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Carbon Material remediates persistent oil spills.

February 10, 2014

Using eco-friendly carbon material, NAIMOR provides efficient oil recovery and remediation. Inert, highly hydrophobic, regenerative nanostructure can absorb quantities of oil up to 150 times it weight. Chemical-free material can also be produced in different shapes and sizes.   Read More

Green & Clean, Waste Handling Equipment

Eco-Friendly Oil Sorbents are made from 80% cotton fibers.

December 8, 2009

Available in sorbent pads and rolls, Re-Form(TM) Oil Only sorbents feature absorption ratio of 34.43, and can absorb oil, grease, transmission fluid, coolant, and numerous other liquids, with average of 46 oz of oil per pad. They repel water and float, making them suited for marine spills and other outdoor applications. With spunbound coverstock, sorbents have minimal linting for general clean up purposes or wiping applications. Read More

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Sorbent maintains product characteristics of packaged foods.

July 10, 2008

FreshPax® S helps maintain food flavor, texture, and aroma. It can be pre-loaded with moisture to sustain relative humidity level within 5% of targeted equilibrium, if moisture ingress and egress rates are known. Sorbent fixes water activity to level below point at which harmful pathogenic growth can occur. Oxygen scavenging component reduces and maintains oxygen levels to less than 1% at relative humidity levels of between 40-50%. FreshPax S is made entirely of food grade ingredients. Read More

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Sorbent Panel Assemblies trap odors, gases, and particulate.

April 27, 2005

CamsorbT CF4A adsorber modules are suited for commercial, industrial, and medical facilities where control of gaseous contaminants or odors may be of concern. Each unit uses 12 Camsorb CF 1 in. panels filled with loose-fill or application-specific sorbent media. Sorbent section is sandwiched between 2 particulate filter frames that allow installation of various combinations of prefilters and ASHRAE grade final filters. Assemblies may be stacked up to 6 units high. Read More

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Sorbent Mat protects high traffic industrial areas.

April 1, 2005

High Traffic Roll universal sorbent efficiently absorbs water, oil, solvents, and virtually any liquid. Three-ply polypropylene construction features top layer of strong, low-linting spunbond polypropylene coverstock; core made up of highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene; and bottom layer of durable, meltblown polypropylene coverstock. Medium weight alternative is also available. Read More

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