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Motion Slide Actuators are suitable for X-Y and X-Y-Z positioning systems.

Oct 11, 2017

Motion Slide Actuators are available in Gen 2 compact and value line linear motor-ready models. Units come with horizontal, vertical, or inverted mounting options and integral sensor mount grooves. Compact slide actuators offer travel distance to 36 in. and travel speeds up to 20 in. per second and comes with a motor mount which is compatible with NEMA 17 and 23 motors. Value line linear slide... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

154C Remote Switch Actuator comes with magnetic latching system.

Aug 23, 2017

CBS ArcSafe 154C Remote Switch Actuator is compatible with Siemens V2F and V7F series of single or twin-mounted 200 A switches. Unit allows users to close or trip a panelboard switch from a distance up to 300 ft. Product meets NFPA 70E arc-flash safety standards. Suitable for small-percent motor loads, motor starting circuits and feeder circuits applications, actuator comes with an optional 24... Read More

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IntelLIDrives XY-LIFT-ROTARY Stage features unlimited rotation.

Aug 15, 2017

XYZR LSMA-100X100+MLVT70-13+RTHM151 combines XY lead-screw driven LSMA XY stages with Lift MLVT stages and worm gear rotary RTHM table.  Product features a closed-loop control system and linear resolution of 0.25 microns.  Used for scanning microscopy, wafer and printed circuit board inspection, the unit features a rotation resolution of 1 arc-sec.

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Electromechanical Linear Actuators come with ball screw assemblies.

Aug 11, 2017

Electromechanical Linear Actuators come with synchronization option. Units feature stroke lengths up to 1000 and offers accuracy of 1% of stroke from 100-1000 mm. Product is suitable for solar panels, rudder assemblies, lift tables, automatic loading doors in factories and warehouses applications. Actuators are capable of handling of bidirectional loads up to 10 kN.

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Electromechanical Actuators are compatible with ORMEC servo motors.

Jul 24, 2017

Available in KMD-50 and KMD-60 models, Electromechanical Actuators are suitable for pressing, metal and thermo-forming applications. Featuring ball screw technology, units come with front flange or rear flange mounting. Offering internal anti-rotation operation, product’s mount rod comes in up, down or horizontal types. KMD-50 actuators weigh 49.9 kg and offer side load capacity of 4.45 KN.... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

WhisperTrak™ Linear Actuators meet IP67 standards.

Apr 13, 2017

Available in 2kN and 4kN versions with stroke lengths between 100 and 500 mm, WhisperTrak™ Linear Actuators are operated on 12- or 24-volt input supply. 4 kN version is rated for 900 lb with load speed of 4 mm/s, whereas 2 kN version for 450 lb with 8 mm/s load speed. Having 10,000 cycles of average life at maximum load capacity, units are suitable for medical, personal mobility, material... Read More

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VCAs minimize usage of adhesives and inks.

Feb 17, 2017

Available in LA05-05 and LA15-16 models, VCAs incorporate Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. VCAs measure 12‒38 mm in diameter and 12‒40 mm in length and are ½ and 2 in. in size. Units are suitable for semiconductor, military, aerospace, microelectronics, test and measurement applications.

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Mechanical Power Transmission

LAH13-11-000A Voice Coil Actuator prevents unwanted shaft rotation.

Nov 19, 2016

Preventing unwanted shaft rotation, LAH13-11-000A Voice Coil Actuator delivers peak force of 11.9 N and continuous stall force of 0.7 N. Measuring 36.00 mm x 30.00 mm, device weighs 0.22 lb. Eliminating friction and side-loads at non-vertical angle, unit removes unwanted particulate accumulation caused from bearing/bushing shedding. Returning magnet to mid-stroke when re-energized, Actuator is... Read More

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Universal Rotary Unit features high torque design.

Oct 19, 2016

Available in sizes 16, 32, and 40, SRM Universal Rotary Unit features internal shock absorbers that provide high inertia capacity as well as fast swivel times. Product offers large pinion mounting surface for stability and large center bore for feeding through items such as cables and hoses. Modular air feed-through and electrical feed-through versions are available as factory options or as field... Read More

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Solid State Valve Actuators feature LED status monitoring.

Sep 15, 2016

Featuring limit switches and middle position, Type EA25-250 All-Digital Electric Actuators can automate wide range of ball and butterfly valves in applications such as chemical processing, water treatment, and refrigeration. Devices operate valves with rotating angle from 90–180°, delivering nominal torques from 10–100 Nm and peak torques from 25–250 Nm. Clear display with LED indicators... Read More

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Piezoelectric Actuators/Chips and Stacks enable flexible designs.

Sep 15, 2016

Piezoelectric actuators, low-voltage piezoelectric chips, and discrete stacks with through holes enable actuator integration flexibility. Driven under max voltage of 150 V to provide maximum free stroke displacements from 1.8–3.0 µm with sub-millisecond response, chips can be manufactured with or without pre-attached wires and with 2.0–6.0 mm dia holes, 5.0 x 5.0 mm to... Read More

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Value Added Piezo Element Assembly accelerates OEM integration.

Sep 06, 2016

Value added piezo components are provided by adhering flexible printed circuits, which provide necessary electrical contact, securely and easily, without soldering to facilitate application integration. OEM customization of piezo elements, including encapsulating or mounting to existing component, is available. Made from ferroelectric soft or hard piezo materials, custom-designed components... Read More

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Assured Automation NV Series Actuator Recognized in Best of the Best 2016 Best Practices Award

Sep 01, 2016

NV Series Replaces obsolete belt-driven valve actuators with gear-style design actuator at less than 10% of the cost of OEM's replacement option CLARK, N.J., Aug. 29, 2016 - Much of our electricity is generated by gas turbines, internal combustion (IC) engines that produce power by burning air-fuel mixtures that throw off hot gases which in turn spin the turbines. The Combined Cycle Journal... Read More

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Linear Voice Coil Actuator delivers low hystesis and friction.

Aug 19, 2016

Targeting applications requiring low friction and high force accuracy, 38 mm dia x 48.3 mm long LAH1-19-000A provides low hysteresis/low friction with consistent bi-directional position control. Symmetrical flex circuit prevents friction caused by movement to ensure consistent results, and solid brass ball cage with captured steel balls further reduces friction. Along with hysteresis of... Read More

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Remote Switch Actuator enables safe operation of MCC bucket.

Aug 11, 2016

Portable RSA-35 lets technicians remotely close or trip Westinghouse 11-300 motor control center bucket from safe distance (up to 300 ft away) and remain stationed outside arc-flash boundary. Magnetic latching system negates any need for modification to existing electrical equipment for installation and operation. Optional features include radio remote (300 ft range), 24 Vdc LED light,... Read More

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Moving Voice Coil Actuators have miniature form factor.

Jul 14, 2016

At 0.735 in. long with 0.40 in. OD and 0.10 in. stroke, NCM01-04-001-2IB moving magnet voice coil actuator generates continuous force of 0.10 lb and peak force of 0.30 lb. Unit utilizes hardened shaft and sliding contact bushing and is suited for oscillatory motion. At 0.36 in. long with 0.44 in. OD and 0.13 in. stroke, NCC01-04-001-1X moving coil voice coil actuator generates 0.06 lb... Read More

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Standard Motor Products Releases 213 New Parts for Standard® and Intermotor®

Jul 12, 2016

NEW YORK - Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) announces the addition of 213 new part numbers to its Standard® and Intermotor® lines. The release spans 49 product categories and expands coverage through the 2016 model year with more than 100 million additional VIO. SMP continued to make expansions to its diesel program, with the introduction of a diesel fuel injection harness, diesel fuel... Read More

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Miniature Voice Coil Actuators

Jun 29, 2016

H2W Technologies offers miniature versions of both our moving coil and moving magnet voice coil actuators.  Additionally, we offer custom designed solutions to meet your application specifications. H2W has built its smallest moving magnet voice coil actuator (NCM01-04-001-2IB) to date, with an outside diameter of 0.40 in [10 mm and a length of 0.735 in [18.8 mm.  It has a stroke of 0.10 in... Read More

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Electric Belt-Drive Actuator handles loads up to 520 lb.

Jun 28, 2016

With speeds up to 100 in./sec and strokes up to 230 in., MXB-S Belt-Drive Actuator offers solution for light- to moderate-loading applications requiring high duty cycle and high speeds over long strokes. Unit features trapezoidal solid bearing that slides along extrusion, acting as wiper against contaminants, making it suitable for harsh environments. Actuator is available in 6 body sizes with... Read More