Hydraulic System Lubricant is environmentally friendly.

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Polyolester-based Bio Guard(TM) FRHF series minimizes equipment wear and deposit formation in hydraulic systems. Ashless and silicon-free product meets industrial lubricant flammability specifications and is classified as biodegradable. Passing Vickers 35VQ 25A and Vickers 104C pump tests, fluid has fire point above 360ºC and Autogenous Ignition Temperature above 420ºC. Product offers low aquatic toxicity and comes in ISO viscosity grades of 46, 55, and 68.

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ANDEROL Inc. Launches ANDEROL Bio Guard(TM) FRHF Series

East Hanover, NJ (April 12, 2005)- Maintenance professionals can enhance hydraulic system performance, safety, and environmental responsibility with the new ANDEROL Bio GuardTM FRHF. The polyolester-based ANDEROL Bio Guard FRHF series is engineered to offer excellent pumpability and minimize equipment wear and deposit formation under extreme conditions. Ashless and silicon free, ANDEROL Inc. formulated this new fluid to meet stringent industrial lubricant flammability specifications, including Factory Mutual Approval Standard 6930. ANDEROL Bio Guard FRHF is classified as a biodegradable fluid by most internationally recognized standards and should be considered the optimal choice for mining, foundry, iron & steel production, offshore platforms, marine, or any other environmentally sensitive hydraulic system applications.

"ANDEROL Bio Guard FRHF is specifically formulated to minimize unscheduled downtime, enhance fire prevention, and protect the environment," says Lu Fletcher, technical service manager, ANDEROL Inc. "The introduction of ANDEROL Bio Guard FRHF marks the company's continuing commitment to manufacture high performance lubricants that are user friendly and environmentally conscientious."

The new lubricant offers maintenance professionals piece of mind with regards to pump performance - passing the Vickers 35VQ 25A and Vickers 104C pump tests. With a fire point above 360ºC and an Autogenous Ignition Temperature (AIT) above 420ºC, this product provides customers a level of safety for high temperature hydraulic applications. These features provide a fluid life three to four times longer than competitive mineral oil-based products.

This new lubricant series is formulated with ashless additive chemistries and meets the most internationally recognized biodegradability standards. With low aquatic toxicity, this environmentally friendly fluid also minimizes effects on surrounding wildlife.

The new ANDEROL Bio Guard FRHF series is available in ISO viscosity grades of 46, 55, and 68. Each fluid is compatible with the elastomers, seals, and hoses generally used with conventional mineral oil-based products to facilitate an easy change out.

For more information about the value-added products and services provided by ANDEROL Inc., please contact Jane Cohen, at (973) 887-7410 ext. 1113 or via e-mail at info@anderol.com.

About ANDEROL Inc.

ANDEROL Inc., a unit of Kaufman Holdings Corporation, is a worldwide supplier of specialty synthetic lubricants serving the air compression, aviation, food & beverage, military, mining, oil & gas, and power generation markets. ANDEROL lubricants help customers achieve business goals by minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and maximizing ROI. The company provides a full range of professional technical assistance including, testing, research, development, consultation and after-sale support. Products are sold through a worldwide network of distributors under the ANDEROL®, BIO GUARD®, ROYAL®, ROYCO®, PQ®, and AOSyn(TM) brands. Offices are located in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Italy, and Japan. For more information, go to www.anderol.com or e-mail info@anderol.com.

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