Multisorb to Provide Desiccant Solutions at SPIE Photonics West

Buffalo, New York – Multisorb Technologies will be among the more than 1200 exhibitors at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California for the SPIE Photonics West event - the premier North American event for showcasing the latest products, tools, applications, and solutions for the laser and photonics community. Multisorb will be exhibiting in the North Hall D, booth 5216, from February 4-6, 2014.

As a solution provider, Multisorb can help photonics and laser manufacturers to improve the quality and extend the service life of their products. Lasers, optics, cameras, and other sensitive equipment can experience problems ranging from reduced or intermittent functionality to complete failure from moisture or outgassed vapors trapped within the sealed housing.

Multisorb's research engineers will evaluate your product to determine the source of the issue. If moisture is the issue, it may have been trapped in the device during assembly, entered though a leak in the housing, or even entered through the permeable housing materials, seals, gaskets, and connectors. After thorough review and testing, including the leak test that will be demonstrated at Photonics West, the research engineer will first determine if design changes are required – such as in the case of leaks and housing materials that are highly permeable – and will then calculate the exact amount and type of desiccant required to provide an optimized solution for the service life of the application.

Solutions for both moisture and volatile adsorption are available in Drop-In, Fit-In or Built-In platforms. Drop-In solutions are best for when moisture or volatiles in the product packaging are an issue. They are placed directly into the sealed packaging with the product. Fit-In desiccants, such as Multiforms® and Nat 900® Sorbents, are compressed solid desiccants and can be shaped to fit into any internal space within the device. When space constraints are a concern, a Built-In solution is required. Desiccant properties are integrated directly into a polymer, and the polymer is then injection molded into a functional, PolySorb® Component for the device. By having a choice of a Drop-In, Fit-In or Built-In platform for your optimized desiccant formulation, you are receiving the best solution possible for your product.

Multisorb also provides optimized solutions for regulating relative humidity in a product and for adsorbing oxygen.

Stop by Multisorb's booth to talk to a research engineer, and learn how Multisorb can help extend the service life of your product.

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