Level Probes

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Level Probe Converters offer panel mount option.

Jul 16, 2014

Available in deadfront mount versions, Model LPC420 and Model LPC420R with relay outputs enable users to see level information from both front and back. Converters monitor 10 electrodes on Level Probe, and provide analog signal that is proportional to level. Units also provide 10 Relay Outputs with contacts that close as liquid covers respective Level Probe electrodes. Relay Outputs may be used... Read More

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RF Admittance Level Probe works in temperatures to 842°F.

Sep 25, 2013

Model AP/APX comes in high temperature and super high temperature designs that can be used where internal vessel temperatures can reach up to 450°F and 842°F, respectively. Available for detecting presence and absence of liquid, slurries, and bulk solids in diverse applications, RF admittance point level sensor includes integral electronics with universal 20–255 Vac/Vdc power supply, DPDT... Read More

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Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Probe tolerates harsh locations.

Jun 14, 2013

Supplied in explosion-proof housing certified by CSA for Class 1, Div 1 environments, MPX Series is accurate to ±4 mm and includes 2 base sizes with 0.5 and 1.0 in. stems and lengths up to 25 ft. Probe stem withstands forces in turbulent tanks, while floats operate without sticking and install while remaining on stem. With optional second float, single MPX provides both total tank and... Read More

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MOHR to Supply Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation to US Nuclear Stations

May 06, 2013

Guided Wave Radar System to Help Prevent Fukushima-Type Nuclear Accidents RICHLAND, Washington – MOHR Test and Measurement LLC (MOHR), a supplier of liquid level and multiphase flow instrumentation for nuclear and other industrial applications, has signed an agreement with Utilities Service Alliance (USA), Inc., a national cooperative of electric utility companies that operate nuclear power... Read More

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RF Admittance Point Level Sensor offers 2-step calibration.

Jan 07, 2013

Used for point and continuous level measurement of powder, granular, liquid, and slurry materials, Models AP/APX come in 5 probe configurations – Standard, Mini, Cable-Extended, High Temperature, and Super High Temperature – all of which include integral electronics available with Ordinary Location or Explosion-Proof enclosures. Features include LED indication of normal and relay alarm... Read More

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Magnetostrictive Probe provides continuous level measurement.

Apr 19, 2012

Comprised of wave guide, probe housing, float with permanently-embedded magnets, and motion or stress sensing device, MCG 8151 gathers level gauging information, can act as point switch for overfill alarms, and has 5 temperature sensors to provide average temperature measurement of product. Offering resolution of ±.001 in., MCG 8151 is available in lengths up to 70 ft and can be installed in... Read More

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Conductivity Level Probes resist heat and corrosion.

Aug 28, 2008

Mounted in any orientation in tank, tee fitting, or any compatible threaded port, Series CLP determines presence of conductive liquid at set level by sensing conductivity. Probes allow for measurement of conductivity between probe fitting and end, which is isolated by ceramic insulator, or between ends of 2 probes. Offered with ½ in. NPT process connection, probes feature solid stainless steel... Read More

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Capacitance Level Sensor features RF immunity.

Mar 15, 2007

Operating at 6 kHz, PROCAP Series provides level measurement by using timing technique that compares discharge time of probe capacitance to reference capacitance. PRO-Shield guards against false readings from buildup by forcing active signal to examine large area around probe, while time delay readings minimize false signals from sudden material shifts or splashing liquids. External LED indicates... Read More

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Ultrasonic Level Probe offers 90 ft range.

Dec 11, 2002

Model ABM300/400-25U(C) measures liquids and solids up to 90 ft. It operates with phase array structure ultrasonic transducer, which offers narrow no side lobes beam, 17 in. blanking, and same operation at different temperatures. Self-cleaning probe can replace expensive ultrasonic or microwave level gauges. Read More

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Pulse Radar Probes are noiseless and self-adjusting.

Dec 11, 2002

Pulse Radar Probes, used for distances of 50 and 100 ft, offer very low noise performance due to operation of receiver, which is activated by incoming echoes from wanted targets. Units adjust microwave pulse amplitude and width to target distance and reflection properties. Receiver changes sensitivity with amplitude of received echoes. Shapes of received echoes are analyzed to eliminate echoes... Read More

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Ceramic Probe withstands temperatures of 450°F.

Oct 30, 2002

Radio frequency sensing probe is suited for applications where temperatures exceed 450°F. Made of 304 Stainless Steel and ceramic, this probe is mounted remote from electronics, providing maximum protection from heat. Probes available for higher temperature applications include heavy duty probe with larger diameter active section, which accepts various extensions and attachments for unique... Read More