrene is the dielectric of choice for capacitors with low leakage and low dielectric absorption. In special cases it is the linearity of polystyrene's tempco that makes it so ideal. Even though raw polystyrene material in now no longer available, LCR Capacitors has acquired sufficient stock to manufacture at the present rate for a minimum of 15 more years. Design engineers faced with the tedious, costly task of redesigning circuits requiring polystyrene capacitors can now obtain them from Saelig Co. Inc.

About Saelig Co. Inc.
Since 1988, Saelig Co. Inc. has searched the world to bring to USA unique, useful and time-saving engineering electronics products for OEM users, developing a North American market for these products through marketing, advertising and superlative technical support. saelig.com

About LCR Capacitors
Founded in 1962, LCR Capacitors specializes is supplying capacitors, inductors, and filters - not only cost effective standard products, but also the more difficult non-standard applications where close tolerance, voltage, temperature, frequency, pulse and RMS current can be design-critical. LCR Capacitors has developed and extended many product ranges and, with many years of investment, has achieved a high level of flexibility with ISO9001 quality standards and 100% testing. More recently, LCR has achieved prominence by being one of the few manufacturers worldwide to offer the engineers' low-leakage capacitor of choice with low temperature coefficient -audio-grade polystyrene. A key factor in LCR's success has been their ability and willingness to meet the stringent demands of their customers, www, lcr capacitors, co.uk Hi-Res Image: http://saeliq.com/imaqes/lcr-exfs.ipq
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More: Alan Lowne, 585 385-1750 fax -1768 Saelig Co. Inc, 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA. saelig.com info@saeiig.com

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