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Packaging Products & Equipment

Counter and Bag Packaging System feature mathematical algorithm.

Sep 26, 2017

Counter and Bag Packaging System is capable of counting up to 25,000 objects per minute. Unit uses hopper and vibratory feed track system. Product consist of DATA Count U-162 counter and the Autobag® 500™ bagger. Suitable for hardware and fasteners, hobby and craft items, electronics, automotive, aerospace and agriculture applications, system comes with Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll.... Read More

AirPouch FastWrap with 1.25 high air cushion cells.

Nov 13, 2016

Supporting multi-directional wrapping, AirPouch FastWrap has 1.25” high loft air cushion cells is used for packaging materials protectively by cushioning it. FastWrap is made in honeycomb pattern that makes it bend around corners easily. Featuring air channel between cells to distribute air evenly through the material results in eliminating popped bubbles. FastWrap materials are available in... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Autobag 500 and Autobag 550 featuring AutoThread function.

Nov 12, 2016

Loading with adjustable 5” wide opening, Autobag 500 and 550 packages 100 bags per minute. Using Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll in 2” to 12” wide by 2.5" to 20“ long sizes. Autobag 550 has additional fully integrated AutoLabel imprinter to label the bags. Both machines are equipped with AutoThread function that aids faster changeovers of bag-on-a-roll materials with minimum wastage.... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Pillow Separator suits high-volume packing operations.

Oct 05, 2015

Designed to work with AirPouch Express 3™ Void-fill protective packaging system, AirPouch® Pillow Separator automatically dispenses correct amount of air pillows for accelerated packing. System includes operator-friendly HMI control panel to preset desired amount of pillows needed. System automatically counts and separates pillows which are inflated on demand. Running at speeds up to 200 fpm,... Read More

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Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger improves efficiency, throughput.

Oct 05, 2015

Ergonomically designed and inherently safe, Autobag® 850S™ runs mail bags up to 22 in. wide. Integrated bag opening technology creates pass-through up to 11 x 11 in., and loading area is wide open for accessibility. For safety, pressure sensors instantly pause closing and sealing process if anything touches bag loading mechanism. Other features include AutoTouch™ control screen, thermal... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Products & Equipment

Ergonomic Bag Packaging System enhances mail order fulfillment.

Mar 25, 2015

Able to run up to 22 in. wide mail bags, Autobag® 850S™ Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger features AutoTouch™ control screen, thermal transfer imprinter, and modular bag storage shelf. Bag opening technology grabs and securely grips bag in load-ready position, creating up to 11 x 11 in. pass through. Open loading area features pressure sensors that instantly pause closing and sealing process... Read More

Labels Tags Signage & Equipment

Stretch Sleeve Labels provide 360 degree print coverage.

Nov 11, 2014

Made of low-density polyethylene, AutoSleeve Labels are available in clear or white opaque films, both plain and printed in up to 10 colors. Products are manufactured in 2, 3, or 4 mil thicknesses and are 100% recyclable. Moisture-proof and capable of resisting degradation due to UV or extreme temperatures, stretch sleeves are held in place by natural elastic properties of polyethylene, requiring... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Products & Equipment

Bag Packaging Materials optimize retail shelf appeal.

Oct 01, 2013

Providing high-gloss finish for maximum brand impact, Autobag® and SidePouch® Bags meld 48 gauge polyester to clear or white LLDPE sealant layer that can be pre-printed in up to 10 colors. Lamination protects printing between layers of film, guarding it from abrasion. For clarity in fresh produce applications, SidePouch Anti-Fog low-density polyethylene film features additive that minimizes... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Products & Equipment

Pre-Printed Stand-Up Pouches come in various sizes.

Sep 30, 2013

Stand-up Pouches, available for SidePouch® FAS SPrint Revolution™ Bagging System, come in sizes from 4–12 in. wide and 5–16.75 in. long. Gussets are 2–8 in. wide in 1 in. increments, and pouches can be pre-printed in up to 10 colors and are laminated for gloss, stiffness, and tear properties. Operating up to 900 ipm in semi- or fully-automatic mode, FAS SPrint Revolution does not... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Packaging Products & Equipment

Protective Wrapping Materials suit on-demand packaging.

Sep 30, 2013

Available for AirPouch® FastWrap™ protective packaging system, which produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand, 24 in. wide AirPouch FastWrap has channel-filled honeycomb design for wrapping and protecting extra-large products. AirPouch FastWrap Anti-Static bubble on demand protects products that may be harmed by static discharge, while AirPouch FastWrap HD film provides... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment, Test & Measuring Instruments

Scale and Bagger System is suited for fragile food packaging.

Nov 16, 2012

Designed for fixed-weight food packaging, FAS SPrint Revolution™ bagger presents horizontal row of bags ready for automatic loading from integrated Dataweigh™ TSDW-205W scale. System automatically calculates combination of products nearest to target weight. It then discharges products onto central conveyor and loads them into pre-opened SidePouch bag. Packaging up to 30 bags/min, system... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Protective Packaging System inflates materials at 65 ft/min.

Sep 28, 2011

AirPouch® FastWrap(TM) produces bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving, and block-and-brace applications. All-electric unit inflates packing materials at 65 linear fpm and employs dual-belt drive and seal flattening system to ensure wrinkle-free seal and optimal air retention. Intelligent design consistently manages heat, air pressure, and speed to produce seals that do not leak. In... Read More

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Protective Packaging Film is biodegradable.

Sep 28, 2011

Engineered using advanced polymer technologies, XD Blend provides thin, 0.95 mil material for use with AirPouch® Express(TM) 3 void-fill packaging system. Material comes pre-formed and fan-folded in box that contains nearly 5,000 ft of uninflated pillows, minimizing changeover times and storage space requirements. Part of EarthAware(TM) family of films, fully recyclable XD Blend contains... Read More

Green & Clean, Packaging Products & Equipment

Protective Wrapping System produces material on demand.

Nov 04, 2010

Designed to produce cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand, AirPouch® FastWrap(TM) minimizes storage requirements for bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material. Portable, benchtop unit produces wrap in 12 in. widths and continuous length with EZ-Tear(TM) perforations every 10 in. Tubes are available in 14 in. lengths and are 1¼ in. dia inflated. Operating in... Read More

Green & Clean, Materials & Material Processing, Packaging Products & Equipment

Biodegradable Coextruded Film suits mail order packaging.

Oct 07, 2009

EarthAware(TM) bag film material is 3-layer coextruded film that is manufactured with various resins, for sealing, strength, and security. Featuring flat white exterior finish, film is available in 2.5, 3.0, and 3.8 mil thicknesses. It can be produced as Autobag® preopened bags-on-roll and SidePouch® bags-in-box in range of sizes. Mailbags with film contain additive causing biodegradation in 9... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Packaging Products & Equipment

Bagging System suits high-speed food applications.

Oct 07, 2009

Offering packaging speeds up to 150 bags/min, SidePouch® FAS SPrint Revolution(TM) Bagging System presents conveyor of pre-opened bags that are ready for loading from 60 in. wide workspace. System operates in continuous, intermittent, or batch modes, and cycles on pre-set parameters or by using foot switch. Featuring stainless steel construction, system has 90° tilting load area,... Read More

Green & Clean, Packaging Products & Equipment

Void-Fill System has knifeless design.

Jun 23, 2009

AirPouch® Express 3(TM) Void-Fill Systems are designed to run without knife, due to vertical perforating process used to manufacture preformed AirPouch pillows, maximizing length of time between maintenance cycles. Upgrade is also available for units currently installed. Portable, tabletop unit produces air pillow strips at speeds of 50 fpm and has 21 x 9 in. footprint. All electric design... Read More

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Void-fill Packing Film Materials are eco-friendly.

Nov 11, 2008

Designed for AirPouch void-fill packing systems, EarthAware(TM) Biodegradable Film consists of low-density polyethylene with additive that causes biodegradation in 9 months to 5 years, depending on exposure conditions. EarthAware Recycled Pillows are made entirely from recycled pre-consumer bags and film scrap. Available in green tint to indicate eco-friendly design, EarthAware films come... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Packaging Products & Equipment

Tabletop Bagging Systems feature all-electric design.

Nov 11, 2008

Suited for low- to medium-volume hand load operations, Autobag® PaceSetter(TM) PS 125 and PS 125 OneStep(TM) provide bagging speeds up to 25 bags/min and can operate in 3 cycling modes: Push-to-Seal(TM), foot switch, and fully automatic. Loaded bags are automatically heat sealed and new, pre-opened bag is indexed with each cycle. Rated for 200 dpi printing, PS 125 OneStep is suited for small to... Read More


Label Design Software is compatible with Microsoft Vista.

Sep 26, 2008

Supporting Datamax H-Class printer platform, AutoLabel(TM) Designer v8.10 Imprinter Label Design Software is optimized for multiple printer environments, allowing use of labels on different printers. With font conversion capabilities, software is offered in Silver and Gold version which provides expanded network functionality, SQL queries, and software tools including Visual Basic. Software is... Read More

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