Multigrade Hydraulic Fluid is free of heavy metals.

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Designed to perform in extreme conditions, Shell Tellus Oil STX is formulated with Group II base oils with additive technology. Zinc-free, ashless product features viscosity index of 160, helping to maximize performance in mobile and stationary hydraulic applications. Fast start-up can be achieved through low temperature performance, while equipment protection and retention of fluid viscosity properties during operation can also be expected.

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Shell Offers Revitalized Hydraulic Fluid

Shell Tellus Oil STX Helps to Maximize Performance in Mobile and Stationary Hydraulic Applications

Houston - As leaders in technology, Shell Lubricants has launched a multigrade hydraulic fluid designed for operators demanding a lubricant free of heavy metals that will perform in extreme conditions: Shell Tellus Oil STX.

Shell Tellus Oil STX is a zinc-free, ashless hydraulic fluid with high shear stability, formulated with Group II base oils with additive technology. The fluid's wide temperature range and 160 viscosity index allows operators to reduce the number of hydraulic grades, with one oil being able to operate in a wide range of environments. Fast start-up can also be achieved through the fluid's excellent low temperature performance, while improved equipment protection and retention of fluid viscosity properties during operation can also be expected.

"A truly great hydraulic fluid is one that offers a wide temperature range as well as other key performance features, such as high shear stability and versatility," said Dennis Woodley, Shell Hydraulics Product Application Specialist. "Only by choosing a product that performs well in even the most extreme conditions will you be able to help reduce downtime and maximize productivity."

Shell Tellus Oil STX fluid can be used for a wide range of applications for mining, farming, construction or marine industries. The product joins the Shell Tellus range of hydraulic oils, which have been designed to provide long fluid life and low temperature fluidity. The Shell Tellus portfolio helps to reduce maintenance costs, and provides several additional benefits during day-to-day operations. Ultimately, the Shell Tellus line of products meets or exceeds the operational demands of hydraulic systems to help achieve greater reliability and performance.

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