Junction Box Westlake Received IEC Certification for 1500 VDC as Well as Ammonia and Salt Mist Spray Resistance

With double-certification 1500 VDC TÃœV and 1000 VDC UL, Multi-Contact's PV junction box Westlake (PV-JB/WL-H) is suited for global use on high performace PV modules. The junction box fulfils protection class IP65 and is suited for the use in salty air according to DIN EN 60068-2-52:1996.

Together with the MC4 connector the Westlake was tested and certified for ammonia resiantance by the DLG (German Agricultural Society). The lab test determines whether the tested object will resist the impact of the air in the stables over a time period of at least 20 years.

The flat build of the Westlake allows the installation directly underneath the module frame, saving valuable time in the installation process. The connection is made by either welding, soldering or clamping. The Westlake is available pre-assembled with our PV connectors MC3, MC4 and MC4PLUS.

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