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Vacuum Pump Inlet Traps Protect Atomic Layer Deposition Tools

May 25, 2017

A full line of vacuum pump inlet traps that can be customized by users to protect the vacuum pumps and lines on atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools from particulates and unreacted precursors is available from MV Products of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes can be easily customized by users to remove all process byproducts from precursors such as... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap Better than Knockout Pot for Extruders

Mar 31, 2017

A vacuum pump inlet trap for plastics extruders that combines a knockdown stage with multiple stainless steel gauze filters to protect vacuum pumps from volatiles has been introduced by MV Products of North Billerica, MA.

The MV Multi-Trap® Vacuum Inlet Trap protects extruder vent lines and vacuum pumps from the volatile materials and process byproducts resulting from plastics... Read More

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Vacuum Pump Inlet Traps Customized By Users for ALD Processes

Jan 12, 2017

A full line of vacuum inlet traps and filter media for protecting vacuum pumps employed in research and production ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) processes is available from MV Products of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes range from 4” to 16” dia. with port sizes from NW-25 to ISO-160 for protecting vacuum pumps in applications with vacuum flow... Read More

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ASME 600 Thermodynamic Traps feature reduced warm up time.

Nov 28, 2016

Offering robust solution for medium pressure applications, ASME 600 offers UTDS46M, TDS46M in stainless steel and TDC46M in carbon steel body material. Protecting internals from dirt and debris with integral strainers, units are well suited to superheated steam mains and turbine drainage. Featuring superior shut off to minimize steam loss, unit is suitable for markets like oil & gas, specialty... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps serve high-pressure processes.

Oct 20, 2016

Available in ½–1 in. sizes with screwed, SW, and flanged connections, FT62 range of ASME 600 float and thermostatic steam traps suit Oil & Gas and Specialty Chemical industries requiring accelerated and efficient condensate removal. Body material options are carbon steel (FTC62) and stainless steel (FTS62). Designed for maintainable drainage of small, high-pressure process applications,... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are designed for high pressures.

Oct 03, 2016

Offered in sizes from ½–3 in. and capacities up to 31,000 lb/hr, fully automatic IBV series are fabricated and manufactured to operate safely and comply with industry regulations. Each high pressure inverted bucket steam trap is designed with minimal fraction from mechanism movement, and valve closure, without any steam loss, is immediate. Standard offering includes carbon steel and alloy... Read More

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Cart-Mounted Dual Vacuum Inlet Traps facilitate component access.

Sep 21, 2016

Custom-tailored to process, MV MultiTrap® Duplex Carts include two 16 in. vacuum inlet traps that accommodate various filter cartridges to meet high-flow vacuum deposition process requirements. Design provides up to 160 ft² of filtration surface area and 60 g/ft² particle retention and facilitates access to process components. Carts can be equipped with internally cooled baffles with up to 30... Read More

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Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap features 80 sq ft of filter media.

Apr 01, 2016

Available with NW-40 to ISO-160 ports, MV Multi-Trap® 16 in. Stacked High-Capacity Vacuum Inlet Trap features one large pleated polyester filter element that provides 80 ft² of coverage to capture and retain 60 grams/ft² of particulates. Filter can be supplied with 25- and 100-micron ratings for vacuum processes that generate large amounts of contaminants. Stainless steel housing is offered... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Steam Trapping Station features leak-free body design.

Sep 23, 2015

Comprising isolation valve, steam trap connector with strainer, and check valve in modular single-piece body, STS17.2 Steam Trapping Station eliminates potential leak paths caused by multiple screwed connections. Technology allows steam trap to be changed in minutes, minimizing plant downtime. Featuring stainless steel components and pre-assembled construction, STS17.2 can integrate steam trap... Read More

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Space-Optimized Combined Trap and AAV replaces P-traps.

Feb 20, 2015

Able to replace conventional P-traps while minimizing roof penetrations, Studor® Trap-Vent™ consists of combined trap and Air Admittance Valve (AAV) designed for use in bathroom lavatory installation venting up to 6 DFU. Available models include 1¼ and 1½ in. assemblies, both in white, that are suited for remodels, restorations, and floating sinks. Compact design offers flexibility where... Read More

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Vacuum Inlet Traps filter carbon soot down to 0.2 microns.

Dec 26, 2014

Available for systems from <1 cfm to 1,000+ cfm, Vacuum Pump Inlet Traps are suited for reactors and tube furnaces which produce fine carbon soot that can accumulate in vacuum pump and cause premature failure. All filters are positively sealed to prevent blow-by. PosiTrap® comes in sizes to hold 1–4 filter elements, while MV Multi-Trap® features stainless steel knockdown stage and up to 6... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap has high-capacity design.

Oct 01, 2014

Suited for protecting vacuum pumps in LPCVD, PECVD, and ALD processes, MV Multi-Trap® features one 14 in. dia x 13 in. high filter made from pleated, high-temperature polyester. Providing 40 ft² surface area, trap can retain 60 g/ft² of particulates. Single filter, available with 25 and 100 micron ratings, fits standard 16 in. dia, all-stainless steel housing with ISO 160 ports offered in... Read More

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Chip Trappers Are Now CE Compliant

Aug 07, 2013

Independent laboratory tests now certify that EXAIR’s Chip Trapper™ meets the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union that are required to attain the CE mark. Chip Trapper™ offers a fast, easy way to clean large coolant sumps. Chip Trapper removes the solids such as chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. Coolant that used to last... Read More

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No Flush Needed

Dec 18, 2012

All Waterless Co. urinals come equipped with the unique EcoTrap trap/cylinder. This system fits at the bottom of the urinal and is designed to trap the natural sediment in urine, preventing it from building up in the plumbing system. This helps protect pipes encrustations. To keep the EcoTrap system working properly, apply a small amount of Waterless' BlueSeal liquid into the EcoTrap. The... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Drip Trap features electric actuation.

Jun 05, 2012

Available in 3 or 6 quart sizes and with 1 in. NPT inlets and outlets, 97100E removes condensate from low points in low-pressure gas piping systems up to 25 psi. Unit collects liquid until ported rotating disc valve is electrically opened. Actuator seals gas inlet port prior to opening drain port, allowing removal of condensate without gas escaping. Adaptable to any condensation or drainage... Read More

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Stainless Steel Clean Steam Trap resists corrosion.

May 23, 2012

Pressure rated to ASME standards, Model BTS7.1 removes condensate from clean steam systems. Self-draining trap operates close to steam saturation temperatures, minimizing condensate back up and effectively venting air to ensure full sterilization. Safeguarding free draining surface, smooth surface finish minimizes risk of bacterial growth and product blockage. Trap is available with tri-clamp... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

In-Line Condensate Trap prevents odors and insects.

Apr 06, 2011

Designed to optimize efficiency of all gravity-drained minisplit air conditioners, Model EZT-180 features rubber check valve that prevents unconditioned and unfiltered outdoor air infiltration into minisplit airstream. Straight transparent trap, measuring 2.75 in. long and 5/8 in. in diameter, is waterless and freeze-resistant. Unit comes with 9/16 in. diameter adapter, which enables it to fit... Read More

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Microbarb Low-Carryover Connectors from Diba at Pittcon 2011

Feb 28, 2011

Danbury, CT (February 16, 2011) - Custom fluid path specialist Diba will feature its fluid handling components at the 2011 Pittcon Conference and Expo. Diba's Microbarb(TM) connectors, Click-N-Seal Ultra, Bubble Trap and PEEK chromatography columns will also be on display at the company's booth #3026. The show takes place at the Georgia World Conference Center (Atlanta, Ga.) from March 14-17.... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Ball Float Steam Trap withstands high-pressure applications.

Feb 02, 2011

Series FTC80-FB serves process applications in chemical, hydrocarbon processing, and pulp and paper industries, where pressures can reach 1,160 psig. Body and cover are made of cast steel with all socket weld connections, and self modulation provides soft and continuous discharge. Main valve assembly has tight shut-off under no-load conditions, and all internals are stainless steel and have... Read More