Barrel Finishing Machines

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Barrel Finishing Machines feature centrifugal design.

Aug 01, 2006

Able to achieve isotropic surface patterns, VC and VC8 Series produce consistent finishes. Deburring or finishing is made possible by 4 barrels spaced evenly on heavy-duty turret. All manual and automatic models in VC series, available in standard or figure 8 design, can be customized with variable speed, separation, removable hot pour linings, and compartmentalized barrels. VCA series only... Read More

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Variable-Speed Finishing Systems are custom designed.

Jun 20, 2002

Open-face barrel designs provide variable cascading, and are also used where acids might risk explosion in closed barrel. Closed-barrel designs permit full rotation of barrel, parts, and media for aggressive action in longer, unattended cycles. Both styles are available in freestanding or tabletop configurations. Dual-barrel systems are also available. Lined or unlined barrels are available in... Read More