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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Sensor measures water content in hydraulic fluid.

Designed to continuously monitor hydraulic and lubrication fluids, Testmate(TM) Water Sensor Model TWS-C measures water content relative to percent saturation of fluid in range of 0-100%. Capacitance sensor absorbs water molecules from fluid and changes capacity value that is directly related to saturation level. Integrated thermoelement on sensor measures temperature of fluid from -13Â-º to...

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Chart Recorders monitor temperature and humidity.
Test & Measurement

Chart Recorders monitor temperature and humidity.

Series TH8 Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorders and Series KT8 K-Thermocouple Remote Sensing Chart Recorders offer variety of models for different humidity and/or temperature ranges. Users can interchange 24-hr, 7-day, or 31-day charts as desired. Recorders feature 8 in. charts, large digital displays viewable from 20 ft, audio and visual alarms, and flip-up pen arm for chart and pen changes....

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Material Processing

Electromagnetic Shakers suit space-restricted applications.

Impulse(TM) Compact series utilizes dedicated solid-state controls, allowing conveying pan amplitudes to range from 0-100% to adjust for different products or processing conditions. Offered in sizes from 5-6.5 ft long x 8-15.7 in. wide, products feature capabilities that enable precise metering and gentle product handling while minimizing maintenance requirements. Stainless steel, oil-free units...

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Software offers full finite element modeling.

With FEMPRO, users build FEA models, which can be processed by variety of solvers for performing mechanical simulation. It offers support for CAD solid modeling systems as well as user interfacing for analyses including static stress and MES with linear and nonlinear material models, linear dynamics, steady-state and transient heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, electrostatics, and...

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Miniature Fittings provide leak-tight sealing.

With installed height of Â-½ in., stainless steel Push-Connect Fittings feature captured O-ring seal design and 10-32 thread for use in tight areas. Designed to fit Â-¼ in. tubing, units are available in in-line configuration as well as elbow, tee, and automatic shut-off versions. They are suited for corrosive environments and applications requiring clean components such as medical and...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Machining Centers include balance sensor feature.

Multi-Tasking Machining Centers incorporate Balance Sensor software feature to detect imbalance conditions in rotary B-axis tables. Integrated within Siemens SINUMERIKÂ-® 840D control, Balance Sensor monitors Z-axis following error to rapidly sense table imbalance. If unbalance condition exists, calculations are made by Balance Assist program, which generates graphical display to identify...

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