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New Family of Hand-Held Decade Boxes Provide a Broad Choice of High Performance Resistance/Capacitance Sources

Oct 28, 2010

YORBA LINDA, CA - Global Specialties announces the addition of a new line of Resistance and Capacitance Decade Boxes. The hand-held Model RDB-10 Resistance Box offers seven (7) decades of resistance, from 1ohn to over 11Mohm in one ohm steps. The hand-held Model CDB-10 Capacitance Decade Box offers five (5) decades of capacitance ranges, from 100microfarads to over 11microfarads, in 100microfarad... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Impedance Instrument is traceable to NIST.

Apr 10, 2002

Model 1730 LCR Digibridge will measure, display, and output results of any two parameters, including: series or parallel capacitance, ac resistance, inductance, dissipation factor, quality factor, equivalent series resistance, impedance, reactance, and phase angle. It is suitable for fast throughput of component evaluation in high volume production environment. It has 0.1% accuracy, test... Read More