Aprima Medical Software, Inc

Appliance hastens real-time engineering collaboration.

TeamcenterÂ-® Community Appliance provides users with extended-enterprise collaboration solution that includes community collaboration module. Built on MicrosoftÂ-® WindowsÂ-® Server System and run on HP ProLiant servers, it includes HP software, storage, networking switches; HA capabilities; as well as bundled UGS planning, implementation, and support services. Turn-key, real-time...

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Electronic Components & Devices

Low Side LED Drivers are dynamically programmable.

Capable of driving low forward voltage LEDs from 33 mA to 1 A, SP7618 enables range of LED lighting applications with zero external components and minimal design time. It can drive LED directly from single cell Li-Ion or 3 alkaline batteries in series without additional boost regulator. Product can also dynamically change current level and PWM width simultaneously. Also available, SP7619 and...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Multi-Layer Interconnect is designed for 32 nm-node LSIs.

Featuring 100 nm pitch (50 nm for both metal-width and spacings), 32 nm-node Cu multi-layer interconnect offers parasitic capacitance of 83 fF/mm. Density-modulated low-k film technology, based on plasma copolymerization technique, enables continuous alteration of dielectric constant and mechanical strength of low-k films during growth by changing supply ratio of 2 types of precursors. This...

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Safety & Security Equipment

Security Solution remotely assesses network vulnerability.

Utilizing agentless vulnerability and risk management technology, nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager provides integrated security configuration compliance with common standards and frameworks. It can be customized to meet specific demands of global enterprises. Agentless technology discovers all IP-enabled devices on global networks as well as their associated operating OS, applications,...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Content Filtering Appliance protects outgoing data.

PacketSure 5.0 offers single-product solution for auditing, blocking, encrypting, and reporting of sensitive data. Extended Regular Expression layer identifies structured data by pattern matching, while Content Matching layer identifies structured data by direct matching. Content Learning layer can identify unstructured data and monitor changes to documents that contain that information. With...

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Software facilitates application development and deployment.

Accelerating developer innovation for web-based dynamic and online collaboration applications, Java SE 6 includes framework and developer APIs to allow mixing of Java technology with dynamically typed languages. Program provides tools for diagnosing, managing, and monitoring applications, and includes support for NetBeans Profiler 5.5 and Solaris(TM) DTrace. For rapid visual development of...

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Software aids in business services development/maintenance.

SOA solution, XA-Suite(TM) v4.3, offers XA-Designer(TM) graphical view and drag-and-drop capabilities to facilitate process of configuring and reusing business components. In addition to palette on main window, software features XA-Tracer(TM), which lets user step through application and observe application flow as it is processed. Process view gives users read-only, graphical view of XAware...

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Controls & Controllers

Display Modules are readable in high ambient light.

Model NL2432HC17-04B 2.7 in. transreflective display module features reflective ratio of 35% and brightness level of 100 cd/mÂ-² in transmissive mode. With contrast ratios of 150:1 in transmissive mode and 15:1 in reflective mode, NL2432HC22-41B 3.5 in. display has luminence level of 200 cd/mÂ-² and reflective ratio of 15%. Both amorphous silicon TFT LCD modules have mode for using...

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Begin Bio-PDO(TM) Production in Tennessee

$100 Million Plant Is World's First to Produce Propanediol From Corn Sugar LOUDON, Tenn., Nov. 27 -- DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC, an equally owned joint venture of DuPont and Tate & Lyle, today announced the first commercial shipments of Bio-PDO(TM) from its $100 million facility here. The Loudon facility produces 1,3 propanediol (Bio-PDO(TM)) from renewable resources -- in this case...

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