Fire Suppression System provides 1,200 lb of agent.

Press Release Summary:

Agent Delivery Cylinder, Model FM-200R can provide 24 hr suppression protection for areas up to 40,000 cu-ft. During fire, system allows for maximum of 1,200 lb to be distributed through fixed piping network for protection of facility's most critical assets. Clean, colorless gas extinguishes fire in seconds and leaves no residue or damage.

Original Press Release:

Siemens New 1200lb FM-200 Suppression System Agent Cylinder Provides Maximum Protection At Less Cost

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (Nov. 2004) - Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., is introducing the 1200 lb. FM-200R suppression system agent cylinder delivery system - the largest FM-200 agent delivery cylinder offered today by any FM-200 fire suppression system producer.

A 1200 lb agent can provide 24-hour suppression protection for areas up to 40,000 cubic feet. During a fire the system allows for a maximum of 1200 lbs of FM-200 to be distributed through a fixed piping network for fast effective protection of a facility's most critical assets, where costly downtime due to fire and water damage is not an option.

FM-200 is a clean, colorless gas that will effectively extinguish a fire in seconds; it is safe for most precious equipment, assets, and artifacts because it leaves no residue or damage like water. In fact, business functions can be operational within seconds. The 1200 lb. agent cylinder assembly applies an innovative valve design that is less costly and sets new standards in reliability.

Traditionally, protected areas above 20,000 cubic feet would require additional agent cylinders to protect the critical application. The new FM-200 cylinder will eliminate the need for additional hardware for applications in areas less than 40,000 cubic feet.

"With the innovations of the 1200 lb. cylinder assembly," said Larry Grodsky, Marketing Manager, "our customers will enjoy the benefits of lower installed cost due to reduced equipment. The 1200 lb. agent cylinder can also be used as a drop-in replacement for aging Halon 1301 suppression systems".

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