TOTAL Nevastane Food Grade & Industrial Lubricants now in One-Way Totes

Linden, NJ, (September 21, 2006): TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. - formerly Keystone Lubricants - have expanded their lubricant packaging options to include 275-gallon Totes. Totes save space and cut handling time; a single tote has a footprint of only 48" X 42", and holds the equivalent of five, 55-gallon drums. Having an integral skid, it's easily placed where needed, using fork lift equipment. A convenient valve makes for quick and trouble-free dispensing. TOTAL's Totes are easily stackable, can be filled or emptied quickly, and empty Totes can be retrieved by the Tote manufacturer.

TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. offers the following formulas in Totes as well as in conventional sizes; some are NSF H-1 registered. They include hydraulic fluids (mineral oil & synthetic), gear fluids, seamer oils, cooker oils, Wet Lube 100 and Flush Oil.

TOTAL SA is one of the largest petroleum products companies in the world. The company has pioneered many lubricant firsts and is a major producer of industrial, food-grade, air compressor, metal working, maintenance and specialty lubricants, including SafeGard® spray lubricants, for every type of application. TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. manufacturing facilities in Linden NJ, Rockingham NC and Knoxville TN are ISO 9000:2001 certified.

The firm is a member of The Food Processing Machinery & Supplies Association and of other groups related to metalworking and food processing industries. TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. headquarters is located at 5 North Stiles St., Linden, NJ 07063.

For distributors in your area, or for a product Information sheet, log onto or contact TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc., 800-344-2241, extension 5052 for sales or distributor inquiries, or 5058 for technical support. The web site includes a self-training module on lubricant technology.

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