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Broadband High Power Limiters have ruggedized design.

August 20, 2015

Coaxial RF, microwave, and millimeter wave limiters help protect sensitive RF receivers and components, such as LNAs, in close proximity to high power signals. Operating from 0.5–40 GHz depending on model, 7 designs feature limiting thresholds from 3–10 dBm and leakage power of 10–15 dBm. Coaxial limiters exhibit CW power handling up to 200 W peak and recovery times of 10–100 nsec. Supporting operation from -54 to +85°C, packages are designed to meet MIL-STD-202. Read More

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Broadband Coaxial Limiters protect RF receiver components.

March 11, 2015

Offered in 7 unique designs ruggedized to meet MIL-STD-202, RF limiters operate in bands from 0.5–40 GHz and protect sensitive RF receiver components in close proximity to high-power signals while suppressing even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions. Products provide low leakage power (10–15 dBm) to sensitive control components in receiver chain and exhibit CW power handling up to 100 W peak power as well as recovery time of 10–100 nsec. Read More

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L-Band SMT Limiter offers high power handling capacity.

July 22, 2014

Operating over 1–2 GHz bandwidth, MADL-011014 integrates equivalent of 19 discrete diode and passive components into one fully hermetic, 10.1 x 6.2 x 3.2 mm, SMT package. This passive, fully matched limiter features 200 CW power handling and up to 1,000 W peak power handling under 300 µsec and 10% duty cycle pulse conditions. Additional characteristics include 0.35 dB insertion loss and 19 dBm flat leakage power at +55 dBm. Areas of use include air traffic management and radar systems. Read More

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High-Power SPDT Switch-Limiter has recovery time of <100 nsec.

August 27, 2013

Operating over 2.7–3.5 GHz bandwidth, MASL-011023 handles 125 W of CW power at 85°C and delivers flat leakage of 10 dBm in Rx mode (7 dBm in Tx mode). JEDEC standard footprint, SMT, 7 x 7 mm, QFN package enables repeatable, high-volume manufacturing, and fully integrated RF and DC bias network provides complete switch-limiter solution. Suited for S-Band applications, SPDT/SP2T switch-limiter is designed to minimize insertion loss and handle +51 dBm CW power through transmit path. Read More

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Inrush Current Limiting Thermistor reduces circuit failures.

March 19, 2013

Designed to limit inrush current that occurs when power is applied to system, Surge-Gard™ NTC thermistors feature steady state current ratings from 1–36 A and resistance from 0.5–220 Ω. Metal oxide ceramic materials used in their manufacture maximize thermistors' inrush current surge suppression capabilities. Suitable areas of use include switching power supplies where low impedance of charging capacitor exposes diode bridge rectifier to excessively high current surge at turn-on. Read More

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Inrush Current Limiter protects avionics and military systems.

September 29, 2011

With power capacity of 200 W and 99% efficiency, Model DVCL controls potentially damaging inrush current drawn by DC-DC converters, EMI filters, and discrete capacitors during startup. Unit features input voltage range of 11-50 V per MIL-STD-704 and withstands transient voltage of 80 V for 1 second. Housed in hermetic package, limiter provides full performance over military temperature range of -55 to +125°C. Read More

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Current Limiters tolerate AC mains power contact without damage.

February 4, 2011

Designed for high-speed protection of communications ports, TBU® (Transient Blocking Unit) DT-Series is comprised of 8 models and offers continuous AC voltage ratings up to 425 Vrms and nominal trigger currents from 150-750 mA. Devices protect circuits against faults caused by shorts, AC power cross, induction, and lightning surges. Protectors do not alter signal performance of high-speed communication ports and are suited for Ethernet ports in outdoor applications. Read More

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Logarithmic/Limiting Amplifier features 75 dB dynamic range.

February 3, 2011

Model PS13201 Logarithmic/Limiting Amplifier operates in 100-500 MHz frequency range, with 75 dB dynamic range, and also features balanced RF output. Product includes on-chip video amplifier with provision for external adjustment of log slope and offset. Operating over military temperature range of -55 to +125°C, unit is suitable for use in wideband logarithmic receivers and both channelized and mono-pulse radar applications. Read More

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Circuit Protection Devices support range of trigger currents.

September 9, 2010

Bourns® Transient Blocking Unit (TBU(TM))-CA Series stops damaging currents from reaching protected circuits in less than 1 µsec. Suited for industrial and telecommunications applications, bidirectional and resettable electronic current limiters (ECLs) protect against faults caused by short circuits, AC power cross, induction, and lightning surges within rated limits. There are 5 impulse blocking voltages from 250-850 V, min trip currents of 50-500 mA, and resistance values as low as 3 ohms. Read More

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Transmit/Receive Chipset combines low jitter, low power draw.

June 10, 2010

With combined power consumption of 355 mW, 1.0625-11.3 Gbps chipset consists of 4 x 4 mm MAX3946 laser driver with impedance-mismatch tolerance and 3 x 3 mm MAX3945 dual-path limiting amplifier. This 10GBASE-SR/LR SFP+ transmit/receive chipset enables less than 1 W SFP+ optical modules, and both ICs include 3-wire digital control interface with integrated control DACs. Optimized for Ethernet and Fiber Channel transmission systems, chipset is specified over -40 to +95°C range. Read More

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Track Current Limiter is available in 4 models.

September 11, 2008

Compliant with California Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements, Track Current Limiter ensures that track installations meet wattage limitations according to size and usage of space. It can be mounted as standard canopy, used in place of I connector, or as live-end. Unit's circuit breaker will trip and shut down power to track when track is overloaded, and device may be reset when overall total of fixture wattages are reduced below circuit breaker rating. Read More

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Overcurrent Protection Device measures only .063 x .032 in.

June 12, 2008

Available in 4 hold current/maximum voltage ranges, including 0.10 A/15 Vdc, 0.20 A/9 Vdc, 0.25 A/9 Vdc, and 0.35 A/6 Vdc, Series 0603L Polyfuse® PPTC (polymer positive temperature coefficient thermistor) resettable over-current protection device has maximum fault current rating of 40 A, and meets TUV and UL safety standard certification. It is suited for wide range of consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, Flash drives, and USB thumb drives. Read More

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Power Management Solution has on-board thermal sensor.

July 11, 2003

Model HV111 high-voltage Inrush Limiter/Circuit Breaker/Hotswap IC suits externally powered network equipment and pluggable backplane applications with loads up to 1.65 A. Operating from -8.0 to -80 V, unit has 3 current control algorithms and incorporates on-board, 80 V, 2 A MOSFET combined with UVLO supervisor. Features include multi-level current control, junction isolated construction, and 1.2 A inrush current limiting with 75 msec timeout. Read More

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