Ultrasonic Probes have self-cleaning transducers.

Press Release Summary:

Ultrasonic Probes, with 1, 1.5 and 2 NPT mountings, are insensitive to mountings and, with transceiver and smart signal processing, eliminate echos from tank walls, standpipes, and other buildups. Built-in communication with PC allows storage of current output and temperature in data logger. Probes connect to network using RS485 with company's protocol and Modbus RTU.

Original Press Release:

At Last Reliable And Low Cost Ultrasonic Probes

ABM SENSOR TECHNOLOGY has released a family of the ultrasonic probes. The probes cover distances from 5 to 30 with 1 NPT, 1.5 NPT and 2 NPT mountings. New ultrasonic transducers with very high efficiency, narrow beams and wide frequency bandwidth work in any conditions for wide temperature range. They are insensitive to mountings and with help of the transceiver and smart signal processing, they eliminate unwanted echoes from tank walls, standpipes and any other buildups. The transducers
provide a self-cleaning operation.

Built in communication with PC allows storage of the current output and temperature in a data logger. The ultrasonic probes can be connected in network using RS485 with ABM s protocol and Modbus RTU. In connection with a PC one can have a full diagnostic. A user can also see on the computer screen the echo profiles and echo stability chart.

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