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Agricultural & Farming Products

Air-Powered Vacuum Lifter needs only 8 in. of head room.

VPFL Lifter operates with hoist for handling compact, non- and semi- porous loads of up to 2,000 lb in tight spaces. Equipped with single foam pad attachment, air-powered vacuum lifter has ergonomic handle for lifting and moving loads. Lifter operates using Venturi vacuum pumps, which are unaffected by dust and debris, and has low-profile, welded steel lifting frame as well as integrated vacuum...

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Optics & Photonics

Thermal Imaging Cameras inspect industrial furnaces.

ThermaCAM P25F and P50F are designed for monitoring industrial furnaces, heaters, and boilers to ensure safe and efficient operation. Along with uncooled microbolometer technology that enables use of products in less than 1 min, IR cameras have burst recording feature that records and archives series of images while in operation. Both models provide accurate temperature readings across entire...

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Manual Pumps manage any fluid handling application.

Without requiring air or electricity for operation, manual pumps safely transfer variety of fluids. Red pumps are designed for use with petroleum-based liquids, blue pumps work with general-purpose fluids, and green pumps handle aggressive chemicals. Remote dispenser allows user to dispense fluids up to 10 ft from pump. Depending on type of operation, air adapter allows for conversion of each...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Operator Interfaces are designed for CNC control.

Designed for PC-based machine tool control systems, CP6842-xxxx and CP7842-xxxx Control Panels feature U-shaped arrangement of control keys and can integrate multiple control functions in keyboard extension below display unit. Built-in CP6842-xxxx models are protected to IP 65 (front)/IP 20 (rear) and designed for control cabinet installation, while CP7842-xxxx models are IP-65-rated and can be...

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Controls & Controllers

Remote Monitoring System suits oil and gas applications.

Smart Remote Automation, as extension of PlantWebÂ-® digital architecture, enables continuous diagnostics to be run at remote sites and connect in real-time to centralized operations centers for predictive operations and maintenance. Allowing centralized access to information for regulatory compliance and reporting via device alert tracking and audit trail, system provides health of such...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Brushless DC Gearmotor/Brake develops 145 lb-in. torque.

Featuring Hall Cell Commutation, Model No. MMP-B23-150H-24V GP52-035 BR-005 carries IP 54 rating for operation in harsh environments. It measures 2.3 in. in diameter x 9.2 in. long and has keyed output shaft that measures 12 mm in diameter x 25 mm long. Output is rated for 16.4 Nm continuous torque @ 100 rpm and 18.0 Nm peak, and unit requires 8.5 A @ 24 Vdc to generate full load output torque....

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Electronic Components & Devices

Scan Converter also performs radar signal acquisition.

Offered as single-slot PCI card, Advantage-Zeta supports up to 3 analog videos inputs and 8 digital radar inputs and allows use of DVI graphics cards in radar display architectures. Radar scan converter creates one or more PPI views of radar video, providing display up to 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. Supporting range correlation, card can sample radar video at up to 50 MHz and reduce down to programmed...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Chemically Durable pH Sensor withstands harsh processes.

Model 398 TUpHÂ-® pH/ORP Sensor employs PEEK plastic helical reference pathway that protects reference element from chemical attack. Resistant to oxidants and organic solvents, sensor integrates AccuGlass pH electrode to resist cracking and SILCORE triple-seal contaminant barrier to protect integrity of pH measurement. Product is constructed of chemical-resistant titanium and TefzelÂ-®...

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Rheometer is optimized for nano-torque control.
Test & Measurement

Rheometer is optimized for nano-torque control.

Able to probe weak or sensitive material structures and low-viscosity systems, Bohlin Gemini HR nano enables measurement and control of nano-torque levels and retains continuous working torque range to 200 mNm for complete rheological characterization. Modular product, featuring air bearing design coupled with Rotonetic(TM) 2 DSP drive system, allows torque and speed control across all steady,...

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Software streamlines distributed system development.

Delivering distributed intelligence, LabVIEW 8 enables engineers and scientists to design, distribute, and synchronize intelligent devices and systems. It features project-based environment for developing and managing large-scale applications as well as Express technology for instrument control. Engineers can use graphical platform for data transfer, deterministic real-time communication, and...

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