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Electronic Components & Devices -> Electronic Amplifiers -> Linear Amplifiers

Linear Amplifiers

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GaN Power Amplifier is optimized for power and linearity.

GaN Power Amplifier is optimized for power and linearity.

Custom MMIC    Westford, MA 01886
Sep 08, 2014 As 28–32 GHz GaN power amplifier (PA) in die form, CMD217 features >20 dB gain across operating frequency range with corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +36.7 dBm and saturated output power of +39.3 dBm (8.5 W). Power added efficiency is 28%–35% across band. This fully matched 50 Ω design requires only external bypass capacitors to complete bias circuitry. Suited for Ka-band communication systems applications, die is passivated for reliability and moisture protection.

Variable Gain Amplifier covers 5-300 MHz frequency range.

M/A-COM, Inc.    Lowell, MA 01853
Jul 09, 2014 Housed in 7 mm RoHS-compliant PQFN package, Model MAAM-011186 offers 39 dB of gain and 3 dB of noise figure with 31.5 dB attenuation. Two-stage differential amplifier, featuring embedded digital step attenuator, delivers 36 dB MER performance loaded with 39 channels at 52 dBmV per channel. Suitable for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 reverse path infrastructure equipment, linear amplifier operates off 8 V or 5 V supply with 2.2 W power dissipation and 22 dB of input and output return loss.

Transconductance Linear Servo Amplifiers offer low drift.

Transconductance Linear Servo Amplifiers offer low drift.

Varedan Technologies    Torrance, CA 90503
Mar 12, 2014 Available in 6 power levels from 500–3,800 W, with up to 40 A peak output current, LALD series offers <400 µA of drift (worst case) from 0 to 70°C and true linear output control. Current mode servo amplifiers, suited for driving inductive loads, can also drive low friction air bearing stages due to inherent stability and up to 20 kHz bandwidth. Bus voltage allows up to +/150 Vdc operation, and other features include safe operating area protection, on-board DSP, and non-volatile memory.

Line Amplifiers support DOCSIS 3.1 systems.

Anadigics, Inc.    Warren, NJ 07059
Oct 30, 2013 Available in 12 and 24 V models, Models ACA1210, ACA1212, ACA1216, ACA2431, ACA2449, and ACA2461 provide signal fidelity over extended frequencies up to 1.2 GHz. Surface mount devices deliver optimal bit error rate, composite triple beat, composite second order, cross modulation, and carrier-to-intermodulation noise characteristics in fully loaded spectrum. Series leverages GaAs MESFET process for reliability along with GaN HEMT technology for high output power and optimum power efficiency.

RF Power Amplifier integrates linearization technology.

RF Power Amplifier integrates linearization technology.

NuWaves Engineering    Middletown, OH 45044
Aug 01, 2013 Designed for half-duplex RF transceivers with amplitude-modulated waveforms, Xtender™ Linear Bidirectional S-Band Power Amplifier module, Model NW-LBSSPA-10W-2.2-2.5, generates 6 W of average RF output power from 2,200–2,500 MHz, given 10 dB peak-to-average power ratio waveform. With continuous wave signals, amplifier generates 10 W of RF output power. Automatic transmit sensing circuitry provides nearly instantaneous switching between receive and transmit modes, at less than 2 µs.

Power Doubler supports CATV infrastructure network upgrades.

Anadigics, Inc.    Warren, NJ 07059
Jul 31, 2013 Combining MESFET technology with GaN HEMT output stage, 1.2 GHz Model ACA2429 is optimized for proposed data over cable service interface specification (DOCSIS) system standard version 3.1. Unit delivers 25 dB gain with +60 dBmV output power and only 10 W of power consumption. Housed in surface mount package, line amplifier offers optimized bit error rate, composite triple beat, composite second order, cross modulation, and carrier-to intermodulation noise characteristics.

High Voltage Amplifiers offer output up to 20 KV.

High Voltage Amplifiers offer output up to 20 KV.

UltraVolt, Inc.    Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
May 30, 2013 Available with unipolar or bipolar output at 0–10 kV, 15 kV, and 20 kV, 10HVA-20HVA Series can operate in DC, reversible, and amplifier modes. Units provide high-voltage DC to full scale waveform capability greater than 500 Hz+ output depending on loading. Amplifiers operate precision filter/divider and linear HV switch, and can both source and sink current linearly through 0 V. Performing with 25 ppm temperature coefficient, devices come standard with differential precision, 0–10 Vdc control input.

Broadband Amplifier targets EMC testing environments.

Teseq, Inc.    Edison, NJ 08837
May 15, 2013 Operating from 10 KHz to 400 MHz with rated power level of 260 W, Model CBA 400M-260 uses gallium arsenide integrated circuit technology for optimal compression characteristics and efficiency. Class A linear amplifier, powered by switched mode power supply, includes integral fans for cooling and excess temperature sensor that prevents possible damage due to blocked filter or faulty cooling. Unit operates from 32–104°F with harmonics better than -20 dBc at 210 W output.

Linear GaN Amplifier supports X-band MILSATCOM service.

Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc.    Santa Clara, CA 95054
Mar 19, 2013 Housed in 32 lb package measuring 6.8 x 10.5 x 17 in., Model XTSLIN-100X-B1 includes integrated BUC, output isolator, and harmonic filter. High-power unit features 100 W of WGS linear power and draws only 750 W of prime power at linear RF output. Amplifier supports critical multi-carrier X-band operation with extremely low leakage levels in receive band, even for case with SSPA in view of antenna and feed.

Hybrid Line Amplifiers target CATV infrastructure networks.

Anadigics, Inc.    Warren, NJ 07059
Nov 26, 2012 Featuring passive components in pin compatible SOT-115J package, 24 V Models ACA2786, ACA2788, ACA3748, and ACA3754 use MESFET technology to provide high output power for 1 GHz and 870 MHz applications. Line amplifier power doublers feature low composite triple beat, composite second order, and cross modulation distortion characteristics for optimal performance in fully loaded spectrum. Controlled gain limits minimize lot-to-lot variation and ensure uniformity.

Linear Servo Brush Amplifier drives voice coil linear actuators.

Linear Servo Brush Amplifier drives voice coil linear actuators.

H2W Technologies, Inc.    Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Sep 12, 2012 Preset to match continuous and peak current specifications of any H2W voice coil motor, LCAM 5/15 are designed to drive voice coil linear actuators. DC linear brush-type servo amplifier, engineered for low-noise operation, offers 5 A continuous and 15 A peak output. Operating from +24 to +70 Vdc supply, product has 6.5 kHz (90° phase shift) bandwidth and supports current or velocity mode operation. Amplifier Enable input and Fault Indicator output are standard features.

High-Voltage Linear Amplifier  delivers ±50 kV performance.

High-Voltage Linear Amplifier delivers ±50 kV performance.

Trek, Inc.    Medina, NY 14103 9710
Nov 21, 2011 Featuring all solid state design, Model 50/12 provides precise control of output voltages in range of 0 to ±50 kVdc or up to 100 kVac peak-to-peak with output current of 0 to ±12 mAdc or peak ac. Slew rate is greater than 350 V/µs and signal bandwidth (-3 dB) is dc to greater than 20 kHz. With less than 10 Vrms noise, bipolar amplifier is suited for dielectric studies, electrostatic deflection and flame control, high-voltage cable testing, and plasma studies.

RF Driver Amplifier covers 250-4,000 MHz frequency range.

RF Driver Amplifier covers 250-4,000 MHz frequency range.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.    Lowell, MA 01851
Jan 06, 2011 Suited for cellular and WiMAX infrastructure applications, MAAM-009560 HBT Driver Amplifier provides linearity of 42 dBm OIP3 over input power range greater than 20 dB, and features typical gain of 15 dB. Unit's lead-free SOT-89 surface mount plastic package is RoHS compliant and compatible with solder reflow temperatures up to 260°C. ESD susceptibility achieves class 2 ESD rating.

Power Amplifier targets mobile PC and embedded applications.

RF Micro Devices, Inc.    Greensboro, NC 27409-9421
Jun 30, 2010 Operating from 4.9-5.8 GHz, Model RF5616 features fully matched input/output design, integrated low pass filtering, and integrated 3-stage PA. Device offers voltage supply levels from 3.0-5.0 V, enabling linear output power of 18-21 dBm. Interstage power detector minimizes sensitivity to voltage supply, temperature extremes, and VSWR, while optimizing accuracy of closed loop power control. Housed in 3 x 3 mm QFN package, IC is suited for access points, gateways, DSL routers, and WLAN.

RF Power Amplifier delivers 150 W over 1.75-1.85 GHz range.

RF Power Amplifier delivers 150 W over 1.75-1.85 GHz range.

AR Modular RF    Bothell, WA 98011
Jun 04, 2010 Offered as PCB housed in machined aluminum enclosure, Model KMS2010 solid-state linear power amplifier suitable for wireless broadband networks offers 52 dBm linear power with scalable gain of 57 dB. Module is designed to meet needs of most communication protocols, including various types of OFDM. Featuring internal isolator, amplifier is protected from thermal overload, over-power, over-voltage, and wrong voltage polarity.

Power Amplifiers target femtocell markets.

Power Amplifiers target femtocell markets.

Anadigics, Inc.    Warren, NJ 07059
May 27, 2010 Operating in 3G frequency bands, Model AWB7123 supports UMTS band 2 in North America, while Model AWB7127 supports band 1 in Europe, Asia, and parts of South America. Both support multi-carrier scenarios and complex modulation schemes, such as those used in WCDMA, HSDPA, and LTE air interfaces. Delivering up to +24.5 dBm of WCDMA power with ACPR of -50 dBc, devices incorporate RF matching networks optimized for output power, efficiency, and linearity in 50 W systems.

RF PA Linearizer SoC enables broadband 3G/4G networks.

Scintera Networks, Inc.    San Jose, CA 95129
Feb 11, 2010 Operating at carrier frequency, SC1887 Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer SoC is inserted into transmitter designs directly in line with power amplifier. RFin/RFout solution offers standalone operation and consumes less than 600 mW, making it suited for transmitters deployed in distributed 4G networks. Housed in 9 x 9 mm plastic package, device can be implemented in less than 625 mm˛ board space and supports variety of modulation standards such as CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and OFDMA.

Linear Power Amplifier targets WiFi and WiMAX applications.

RF Micro Devices, Inc.    Greensboro, NC 27409-9421
Jun 11, 2009 Manufactured using InGaP HBT process technology, 2 GHz Model RF5602 features 32-34 dB small signal gain, integrated input power detector, and 3.3-5 V operation. Error vector magnitude performance is 2% at 26 dBm output power, 2% at 25 dBm, and 3% at 23.5 dBm. Optimized for use as final RF amplifier in 802.16 e/d and 802.11 b/g/n applications, device is also suited for 2.4 GHz ISM band applications, PCS communications systems, and WiBro 2.3-2.4 GHz applications.

Power Amplifiers are designed for 18-33 GHz frequency ranges.

Avago Technologies    San Jose, CA 95131
Sep 29, 2008 Available in bare die or surface mount packaging, AMMC/P-6333 driver amplifiers target wireless communication infrastructure applications, including point-to-point radios, VSAT and fiber to the home. Fabricated using 0.25 um enhancement mode PHEMT technology, amplifiers deliver gain of 20 dB and P1dB of 23 dBm. With 50 W matching and third order intercept point of 30 dBm, they can be used with single positive voltage supply and DC power of 5 V bias at 220 mA.

Programmable Gain Amplifier is optimized for DOCSIS 3.0.

Anadigics, Inc.    Warren, NJ 07059
Jul 03, 2008 Operating in 5-85 MHz frequency range, Model ARA2017 supports DOCSIS 3.0-specified signal levels of +64 dBmV while minimizing harmonic distortion and output noise levels. Linear amplifier features 33 dB of RF gain at minimum attenuation, and includes digitally controlled, multi-stage precision step attenuator that provides up to 58 dB of attenuation in 2 dB increments. Requiring single 5 V supply, device is offered in 28-pin 5 x 5 x 1 mm QFN package.

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