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Dry Solids Volumetric Feeders meet USDA and FDA standards.

March 20, 2017

Designed with double concentric auger metering mechanism, Model 105 Series Dry Solids Volumetric Feeders deliver up to 220 cu. ft./hr feed rate. Available in three models, feeders provide uniform consistency while filling the metering auger from full 360°. Feeders come with all-steel, heavy-duty, quick-disconnect and sanitary construction.

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LF Series Fiber Laser provides intuitive interfacing.

March 20, 2017

Available in four models ranging from 250 watts to 1000 watts with same form factor, LF Series Fiber Laser Welders offer continuous wave and modulated fiber laser technology with single mode and multimode options. Featuring large touchscreen pendant for clear visibility, units enable spot sizes to 10 microns for thin metal welding. Delivering welding penetration depth beyond 4 mm, unit... Read More

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Flextec® 650X Welder is compatible with digital ArcLink® feeders.

February 27, 2017

Suitable for construction, shipbuilding and heavy fabrication applications, Flextec® 650X Welder is rated to 650 amps, 44 volts at 100% duty cycle. Capable of gouging up to ½ in. carbon, Flextec® 650X provides fast arc response, smooth arc reactions and smooth bead appearance on DC wire, stick and TIG processes. Flextec® 650X Welder is rated to Desert Duty® to operate up to 55°C... Read More

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Weigh Feeders feature platform type lever network design.

February 20, 2017

Available in 402, 404, 405, 406 and 408 models, Weigh Feeders come with dual (split) beam. Delivering feed rate of up to 20,000 pounds per hour, units offer metering accuracies ranging between ±0.25% to 1%. Units are equipped with Acrison’s Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver which produces unamplified, non-integrated and weight signal without any delay.

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Flexible Welding Enclosure® for Welding Down to 10 ppm

January 13, 2017

When welding titanium and zirconium joints it is important that the welding zone is purged of oxygen to a level as low as 10 parts per million (ppm).

A flexible welding chamber is available from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® for a fraction of the cost of a rigid welding chamber. Flexible Welding Enclosures® provide a technically viable option to what are very expensive rigid... Read More

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Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 welders eliminate cord tangles.

January 11, 2017

Featuring Auto-Line™ power management technology, Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 welders deliver up to 400 A of output power. Designed with front panel memory card data port, units are compatible with miller wireless remote controls. Welding up to 5/8-in. thick aluminum and steel, Dynasty 400 is AC/DC TIG-stick-capable and Maxstar 400 is DC TIG-stick-capable and welds up to 5/8 in. thick steel... Read More

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PerformArc Robotic Welding Systems are designed for automotive applications.

December 1, 2016

Being customizable, Miller® PerformArc Robotic Laser Welding Systems and Hotwire Power Supply are used for welding, cladding and 3D printing. With 10 times higher processing speeds, lower distortion and less power usage, Welding System has Class 1 laser enclosure, choice of laser and process head, robot teach pendant and FILTAIR fume hood. Offering high deposition rates with low dilution,... Read More

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C and T Series Guns with power cables in steel monocoil

November 24, 2016

Including C and T series large straight handle, BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Gun offers handle overmold and rear swivel options. With 20 fixed and rotatable necks in various angles and lengths on any front handle style, guns provide options ranging from 200 to 600 amps. Including numerous cable length choices between 8 to 25 feet, C Series handle is available for guns rated from 200 to 500 amps and... Read More

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AugmentedArc Welding System provides hands-on welding experience.

November 24, 2016

Providing students with immersive augmented reality experience, AugmentedArc Welding System helps students quickly develop proper technique. Featuring camera and sensors to send video and positioning, system offers video recording for instructors to replay and evaluate. Designed to engage and motivate students, unit simulates multi-process MIG, TIG and stick welding and computer-generated... Read More

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Auto-Continuum 350 and 500 Welding System allows connection via Wi-Fi.

November 23, 2016

Connecting to robot via webpage interfaces in three ways, Auto-Continuum 350 and Auto-Continuum 500 welding system offers standard MIG and flux-cored welding processes. Featuring low-inertia motor assembly 350 offers 11,000watts (350 amps and 31.5 volts at 100 percent duty cycle). With Accu-Pulse® and regulated Metal Deposition, 500 provides 19,000watts (500 amps and 39 volts at 100 percent... Read More

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Weld Purge Monitors has organic LED display.

November 16, 2016

Linking with automatic welding machines such as orbital welders, Huntingdon Fusion’s Hand Held Weld Purge Monitors® feature OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays. Presented in three models, PurgEye® 100, PurgEye® 200, and PurgEye® 300 or Nano, monitors can operate either on batteries or mains power. Suitable for indoor applications, device includes an integral pump for extracting... Read More

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ClassMate™ Robotic Trainer designed to fit through standard doorway.

November 14, 2016

Suitable for community and technical colleges, trade schools and workforce development programs, Lincoln Electric’s ClassMate™ Robotic Trainer offers solutions such as robotic welding training, demonstration and recruiting. Featuring robotic arm from FANUC® Robotics, Robotic Trainer includes what is needed to get started: instructor training, curriculum, fully functional welding power... Read More

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Lincoln Electric Offers Limited Time Fall Camo Ranger Graphics on Two Engine-Driven Welders

November 9, 2016

Special Edition Models Only Available Through December 31, 2016

Cleveland – For a limited time, Lincoln Electric is offering a special edition Fall Camo™ graphics wrap on two of its top engine-driven welders – the Ranger® 250 GXT and Ranger 305 G EFI. The exclusive design features an autumn forest camouflage scheme. These special-edition models only are available for purchase... Read More

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Miller® LiveArc™ Work Station with Smart Stinger Extends Training Capabilities to SMAW Process

November 9, 2016

APPLETON, Wis. (Nov. 2, 2016) - The LiveArc Welding Performance Management System from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. now includes an option for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). The LiveArc WorkStation with SmartStinger extends training capabilities to the SMAW process in addition to the previous training capabilities available for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and flux-cored arc welding (FCAW)... Read More

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Maxstar 161 uses Miller Stick-Stuck technology for detecting loose electrode.

November 9, 2016

Available in three different models, Maxstar 161 S/STL/STH delivers up to 160 amps of welding power for stick and TIG applications. Weighing just 13 pounds, 161STH includes handle/shoulder straps for portability. Integrated with a digital meter for easy setup and precise control of welding amperage on both 120- or 240 volt primary power, unit allows welding operators to keep the arc lit, even... Read More

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Lincoln Electric’s REALWELD Advanced Trainer Improves Mastery of Welding Techniques

November 8, 2016

Allows students to “hit the booth running” thanks to accelerated comprehension and training time

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric’s REALWELD® Advanced Trainer gives students and prospective employees a live-arc, multi-sensory learning experience that merges actual welding with advanced motion tracking technology.

The system helps students master MIG, stick and flux-cored... Read More

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Lincoln Electric Announces "Show-Only" Specials for SEMA 2016

October 31, 2016

Cleveland - Attendees visiting the 2016 SEMA Show will be eligible for exclusive offers on some of Lincoln Electric’s most popular and versatile products. These offers will be valid only on purchases made at the show, which is hosted by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) from Nov. 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Offer 1: Those who purchase a Lincoln Electric... Read More

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APEX 30M Wire Feeder comes with digital controls.

October 28, 2016

Controlling and monitoring processes for consistency and logging data for reporting and archiving needs, APEX 30M controller/wire feeder can be combined with HELIX® M85 orbital weld head and Power Wave® S series welder to create versatile solutions. Eliminating additional equipment, like cranes and fixtures, feeder simplifies cable management and can be located 100 feet above welding power... Read More

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Lincoln Electric's 4-Pack Rack offers one primary power drop.

October 26, 2016

Suitable for Flextec®350X welder, durable 4-Pack Rack offers reduced number of needed cables and jobsite cable clutter. Making mounting or removing a quick and simple process, device enables neat-input cable routing to avoid pinching or cutting. Unit features one primary input cable for resulted combination of two 4-pack racks. Offering square tubing construction to resist bending and... Read More

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Engine-driven Welder offers remote control capabilities.

October 26, 2016

Powered by Kubota® engine, Model SAE-300® MP features factory-installed wireless remote control that allows operator to activate glow plug from anywhere between 1 and 30 seconds. Users can also remotely start or stop engine, activate high or low idle, or adjust Fine Current Control output. Small, weather-resistant control unit fits into operators’ hands and has 400 ft range, depending on... Read More