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Test & Measuring Instruments -> Meters


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SXR and EUV Off-Plane Spectrometer works under vacuum.

SXR and EUV Off-Plane Spectrometer works under vacuum.

McPherson, Inc.    Chelmsford, MA 01824
Apr 18, 2014 Conical-diffraction, off-plane X-ray Czerny-Turner (OP-XCT) operates from 8–125 nm as monochromator or imaging spectrograph for sorting laser harmonics and other applications. Unit can, with coarse diffraction grating and CCD, survey broad EUV wavelength range, dispersing 10–140 nm on 12 mm wide detector. Optical system helps maximize light throughput and minimize stretching in fast pulse laser applications, while triple grating mount improves efficiency at user-specified harmonics.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter achieves accuracy rate of ±0.3%.

Badger Meter, Inc.    Milwaukee, WI 53224
Apr 17, 2014 Combining general purpose detector with amplifier, ModMAG® M1000 features non-intrusive open flow tube that virtually eliminates pressure loss. Unit has no moving parts to impede flow stream, keeping maintenance to minimum, even in less than ideal fluid conditions. Available in ¼–8 in. sizes, meter provides flow range of 0.03–12 m/s and is best suited for bi-directional flow measurements of fluid >5 µS/cm. Amplifier includes LCD and is housed in weather-resistant, NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure.

Acrylic Flow Meters feature interchangeable scales.

Dakota Instruments    Orangeburg, NY 10962
Apr 15, 2014 Configured for panel mounting, Series 6A02 is available with interchangeable direct reading scales for Water, Argon, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Helium. Scales are mounted at front of flow body and are positioned and secured by clear front plate. Displaying flow rates in both metric and English units, meters feature max temperature of 150°F, max pressure of 100 psi, and accuracy of ±3% full scale. Low hysteresis, multi-turn needle valve is included.

Linear Actuator is suited for hand-held spectrometers designs.

BEI Kimco Magnetics    Vista, CA 92081
Apr 15, 2014 Supplied in 0.8 in. dia package, LA08-10-000A Voice Coil Actuator offers low coil mass and high-performance rare earth magnets. Latter minimizes energy consumption while meeting shock and vibration requirements. Actuator accurately controls mirror movement, which in turn adjusts optical path for improved IR spectra and enhanced spectrometry analysis. Voice coil technology lends to direct-drive, hysteresis-free operation; absence of commutation; and optimized acceleration and resolution.

Cell Integrity Kit offers homogenous based assay solution.

Molecular Devices Corp.    Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1136
Apr 10, 2014 Based on 2 nuclear dyes, EarlyTox™ Kit provides fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in cell viability based on permeability of outer cell membranes. EarlyTox Live Red Dye is cell permeable and marks live and dead cells, while EarlyTox Dead Green Dye is cell impermeable and stains only cells with damaged outer membranes. With mix-and-read procedure, cells are incubated with reagents for 30 min and then transferred to SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 or other imaging instrument for evaluation.

Compact Laser Micrometer has 46 mm measuring range.

Compact Laser Micrometer has 46 mm measuring range.

Apr 09, 2014 Along with integrated controller, optoCONTROL 2520 features variable mounting distances from 100 mm to 2 m between transmitter and receiver. Measurement object can be placed anywhere within light curtain, up to 8 segments can be measured and output simultaneously, and smallest detectable object diameter is 0.5 mm. Ethernet/EtherCAT and RS422 interfaces are available, and real-time measurement chart displays diverse values. Averaging and filter methods and statistics features are standard.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter tracks movement of gas through pipelines.

Honeywell International    Houston, TX 77014
Apr 08, 2014 Designed to help maintain pipeline metering, Model USM GT400 measures volume of natural gas at every stage of its movement, storage, and utilization. Compliant with CEESmaRT™ cloud-based solution for condition-based monitoring, unit provides stability during flow perturbations thanks to direct-path technology with 6 measuring paths on 3 levels. Orientation enables measurement of swirl, cross-flow, and asymmetry, as well as transparent path velocity weighting per Gauss-Chebyshev profile model.

Electric Smart Meters enhance building automation systems.

Electric Smart Meters enhance building automation systems.

E-Mon    Langhorne, PA 19047
Apr 04, 2014 Comprising single-protocol (Din-Mon D2) and dual-protocol (Din-Mon D5) kWh/kW smart meters, Din-Mon™ products facilitate integration of energy monitoring into building automation systems and other space-constrained applications. Functionality enables facility managers to increase granularity of energy intelligence when monitoring building energy usage. Along with 4-line display, DIN rail-mount products feature 0.333 V output split-core current sensors and non-metallic enclosure.

Eddy Current-Based Sensor System is fail-safe up to 285°C.

Apr 04, 2014 Optimized for thin turbine blades made from aluminum or titanium, turboSPEED DZ140 measures rotational speed of turbochargers in bench and field tests. This eddy current-based revolution counter is thermally stable and suitable for speed measurements from 200–400,000 rpm. Exhibiting immunity to interference in harsh test conditions, 3 mm dia sensor integrates temperature measurement feature that records, among other data, actual ambient temperature near to sensor.

Magnetic Flowmeter measures accurately despite flow disturbances.

Magnetic Flowmeter measures accurately despite flow disturbances.

McCrometer, Inc.    Hemet, CA 92545
Apr 01, 2014 Accommodating process and plant engineers contending with swirl and other flow disturbances in line, FPI-X™ can be used in close proximity to cascading or multiple pump arrays. This 2-sensor electromagnetic flowmeter achieves ±0.5% accuracy and eliminates need for multiple meters in various locations as well as flow conditioners and piping modifications. Multiple electromagnetic coils installed throughout both sensors produce magnetic field across complete cross sectional area of pipe.

Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor provides ±1% accuracy.

Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor provides ±1% accuracy.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.    Michigan City, IN 46361
Mar 31, 2014 Unlike sensors with moving parts, Series MFS2 can measure contaminated media in ½, ¾, 1, or 1 ¼ in. diameter pipes. Electromagnetic PVDF flowmeter is available for flow ranges from 0.02–66 gpm. Any change in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration, or electrical conductivity does not affect output signal. Providing obstruction-free pipe cross section, Series MFS2 is suitable for accurate reversible gauging of volume flow of conductive liquids in closed piping.

Spectroelectrochemistry Instruments characterize PV cells.

Spectroelectrochemistry Instruments characterize PV cells.

Gamry Instruments    Warminster, PA 18974
Mar 28, 2014 Featuring flexible configuration, IMPS/IMVS Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy and Intensity Modulated Photovoltage Spectroscopy instruments allow use of any color LED. Setup includes dummy cell allowing background subtraction. Instruments are fully controlled in standard data acquisition software, Gamry Framework. By adding 2 potentiostats – one to drive LED and another to measure cell response - IMPS/IMVS can be used to learn recombination and charge-extraction characteristics.

Handheld Thermometer  records core temperature.

Handheld Thermometer records core temperature.

TandD US, LLC    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Mar 28, 2014 Using insertion probe, Wireless RTR-601 measures internal temperature of food items and liquids. Press of REC button lets user record temperature as well as time, date, operator item IDs, and pre-programmed measurement judgment. Offering measurement range of -25 to +235°C, thermometer includes temperature stabilization algorithm that will not allow recording until probe tip temperature has reached final, steady state value, and can store up to 1,800 readings before downloading over 900 MHz link.

FTIR Spectrophotometers offer special optical interfaces.

FTIR Spectrophotometers offer special optical interfaces.

International Crystal Laboratories    Garfield, NJ 07026
Mar 24, 2014 With special optical interfaces, FTIR Spectrophotometers accommodate large accessories such as long path gas cells. Interfaces for these small FTIR compartments enable use with such FTIRs as BRUKER's Alpha, Thermo's IS5, and PerkinElmer's Spectrum Two, which facilitate their use as components of compact rack mountable, field deployable gas analysis systems.

Handheld Irradiance Meter aids in solar panel positioning.

Megger    Norristown, PA 19401
Mar 24, 2014 With its internal solar detector and meter, PVM210 helps solar/PV engineers locate most appropriate site to place solar panels. Form factor allows unit to be held in one hand while working on sloping roof or atop ladder. Along with measurement range up to 1,999 W/m² for solar power readings, unit features 3¾-digit LCD, data hold feature, and accuracy within ±10 W/m² or ±5% in sunlight. Unit can also verify stated short circuit current in conjunction with multimeter or clampmeter.

Acrylic Flow Meters offer interchangeable scales.

Acrylic Flow Meters offer interchangeable scales.

Dakota Instruments    Orangeburg, NY 10962
Mar 19, 2014 With respective flow capacities of 50 scfm, 10 gpm, 2,200 scfh, 2,400 scfh, 2,200 scfh, 2,650 scfh, 6,350 scfh, and 10,000 scfh, 6A03 series offers interchangeable, direct reading scales for air, water, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen. Dual scales display flow rates in both metric and English units, and yellow back promotes readability. Supplied with in-line ¾ in. female NPT connections, meters deliver ±3% FS accuracy and have 316 stainless steel float and guide.

Laser Distance Meter measures up to 229.7 ft.

Laser Distance Meter measures up to 229.7 ft.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.    Michigan City, IN 46361
Mar 19, 2014 Featuring 650 nm Class 2 laser rated at less than 1 mW, Model DDM-01 measures distances from 0.16–229.7 ft with accuracy of ±0.005 ft and resolution of 0.001 ft. Unit can also make area and space calculations as well as volume measurements from what it records. Using Pythagorean Theorem, meter can indirectly calculate height of object. Equipped with backlit 3-line LCD for use in dark areas, meter reads out in feet, inches, or meters with response time of 0.5 s.

Electromagnetic Meter can be applied to diverse applications.

Anaheim Scientific    Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Mar 19, 2014 With ±2.5% + 6 digit accuracy, E100 Gauss Meter measures electromagnetic field strength (magnetic flux density). Readings are available in micro-Telsa or milli-Gauss, with respective ranges of 200 and 2,000. and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range is 30–300 Hz. In addition to measurements of electric field strength in TEM cells and absorber rooms, applications include mobile phone base station antenna radiation power density measurements, RF power measurement, and Wi-Fi detection/installation.

Digital RTD Meter features FM approval.

Digital RTD Meter features FM approval.

Palmer Wahl    Asheville, NC 28804
Mar 18, 2014 Designed for hazardous locations where accurate temperature monitoring is critical, DST500-FM features fixed stem probe, which is available in 304 SS or 316 SS with straight or 90° back, left, or right angle connection. Thermometer has NEMA 4X-rated housing and 1 in. 4-digit LCD that is readable from 30 ft. With temperature range of -328 to 1472°F, 4-wire RTD provides total system accuracy of ±0.3°F for temperatures <300°F and ±0.25% for temperatures >300°F over 1-year period.

Spectrometer analyzes size and mass of macromolecules.

TSI, Inc. Environmental Measurements & Controls Div.    St. Paul, MN 55164
Mar 17, 2014 Supporting automation via direct connection to LC pumps and auto samplers, MacroIMS™ Macroion Mobility Spectrometer 3982 enables high-resolution size and mass analysis of macromolecules at user-defined can time of <15 to 300 sec. Mass analysis range is 8 kDa to >100 MDa, and size analysis is available down to 2.5 nm. Soft x-ray ionization eliminates need for radioactive source to enable charge neutralization, and component discovery is performed automatically.

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