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Safety & Security Equipment -> Fire Handling Equipment and Systems -> Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Systems

Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Systems

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Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems support AP digital protocol.

Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems support AP digital protocol.

Mircom    Lafayette, CA 94549
May 19, 2014 Recommended for both new and retrofit special-hazard, critical-infrastructure suppression, and special agent applications, FX-3500 Series includes intelligent fire alarm control units, which support Advanced Protocol as well as Classic Loop Interface Protocol devices. Control units are fully expandable, provide up to 3 addressable Signal Line Circuits, and connect up to 954 addressable devices or points. Additional features include built-in dialer, local USB, and remote programming capabilities.

Storage Facility Sprinkler features K factor of 22.4 (320).

Storage Facility Sprinkler features K factor of 22.4 (320).

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
Jul 11, 2013 Available with 165° and 205°F temperature ratings, model VK506 Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) pendent sprinkler is intended for use in warehouses and other storage applications. Product is cULus Listed and FM Approved for buildings up to 45 ft high and storage heights up to 40 ft, without use of in-rack sprinklers, and can be installed with deflector located 6–18 in. below ceiling. Featuring fast response fusible element, sprinkler has 1 in. NPT thread size.

Flexible Sprinkler Connections include FM-approved braided hose.

Flexible Sprinkler Connections include FM-approved braided hose.

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
Jun 26, 2013 Model FSC-28B braided flexible sprinkler connections are available in standard lengths of 39 3/8 and 59 in. with either ½ or ¾ in. NPT sprinkler connection. Connection and hose are shipped pre-assembled, with installation bracket providing secure fit to suspended ceiling grid and lateral adjustment for precisely locating sprinklers. Center bracket design also allows for vertical adjustment to accommodate semi-recessed and concealed sprinkler installations.

Pendent Sprinkler provides 48 ft ceiling-only fire suppression.

Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products    Lansdale, PA 19446
Dec 03, 2012 UL-Listed for use in storage occupancies with up to 48 ft high ceilings, Model ESFR-25 (Early Suppression, Fast Response) eliminates need for in-rack sprinklers for protection of class I through cartoned unexpanded group A plastics in various storage arrangements. Features include coverage area of 64–100 ft², max slope ceiling of 2 in. rise for 12 in. run (16.7%), and spacing from 8–10 ft. Sprinkler is rated for temperatures to 214°F.

Dry Pipe Valve is pre-trimmed to minimize installation time.

Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products    Lansdale, PA 19446
Oct 24, 2012 Employed in dry pipe fire protection systems, Model DPV-1 is factory-assembled, trimmed, and tested. Addition of butterfly valve, pressure switches, and gauges to trim offers contractors complete plug/play valve, ready for installation. Optional accelerators can also be incorporated into design. Pressure rated  at 250 psi, valve is constructed of ductile iron with external reset and offset single-clapper design to minimize installation labor.

Agent Release Control Panel supports NFPA standard.

Gamewell-FCI    Northford, CT 06472
Oct 03, 2012 Designed to simultaneously control release of 1 or 2 fire suppression agents, Flex GR506R Conventional Agent Release Control Panel is compatible with nearly 40 releasing control devices for as many as 12 sprinkler and fire suppression agents, including aerosol agents that meet NFPA standard. Panel transmits trouble signals when connected detectors require cleaning, and also monitors ambient temperature of protected space, sending supervisory signal when it falls below detector rating of 45°F.

Fire Prevention System increases welding fume extraction safety.

Lincoln Electric Co. Inc., The    Cleveland, OH 44117
Jun 21, 2012 Tailored to individual facilities' specific welding applications and requirements, Guardian(TM) comprises several components that may be combined to prevent, detect, and suppress fire in welding fume extraction filter systems. Detection and suppression are initiated in event of fire to minimize hazard, limit system damages, and avoid risk of escalation/accumulation of smoke in manufacturing environments. Together, components reduce risk of fires in metalworking and fabrication industry.

Remote Power Supply extends signaling capacity of fire control systems.

FIKE Corp.    Blue Springs, MO 64015 4263
Feb 29, 2012 RPS is 10 A power supply designed for fire alarm, detection, and control solutions. It can be activated by notification appliance circuit from fire panel, optional control modules, or can be used in standalone applications to supply power to auxiliary devices (door holders, panel peripheral devices). Features include 4 output circuits - Class A or B - rated for 3 A maximum, built-in synchronization with different vendor protocols, operation in both generator and follower sync modes, and universal AC input.

Fire Suppression System utilizes waterless technology.

Fire Suppression System utilizes waterless technology.

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
Feb 27, 2012 Utilizing 3M® Corporation's Novec(TM) 1230 extinguishing agent, VK-1230 Clean Agent System provides early suppression of fire in pre-combustion stage. After discharge, agent will not damage electronics or leave residue, minimizing clean-up and downtime. With low toxicity, zero ozone depletion potential, short atmospheric lifetime, and minimal global warming potential, Novec 1230 is safe for environment and offers long-term, sustainable alternative to Halons.

Flame Retardant does not contain any decabrome or antimony.

Plastics Color Corporation    Calumet City, IL 60409
Dec 12, 2011 Non-brominated flame retardant system for polypropylene, FlamaSol FR(TM), addresses market demand for safer flame resistant plastics in various applications where extreme heat may cause ignition. Surpassing testing standards of UL 94 and ANSI 4996 for plastic pallets, product is appropriate for use in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications. It is available in white, black, and natural masterbatches, and custom color formulations are available.

6 in. Dry Pipe Valve targets fire protection systems.

6 in. Dry Pipe Valve targets fire protection systems.

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
Nov 01, 2011 Along with pressure rating of 250 psi, Model G-6000 has ductile iron body with black e-coat on interior and exterior for corrosion resistance. This 6 in. valve is available in 4 system configurations: dry pipe, single interlock preaction, double interlock preaction, and Surefire® fail-safe preaction system. In dry system configuration, valve includes external reset feature. Internal check valve is also offered as standard feature.

Fire Suppression Aerosol Spray protects diverse environments.

Fire Suppression Aerosol Spray protects diverse environments.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.    Denver, CO 80239
May 18, 2011 Fully functional over its 10-year service life, Aero-K® heat-sensitive thermal unit activates upon detection of fire. Generators produce ultra-fine, potassium-based aerosol spray to extinguish fire without depleting oxygen. Also able to be activated manually or automatically from compatible releasing device, non-electrical unit has response time, environmentally friendly formulation, and concentration levels that allow use in diverse industries.

Aerosol Fire Suppression System protects computer/server rooms.

Aerosol Fire Suppression System protects computer/server rooms.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.    Denver, CO 80239
May 09, 2011 Used as standalone system and able to replace wet sprinklers, Aero-K® system utilizes potassium-based, environmentally friendly agent that is non-toxic to humans and will not harm equipment/information. On contact, agent effectively suppresses fire without displacing oxygen. Able to retrofit into existing spaces, proactive and smoke-activated system is not permanent fixture. It can be expanded, reduced, and relocated and does not require pressure vessels or piping.

Residential Sprinkler is accommodated by flat/sloped ceilings.

Residential Sprinkler is accommodated by flat/sloped ceilings.

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
Apr 05, 2011 Available in 155 and 175°F temperature ratings, Freedom® model VK484 residential, 4.2 (57) K-factor, horizontal sidewall sprinkler is cULus-listed for up to 16 x 20 ft coverage areas. It can be installed with deflector up to 12 in. below ceiling and offers flow rate of 22 gpm for flat ceilings. In sloped applications, VK484 is listed for ceilings with up to 18° pitch with sprinkler installed to discharge across slope.

Fire Sprinkler System Shut-Off Valve targets residential use.

Fire Sprinkler System Shut-Off Valve targets residential use.

Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products    Lansdale, PA 19446
Dec 15, 2010 Designed for use in dual-purpose residential water supply systems, 2 in. Model RSV-1 shuts off water flow to domestic system and diverts it to sprinkler system when sprinkler is operating, eliminating need to add pumps, pressurized reservoirs, or electrically operated domestic shut-off valves. NSF-61 Annex G Approved and UL and C-UL Listed, Model RSV-1 has built-in check valve and automatically resets after system test or activation.

Flame Retardants meet textile industry needs.

ICL-IP America INC    St. Louis, MI 63141
Dec 01, 2010 TexFRon(TM) products are water-based dispersions designed to meet flame retardant requirements for range of fabric finishes. TexFRon 9025 and 9020 are soak-and-wash-durable FR coating and back-coating formulations, while TexFRon P and P+ are based on acrylic co-polymer emulsions with chemically-bound bromine. Latter products enable production of FR cotton, polyester, and cotton/polyester fabrics durable up to 50 laundry cycles.

Fire Fighting Tool creates escape route in confined spaces.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.    Denver, CO 80239
Nov 23, 2010 First Responder protects those in confined spaces from emergency fire situations. After being tossed into fire source and 3-5 sec delay, handheld device delivers Aerosol Fire Suppression Agent that disables fire on contact over 10 x 10 x 8 ft area. Non-toxic agent consists of ultra fine particulate, potassium-based aerosol fire suppressant that knocks down or extinguishes fire source within seconds and hangs in suspension to deliver ongoing protection.

Electrically Actuated Valve targets fire suppression systems.

FIKE Corp.    Blue Springs, MO 64015 4263
May 11, 2010 Using 24 V Impulse Valve Operator to open rupture disc, Impulse Valve enables quick discharge of clean agent in fire suppression systems. Unit is available in 1 in. version for container sizes up to 100 lb and 3 in. version for containers larger than 100 lb. Up to 6 Impulse valves can be connected to single output circuit of Fike control panel using Impulse Releasing Modules. Resettable after testing or discharge, valve eliminates need to purchase replacement actuators.

Protective Foam Plank adheres directly to product surface.

Protective Foam Plank adheres directly to product surface.

Pregis Corporation    Deerfield, IL 60015
Aug 26, 2009 Offering 2-step lamination technology, PolyPlank® Plus is suited for any item with painted or non-painted surface that needs to be protected during shipment. Protective foam plank can have outer layer made from various substrates, including foil, paper, air cushioning, nonwovens, scrims, adhesive, and cohesive films. Substrate is laminated onto closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet, which is then laminated to thicker single- or multi-layer plank structure.

Preaction Systems are cULus listed and FM approved.

Preaction Systems are cULus listed and FM approved.

Viking Corp., The    Hastings, MI 49058 9706
May 04, 2009 Built around G-series deluge valve, G-4000P line of preaction systems are available in single and double interlock configurations, as well as SureFire® fail safe version. Compact systems come with complete preaction trim assembled to deluge valve, and include water supply control valve, switches, and drain connection. Grooved section of galvanized piping is installed on top of deluge valve to facilitate installation and service.

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