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Clean Process Oven for semiconductor industry.

May 29, 2002

LCC2-14 has chamber volume of 14 cu ft, large enough to handle thermal processing of 200 and 300 mm semiconductor wafers. It has stainless steel interior with continuously welded seams to protect work chamber from contamination. Oven is SEMI S2 and CE compliant, can be configured for multiple voltages and 50/60 Hz, and has UL and C-UL listed open control panel with lockable disconnect switch.... Read More

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Platform is suitable for use as server and render farm.

May 16, 2002

Fully PICMG 2.16 PSB-compliant nFUZION-8U/CHP CompactPCI(R) NEBS Compute Farm Platform measures 8U high and offers Red Hat Linux and Windows operating system support, 8+8+2-slot split backplane, 4-16 IBP Dual Pentium(R) III Single Board Computers, and 2 PICMG 2.16 Layer 3 managed switches. Additional features include optional IBP fully IPMI compliant System Management Controller with SNMP... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Photoresist Oven allows automated handling of 300 mm wafers.

May 02, 2002

Company's 300mm Automated Photoresist Bake Oven offers 2 Front-Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) loadport stations with atmospheric Class 1 clean room-compatible robots and optically based Class 1 laser cassette mapping sensors. Its 2 heat treatment chambers hold 25 wafers each during photoresist bake cycle. Temperature uniformity is +/-1.5 deg C at 95 deg C operating temperature (150 deg C max). It... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Walk-In Oven provides 500 deg gas heat.

Apr 30, 2002

No. 884 offers workspace dimensions of 52 in. wide, 48 in. deep, and 72 in. high. It is heated by modulating natural gas burner, which provides 350,000 Btu/hr, while 4200 cfm, 3 hp recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow across workload. Oven has stainless steel exterior with #4 brushed finish, Type 430 stainless steel interior, 4 in. thick insulated walls, and 2 in. thick insulated... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Reflow Oven has flux management system and touch-screen.

Apr 29, 2002

SMT 1.7TC solders most paste at set temperature up to 40 deg C while consuming only 3 kW per hour. Slot nozzles are installed perpendicular to conveyor at top and bottom of oven's peak zone and act like curtain of hot air that boards must pass through. After heat is transferred to board, air is sucked back into channels beside nozzles for reheating. Short travel distance allows for fan capacity... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heat Trace Cables work in hazardous applications.

Apr 26, 2002

HSRM and SRM/E heat trace cables are Factory Mutual approved at upgraded temperature ratings for use in Class I - Division 1, Class II - Division 1, and Class III hazardous environments. Approval ratings are for temperature ranges up to 302 deg F for process temperature maintenance and 420 deg F for maximum continuous exposure. SRM/E cable has been rated for high-pressure steam cleaning... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Coil Heater compensates for thermal expansion.

Apr 25, 2002

Wedge locking, injection-nozzle heater, with clamping band, allows heating element to maintain full clamping force at elevated temperatures. Rectangular profile of heating element increases surface contact of heater and injection nozzle. Flexible element extensions terminate to Teflon(R) leadwires with moisture-resistant seals. Resistance tolerance is +/-2%. Standard sizes are 0.750 in. ID and... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Thermal & Heating Equipment

HPLC Detector and Column Oven can be operated remotely.

Apr 19, 2002

Series 200 Liquid Chromatography (LC) product line includes Diode Array-based Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Detector and Peltier Column Oven with integrated column selection valve. Diode Array Detector allows secure transmission of chromatographic and spectral information over networking systems. HPLC Column Oven provides precise temperature control. Both may be controlled from local PCs or... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Water Bath keeps viscometers hot and cold.

Apr 17, 2002

Model TC-601 Compact Refrigerated Circulating Water Bath works with company's viscometers, rheometers, and accessories. Its small footprint, 8 x 16 in., minimizes use of valuable laboratory bench space. It comes with heating and cooling capability over operating range from -20 to 200 deg C, and is available with manual or programmable controller. Unit operates in stand-alone mode. To use, just... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Zone Heater provides uniform platen temperature.

Apr 17, 2002

Maxi-Zone High Temperature Insertion Heater heats large platens for hot metal presses requiring continuous sheath temperatures to 2000 deg F. It provides 2 or 3 independently-controlled temperature zones along heater sheath, for better control over hot metal forming processes. Heater is available in lengths from 8 to 172 in., and diameters from 0.685 to 0.935 in., for nominal platen passages from... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Hot Box safely heats eight 55 gallon drums.

Apr 15, 2002

Sahara horizontal Hot Box Model S8 uses steam up to 200 psig, and can reach temperatures up to 300 deg F. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, Hot Box replaces homemade hot rooms and band heaters. It provides 110 gallon spill-containment capacity. Alternative capacities, electric model, and carbon-steel construction are also available. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Batch Ovens are built to size with various configurations.

Apr 12, 2002

Ovens are available with top or rear-mounted heat chambers, plate or insulated floors, cart tracks, overhead conveyer headers, full horizontal air, shelf, and hanging or flat-bed carts. Sizes range from 144 to 2,800 cu ft capacities, in gas and electric configurations from 450 to 850 deg F, with digital controls, adjustable air ducts, and fan-forced air. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heaters have built-in sensors.

Apr 08, 2002

Thermofoil(TM) heater/sensors combine etched foil heater properties with RTD or thermistor temperature sensor. Kapton heater insulation allows operation to 150 deg. Models are available in sizes to 5 x 5 in. with resistance options to match most applications. Sensor choices include 100 and 1000 ohm platinum RTDs and 50,000 ohm NTC thermistors. Applications include designers who are creating... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Sterilization Oven minimizes floor space requirements.

Mar 06, 2002

SD Sterilization and Depyrogenation Oven is 50 in. wide and 96 in. high, with chamber capacity of 30 cu ft. It is available in 3 configurations: ultra performance, with cycle time of 1 1/2 hr; high performance, with 2 1/2 hr cycle time; and standard performance, with cycle time of 6 hr. Recirculation filter system prevents mechanical stress on HEPA filter. Control system minimizes filter supply... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Cartridge Heaters are available with abrasion protection.

Feb 27, 2002

Watt-Flex(R) cartridge heaters have split-sheath construction, which allows each half of heater to expand independently when energized, maximizing metal-to-metal contact with surrounding bore. Continuous-coil design eliminates cold spots between sections, producing uniform temperature profile. Heaters are available in standard dia of 1/4 to 1 in., as well as 8 to 20 mm; in lengths from 1 1/4 to... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heaters mount vertically, horizontally, or on angle.

Feb 27, 2002

Doorjet Heaters resist wet, corrosive environments found at loading docks and platforms of industrial plants and warehouses. They offer stainless steel parts including casing with reinforcing angle rings; prewired, sealed, control box; and burner baffle. Able to heat door openings up to 12 x 12 ft, models are available with input ratings from 550,000 to 950,000 BTUH. Heaters operate on natural... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electric Bench Furnace suits heat-treating applications.

Jan 30, 2002

No. 886 dual-chamber furnace comprises upper chamber with operating temperature to 2200 deg F and lower chamber with operating temperature to 1250 deg F. Nickel-chrome wire coils, supported by ceramic plates, provide 40 kW of heat (20 kW in each chamber). Each chamber has 6 in. thick walls made from 2 in. of 2300 deg F ceramic fiber and 4 in. of block insulation. Both chambers have individual... Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electric Baseboard Heaters are CSA approved to UL standards.

Jan 28, 2002

BAI/BASI Series architectural heaters provide large amounts of quiet heat where fan noise is distracting and unacceptable. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, units are available up to 4 kW. BII/BISI Industrial heaters are constructed of heavy gauge, painted steel with screw assembly for additional strength and are available up to 2.5 kW. BCI/BCSI commercial heaters feature aluminum cover with... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Infrared Heaters resist wet and corrosive environments.

Jan 28, 2002

Suntube gas infrared tube heaters are fabricated from premium grade stainless steel, including burner/blower enclosures, combustion chamber, heat exchanger and heat directing efficient reflectors. Systems operate on natural gas or LP/propane gas, and are environmentally safe. Straight and U-tube models are available with 40,000 to 200,000 BTUH inputs, with tube lengths from 10 to 70 ft. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Conveyorized Oven has NEMA-12 enclosure.

Jan 07, 2002

CE-compliant Small Conveyorized Curing/Drying Oven features HEPA-filtered, recirculated airflow for operation at Class 100 conditions and better. Corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel conveyor and Teflon®-coated guide rails minimize particulate generation. Oven features variable-speed conveyor and is available with operating temperatures up to 500°F. It handles small, dense loads with 12... Read More