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Boiler Tube Joint Alignment Tool helps minimize weld failure.

Jul 28, 2016

Made of precision machined high strength steel, Esco HOG TIE® Boiler Tube Weld Alignment Clamp rapidly and accurately aligns boiler tube ends to minimize risk of failure from misalignment when welding water wall boiler tubes. One side has 2 through-holes and other has threaded inserts which accept 2 bolts that draw them together, exposing tube ends for tack welding before removal to finish... Read More

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Modular Clamp bends to hold parts at any angle.

Sep 24, 2014

Fully articulated and adjustable, Third Hand Modular Clamp holds parts at any position for hands-free access while user tack welds, cuts, grinds, sands, or paints. Two smooth ball joints allow user to rotate clamp arm 360° and bend arm to any position. Clamp position is securely locked and unlocked with turn of socket head cap screws. Measuring 1 ½ in wide, portable clamp has universal... Read More

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Clips and Clamps meet high-amperage requirements.

Jun 27, 2014

Available in black or red with heavy-duty, glass-filled polyamide handle and glass-filled nylon body, High-Amperage Clips include 300 A battery Model BU102B and kelvinized Model BU102BK as well as 400 A Model BU102W for grounding of welding equipment during operation. BU-102B clips feature serrated jaws, created from stamped 100% copperplate, while BU-102W jaws are machined from 100% copper... Read More

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MIG Push-Pull Welding Systems target specific industries.

Jun 06, 2014

In addition to Magnum® PRO AL air-cooled push-pull gun and aluminum drive roll kits, multi-process POWER MIG® 350MP Trailer Manufacturing One-Pak™ includes SuperGlaze 5356 TM™ 3/64 in. diameter MIG wire specifically developed for aluminum trailer manufacturing industry. Another One-Pak® package, specifically targeted toward aluminum automotive collision repair and fabrication, has... Read More

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Lincoln Electric Brings a Complete Orbital TIG Solution to Weld Various Pipe and Tube Sizes and Applications

May 20, 2014

New clamp-on style weld heads and off-board feeders expand the orbital system for welding smaller-diameter pipe and tube Cleveland – The Lincoln Electric Company is bringing welding operators in refineries, power generation and pressure vessels a single system solution for welding various pipe and tube sizes with the new HELIX® C450 and C663 weld heads. With these orbital TIG (gas... Read More

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Ground Clamps are designed to meet electrical industry demands.

Apr 22, 2014

Accommodating electrical industry needs, UL-Listed and CSA-Certified Type GPL U-Bolt Ground Clamps are available for pipe, rod, rebar, and fence posts. Spacer is designed to optimize available positive contact area, and clamps rotate 90° for installation flexibility. Products are suitable for direct burial in earth or concrete. Read More

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Compact Pin Clamp supports small part location and clamping.

Mar 07, 2014

Suitable for robot end effector welding applications, Model PCT features gapless, dual-finger design that provides linear non-toggle clamp action, clamping multiple parts within 7 mm range. Unit is available with 12–16 mm diameter pins for 2-way or 4-way locating, and bullet or low-profile nose styles. Pin is self-contained in cartridge that is replaceable in field. Steel and aluminum bronze... Read More

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Clamping Squares work with modular welding tables.

Feb 10, 2014

Designed for use with BuildPro Modular Welding Tables, BuildPro 4-Face Malleable Cast Iron Clamping Squares feature total of 26 mounting holes over 3 surfaces for unlimited fixturing options. Mounting holes can be used to stop, locate, clamp, or square up stock at 90°. Available in left and right facing models, squares have slim, space-saving profile and extra long mounting slot that allows... Read More

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Pipe Welding Alignment Clamps cover 3/4 to 12 in. pipe range.

Jan 13, 2014

Respectively covering 1–3 in., 2–6 in., and 6–12 in. pipe size ranges, models INT 1-3, INT 2-6, and INT 6-12 feature heavy-duty, forged steel design with electroplating for rust and spatter resistance. Design accelerates alignment of different sizes of pipe with one clamp and will withstand years of heavy field use. Read More

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Welding End Prep Tool Designed for Highly Repetitive Milling

Oct 15, 2013

A portable welding end prep tool that features air-operated clamping which reduces cycle times for highly repetitive end prep milling in fabrication shops is available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts. The MILLHOG® Mongoose Air Clamp™ Welding End Prep Tool is equipped with an air-operated clamp that attaches to a tube or pipe I.D. and releases from it by simply flipping a toggle... Read More

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MATHESON Select? Welding Cables, Power Cables, and Related Products

Jun 13, 2013

Basking Ridge, NJ – MATHESON has expanded its MATHESON Select® line of welding products to include premium quality welding cable and assemblies, extension cords, and jumper cables. The newly added MATHESON Select welding cable products will be available in bulk spooled lengths of 250 and 500 feet, pre-cut shrink wrapped, and ready-to-use weld assemblies. The new MATHESON Select extension... Read More

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P-F Weld & Work Clamp Makes Impossible Pulls Possible

Sep 10, 2012

WEST BOYLSTON, MA - Porter-Ferguson's Weld & Work(TM) Multi-Angle Swiveling Clamp makes it easy for auto body technicians to clamp or hold difficult pulls - even those previously thought impossible. The Weld & Work Clamp is a two-part assembly consisting of a body and a heat-treated forged alloy steel pull ring. The ring moves freely in the body's contoured dovetail channel allowing in-line pulls... Read More

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Bridge Clamp connects multiple systems to same grounding rod.

Aug 16, 2012

Utilizing 4 terminal points for connecting multiple grounding and bonding conductors in conjunction with electrical GEC to ground rod, Mighty-Bond® (IGBC-063) provides electrical intersystem bonding of cable/TV, telephone, and data communications systems. Intersystem bonding device is UL-Listed for ½ and 5/8 in. ground rods and meets NEC Article 250.94 requirements. Ground rod bridge clamp... Read More

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Rotary Internal Ground Clamp suits pipe welding applications.

Apr 17, 2012

With positive ground and firm hold, Rotary Internal Ground Clamp keeps ground wire stationary as pipe rotates in welding applications. Brass product, able to be used horizontally or vertically with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic welding applications, has 3 mandrels that provide contact to pipe ID. C-type rotary ground incorporates stationary and movable contact plate that rotates... Read More

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Pipe Clamp secures pipe and fittings to pipe stands.

Nov 29, 2011

Designed to secure ¾-6 in. diameter pipe to standard vee head pipe stands, Hold-E steel frame pipe clamp is equipped with quick release button that allows welder to open and close gripping arms in seconds. After positioning ram, few turns of feed screw secures pipe or tubing to jack stand. Measuring 10.31 x 2.12 x 15.75 in. in stored position, clamp is suitable for holding pipe during flange... Read More

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J.W. Winco Offers New Line of Compact, Pneumatic Power Clamps

Jun 18, 2008

NEW BERLIN, WI -- J. W. Winco, Inc., a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it is now the exclusive North American distributor for Misati, S.L. , an ISO 9001 and RoHS compliant European manufacturer of a new generation of Fastening and Transfer Press Clamps and Accessories. These patented, smaller profile, high clamping force, super-efficient clamps are a... Read More

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New Tweco Professional Magswitch Ground Clamp Works for Pipe and Plate

Mar 06, 2007

St. Louis, MO (February 12, 2007) - Tweco, the leading innovator in MIG gun technologies, has taken a familiar product - the magnetic ground clamp - and incorporated features that matter most to welders. Available at an everyday lower price, the new clamp design offers a universal style suitable for pipe and plate, whereas previous designs were either for plate or pipe. The new design... Read More

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Pin Locating Clamp suits hard-to-reach welding applications.

May 04, 2006

Series PLM, available in pin sizes 13, 16, 20, and 25 mm, is pneumatically powered actuator that locates, clamps, and supports parts in welding applications. Clamp mounts to robots and is fully enclosed to provide protection against weld slag and other contaminants. Built-in locking mechanism holds panel in place and standard manual unlock allows part retrieval if air pressure is lost or removed.... Read More

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Welding Clamp is rated 500 A at 60% duty cycle.

Mar 30, 2006

Designed to solve problem of inadequate grounding of weld arc, Ground Hog prevents current restriction by combining large copper contact point with clamping pressure, facilitating transfer of electrical current in full circuit. To further ensure complete arc, Ground Hog controls electrical current by isolating contact surface and transfer to cable connection. Clamping force is 465 lb using Strong... Read More

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Grounding Clamp protects items against static build-up.

Nov 17, 2005

Designed for hazardous areas, Bond-Rite(TM) clamp protects against static electricity build-up in mobile or portable equipment. It creates and continuously monitors low-resistance connection to ground, providing visual verification through flashing LED indicator. Tungsten carbide teeth and clamping action penetrate insulating layers as well as built-up paint, resins, and adhesives. Intrinsically... Read More