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Ultra-Fine Filtered Synthetic Oil extends component life.

September 16, 2014

Designed to lubricate rolling bearings of high-speed machine tool spindles, Klübersynth FB 4 Series can also be used in hydraulic systems and components, including dirt-sensitive servo valves, where cleanliness standards/classes are predetermined by manufacturer. Purity of ISO VG grades 32, 46, and 68 helps extend component life by reducing wear caused by fine dirt particles in lubricant. Offering fully synthetic base, series consists of PAO oils of purity class 15/13/10. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluids target environmentally sensitive areas.

March 7, 2014

Designed to help prevent contamination and fines in regulated or environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications, Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids are fully synthetic and are available in ISO 22, 32, 46, and 68 viscosity grades, while Clarion Green BIO Fluids are formulated with high oleic natural esters and are available in ISO 32, 46, and 68 viscosity grades. Both anti-wear products are biodegradable, non-toxic in acute aquatic toxicity test, ashless, and zinc-free. Read More

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Synthetic Transmission/Hydraulic Oil protect in all temperatures.

October 25, 2013

Champion 4000® Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS® Technology contains additives and shear stable polymer thickeners that promote efficiency and protection in all temperatures. While minimizing pumping losses and startup wear, low temperature pumpability and high temperature shear stability also ensure maximum film strength and minimum internal leakage at any operating temperature. Fluid meets OEM summer and winter grade specifications as well as pump test requirements. Read More

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Brake Fluids feature DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 designations.

June 5, 2013

Containing at least 70% diorgano polysiloxane by weight, DOT 5 Brake Fluid offers stable velocity index over wide temperature range. Silicone-based product is hydrophobic and will not damage paint. Non-silicone version of DOT 5, polyethylene glycol-based DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid is hygroscopic and will absorb water from atmosphere, which is necessary to prevent sheer and undiluted water in braking system. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluid uses zinc-free, anti-wear technology.

August 10, 2012

With zinc-free additive technology, Shell Tellus S3 M delivers wear protection in industry standard hydraulic pump tests. Product is available in ISO viscosity grades of 22, 32, 46, 68, and 100 and is engineered to work under demanding temperatures and operating conditions. With optimized air release and filterability, fluid allows for efficient hydraulic power transmission and eliminates low pressure loss. Low aquatic toxicity minimizes environmental impact in event of spill. Read More

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Synthetic Hydraulic Oil suits injection molding reservoirs.

January 9, 2012

Approved for use on Husky injection molding equipment, Klüberfood 4 NH1-46 provides oxidation stability and overall stability at extreme temperatures from -40 to 135°C, and offers protection against friction and wear. NSF H1 registered, fully synthetic formulation is compatible with all materials that are resistant to mineral oil, including neoprene, NBRE, FPM, PTFE, paints based on acrylic and epoxy resin, nylon, and PVC. Read More

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Engine and Equipment Lubricants suit off-highway machinery.

April 6, 2011

UltraMax(TM) lubricants include UltraMax TDTO TO-4M fluid with all-temperature protection, eliminating need for seasonal oil changes, and which meets requirements of ZF TE-ML03 for use in ZF torque converter transmissions. Products also include UltraMax Hydraulic Fluid, and UltraMax Transmission and Drive Train Oil that protects against gear wear, rust and corrosion, foaming, and oxidation. All are designed to minimize friction and wear in off-highway engines and equipment. Read More

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid suits marine applications.

February 26, 2009

Designed for equipment used in marine and water-sensitive applications, Plurasafe H2O-K hydraulic fluid protects entire hydraulic system against wear and corrosion damage. With low aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable formulation, applications include recreational/commercial boat hydraulic systems, marine/commercial dock operations, industrial/commercial truck hydraulic systems, carwash systems, environmentally sensitive hydraulic systems, and industrial machinery. Read More

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Hydraulic System Lubricant is environmentally friendly.

April 29, 2005

Polyolester-based Bio Guard(TM) FRHF series minimizes equipment wear and deposit formation in hydraulic systems. Ashless and silicon-free product meets industrial lubricant flammability specifications and is classified as biodegradable. Passing Vickers 35VQ 25A and Vickers 104C pump tests, fluid has fire point above 360ºC and Autogenous Ignition Temperature above 420ºC. Product offers low aquatic toxicity and comes in ISO viscosity grades of 46, 55, and 68. Read More

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Synthetic Oil meets farm and commercial equipment needs.

March 11, 2005

AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil provides multi-viscosity, all-weather protection and enables equipment owners to avoid seasonal fluid change-outs. Incorporating oxidation inhibitors, formulation of synthetic base stocks and additives suppresses wet brake chatter and protects against rust and corrosion. Seal and hose conditioners reduce oil leaking and blown hoses, while premium additives enable use in final drives calling for UTTO. Read More

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Hydraulic Oils protect against wear in equipment.

December 3, 2004

Shell Tellus® and Shell Tellus® Premium are mineral oil-based fluids designed to help reduce premature pump failures, increase system efficiency, and reduce component failure. Providing protection at high- and low-load condition extremes, products exhibit hydraulic, thermal, and oxidative stability. Additive system makes sure hydraulic system remains clean and performance is maintained. Products filter efficiently wet or dry. Read More

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Hydraulic Oil is suited for manufacturing equipment.

November 30, 2004

Formulated with proprietary additive technology, mineral oil-based Tellus® and Tellus® Premium Hydraulic Oils provide equipment wear protection, helping reduce premature pump failure and increase system efficiency. Hydrolytic stability provides resistance to degradation in presence of water, and thermal and oxidative stability results in longer fluid life and optimum machine performance. Oils are available in variety of packages and viscosities. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluid optimizes older equipment.

June 4, 2003

Quintolubric® 855 is based on a natural ester, genetically engineered rapeseed oil. High viscosity index makes it appropriate for replacement of both ISO 46 and ISO 68 grade fluids. Quintolubric® 855 is fire resistant and biodegradable. It offers lubrication level of premium anti-wear hydraulic oil, and is compatible with hydraulic components from major manufacturers. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluids provide corrosion protection.

May 7, 2003

UCON PowerPro(TM) AW and UCON Trident(TM) AW Hydraulic Fluids are anhydrous fluids for industrial applications requiring fire resistance and anti-wear properties. Water free fluids are biodegradable and water soluble for use in dockside, marine, forestry, amusement, and industrial operations. Products do not hydrolyze in water and are classified as Flammability Rated Group-1 by FM Approvals. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluids lubricate industrial machines.

May 1, 2002

GRIFLUBE line includes Premier AW Anti-Wear hydraulic and lubricating oils for heavy-duty hydraulic applications; Premier R&O hydraulic oils for circulating systems such as steam turbines; Gear Oil EP industrial gear lubricants for severe applications with extreme load and shock load conditions; Slide-Way lubricants for slides and ways; Aquatech FR 200 water glycol for diecast and permanent molds; and biodegradable Bio-Syn 68 fire-resistant fluid for foundry applications. Read More

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Mining Fluid offers bioresistance and corrosion prevention.

April 19, 2002

QUINTOLUBRIC 814-01 semi-synthetic micro-emulsion is designed for use in longwall roof support equipment. It controls size of lubricant modules within water-based formulation, allowing for consistent delivery of lubrication to pumps and valves throughout hydraulic application. QUINTOLUBRIC 814-01 is approved for use by major global equipment builders. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluids have self-extinguishing properties.

April 11, 2002

Fire resistant QUINTOLUBRIC 888 hydraulic fluids do not contain water, mineral oil, or phosphate ester. Based on synthetic, organic esters (HFD-U) and additives, they are available in 2 viscosities: ISO VG68 and ISO VG46. QUINTOLUBRIC 888 fluids provide biodegradability, are non-irritating, contain no hazardous ingredients, and are not toxic to aquatic life. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluid protects metals.

March 14, 2002

CorrLube(TM) has anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, and provides continuous corrosion protection for carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, copper, tin, lead, and bronze. It forms monomolecular film that protects against internal oxidation and micro-corrosive elements that are generated by high pressure and heat during equipment operation. Applications include high pressure industrial, marine, construction, transport, off-road, and mobile systems. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluid is based on Crawler Track Lube.

March 8, 2002

Suitable for equipment that operates in environmentally sensitive areas, X-1R Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid is made with non-aromatic, biodegradable base stocks and non-toxic additives. It also suits equipment where incidental contact of hydraulic fluid and environment is possible. Formulation provides equipment with wear protection and lubrication. Read More

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Hydraulic Fluids reduce wear on parts and systems.

January 2, 2002

Hydrex and Environ fluids provide anti-wear protection, and both provide stability under thermal oxidative stress, extend service life, and reduce total wear in plant or mobile hydraulic systems and component parts. Both meet OEM requirements for oxidation stability, shear stability and wear protection. Environ is formulated for use where there are environmental, health, and safety concerns. Read More

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