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Sanhua Appears at ACREX 2015 with Energy Efficient Products and Solutions

March 17, 2015

BANGALORE, India - As India's largest and most influential refrigeration and air conditioning exhibition,ACREX 2015 was held in Bangalore from February 26-28, 2015. During the event, Sanhua drew attention to the energy efficient automatic control components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, inverter controllers, and micro-channel heat exchanger products for the Indian market. One... Read More

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Heat Trace Cable vs. Immersion Heaters

March 13, 2015

With the advancement in technology and increase in industrial demand, industries have started to mobilize over different heating methodologies, such as whether to use heating cables or immersion heaters. Heating cables are normally known as heat trace cables and can be used for various purposes- such as for viscosity control, residential roof and gutter, pipe tracing, temperature process... Read More

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New Technology Boosts Productivity of Aluminum-Sheet Annealing

March 12, 2015

Ideal for Existing or New Autobody Sheet Lines TMS 2015, Aluminum Processing Symposium, Linde presentation, March 16, 2:50 p.m. MURRAY HILL, N.J. and NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. - Sheet aluminum for auto and truck bodies remains the top growth area as the industry shifts to lighter-weight vehicles. Now a new technology from Linde for continuously annealing cold-rolled strip aluminum may soon speed... Read More

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Wisconsin Oven Ships Powder Coating Batch Ovens with Horizontal Split Lines

March 11, 2015

East Troy, WI – Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of two (2) electrically heated walk-in batch ovens that will be used for baking tool castings and curing powder coatings. The two (2) powder coating batch ovens were purchased to replace the customer’s older batch ovens that were failing due to age. Due to the limited height of doorways and a freight elevator in the... Read More

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Wisconsin Oven Ships Curing Batch Oven with Rotating Drums for the Medical Industry

March 10, 2015

East Troy, WI – Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of an electrically heated walk-in batch oven with two (2) rotating drums for post curing of injection molded silicone rubber medical parts. Typically, these parts are placed in a tray on a cart which can cause them to stick together. The use of a rotating drum during the curing process of the silicone rubber parts prevents... Read More

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Energy Savings on Process Heating Units

March 5, 2015

A leading supplier of performance polymers with products used in a wide range of applications, including adhesives, coatings, sealants, lubricants, etc. was increasing the production capabilities of one of its four polymer process lines.  The increase in production capabilities would come from the upgrade of several process heating sources such as heat exchangers and dryers as well as... Read More

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Slat Type Conveyor Oven for Drying Steel Parts

March 2, 2015

•Â Â Â  Parts: pipe nipples •Â Â Â  Process: cure adhesive •Â Â Â  Electrically heated slat type conveyor drying oven •Â Â Â  Maximum Operating Temperature: 200º F SPECIAL FEATURES •Â Â Â  Air Flow: Top-down airflow using high velocity engineered air nozzles •Â Â Â  Indexing Conveyor: Slat-type indexing conveyor system using part holders mounted... Read More

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BTU Sells Two PYRAMAX(TM) 100A Units at IPC APEX EXPO Trade Show

March 2, 2015

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., – BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing and alternative energy markets, has sold both of the PYRAMAX™ show units on display at the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego. The units were sold to ULTIMACHINE in South Pittsburg, TN, and Progressive Dynamics, Inc. in Marshall, MI. Paul Lancaster,... Read More

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Two-Compartment 850°F Universal Style Oven from Grieve

February 26, 2015

No. 979 is a 850ºF (454ºC), electrically-heated, universal style oven from Grieve, currently used for various machine shop heat treating operations  at the customer's facility.  Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 36" W x 36" D x 36" H in each of the two compartments.  24 kW (12kW per zone) are installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat the dual oven chambers, while... Read More

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UL 508A Compliant Heaters Being Offered from DBK USA

February 25, 2015

Safety is a critical feature for electrical components, and in the past, there were no written guidelines from the NEC to the electrical inspector that ensured electrical safety for control panels. The NEC came up with a new installation code, Article 409, which became effective January 1, 2005. In this new article, it requires that industrial control panels must be marked with a short circuit... Read More

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Centorr Vaccum Industries Sells Two High-Temperature Furnaces for Aluminum Nitride Production

February 24, 2015

Nashua, NH – Centorr Vacuum Industries announced it has shipped orders for two high-temperature sintering furnaces for 2015 delivery to a leading firm in the production of AlN substrates for the LED market in China. The designs include CVI’s 2 cu ft graphite furnace for AlN sintering and a refractory metal furnace rated to 1850C for a secondary heating process. These new furnaces build on the... Read More

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Ipsen Delivers Wide Range of Atmosphere Products, Maintaining Strong Presence in North American Market

February 23, 2015

CHERRY VALLEY, IL — Since 2010, Ipsen has successfully installed more than 50 atmosphere furnaces, tempers and auxiliary equipment throughout North America, demonstrating their ability to provide advanced solutions with top-of-the-line atmosphere products. These installations covered a diverse range of atmosphere furnaces, including single- and double-chamber sealed quench, vertical retort,... Read More

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Service Heat Treating Selects Vector(TM) 2 bar Vacuum Furnace

February 19, 2015

Service Heat Treat has purchased a standard Vector 2 bar vacuum furnace for their commercial heat treat facility in Milwaukee, WI. The furnaces will be manufactured in the SECO/WARWICK Corp. Meadville, PA facility. Service Heat Treating, Inc. Service Heat Treating, Inc., serving southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, is the area's top provider of batch and vacuum heat treating... Read More

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LG Electronics Gas Double Oven Range World's First to Meet New Sustainability Standard

February 16, 2015

Tested by CSA Group, LG's Innovative Range Exceeds New Industry Standard; Extensive Lifecycle Analysis Also Verifies Compliance for LG Electric Range ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. - LG Electronics' high-performance double-oven range is the first in the world to meet the requirements of the industry's new Sustainability Standard for Household Cooking Appliances, which was developed by the... Read More

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Temper Furnace Shipped to Fastener Manufacturer

February 9, 2015

•Â Â Â  Gas Fired 2-Zone Temper Furnace •Â Â Â  For tempering various machine screws •Â Â Â  Production Rate: 1500lbs per hour •Â Â Â  Heating Time: 132 minutes  •Â Â Â  Conveyor Style: Chain edge mesh belt •Â Â Â  Conveyor speed: 10.5 FPH •Â Â Â  Temperature: 400ºF to 1200ºF •Â Â Â  Overall Oven Size: 28' long x 12'... Read More

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Ambrell Sells EKOHEAT for Wire Heating Application

February 9, 2015

The induction system will be used to heat various size copper wires for coating curing Scottsville, NY – Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold an EKOHEAT 60 kW/30 kHz induction heating system for a wire heating application. The client needed to heat various sizes of copper wire to 325 °C (617 °F) at a rate of 10 meters (32.8 feet) per minute. The... Read More

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Automotive Supplier Invests in New Afc-Holcroft Pusher Equipment, Rebuilds Existing Furnace Lines

February 6, 2015

A leading global automotive supplier has placed an order with AFCHolcroft for a rebuild/retrofit of an existing Pusher Furnace line, along with contract additions for companion ancillary equipment, as part of a multi-phase project. The first phase rebuild/retrofit portion involves restoration of an existing 3-Row pusher furnace line including: Pusher furnace with Quench, Postwasher, Temper... Read More

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Horizontal Tube Furnaces have top plug for interior access.

February 4, 2015

Available in process lengths up to 305 mm, Horizontal Tube Furnaces will accommodate tubes up to 76 mm OD. Benchtop units are suitable for applications in which sample or product is relatively small and must be processed in inert, reducing, or oxygen atmospheres. Tube preserves integrity of sample and furnace interior, preventing chemical reactions which might contaminate sample, damage furnace... Read More

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Programmable Hot Plate allows direct work on heater surface.

February 3, 2015

Featuring 12 x 12 in. milled-flat cast aluminum heater top, EchoTherm™Â Model HP61A offers even heating with ambient to 450°C range controlled to ±1°C of target. Programming is done via front panel membrane switch and LCD, and accuracy is 1% of reading. Unit stores 10 programs with up to 10 steps – temperature, temperature ramp rate, time – in memory that can be made to... Read More