Benchtop Machine inflates void-fill packing pillows.

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Featuring all-electric design that requires no compressed air, AirPouch(TM) Express 3 offers portable solution for producing strips of air pillows at rates exceeding 50 fpm. Unit weighs 35 lb, has 20 x 12 in. footprint, and can produce individual 8 x 10 in. or 8 x 12 in. pillows made of DuraClear(TM) polyethylene. While EZ-Tear(TM) perforations facilitate separation of pillows for efficient packing, material itself is puncture-resistant and sealed against air leaks.

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Automated Packaging Systems' New, Larger AirPouch(TM) Void-Fill Pillow Sizes Offer Lower Cost per Cubic Foot

STREETSBORO, Ohio, Feb. 1 -- Automated Packaging Systems' AirPouch(TM) Division has introduced new larger air pillow sizes for its Express 3 Void-Fill System. This new line of materials can produce individual pillows up to 12 inches long.

The AirPouch Express 3 is a portable, benchtop unit that produces strips of air pillows at more than 50 feet per minute. Unique EZ-Tear(TM) perforations ensure quick and easy separation of the pillows for fast, clean and efficient packing.

The new, larger 8 x 10 inch and 8 x 12 inch pillow sizes offer higher yields, lower costs, and longer run-time between changeovers. A box with 3000 linear feet can be inflated up to 300 cubic feet of void fill material. "Larger packing operations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. These new larger sizes can yield almost twice the volume of smaller pillow sizes," says Matt Lerner, Executive Vice President for AirPouch. "For example, twelve inch long pillows will cost about 40 percent less per cubic foot than four inch pillows," he added.

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Dan Fogg, AirPouch's Director of Operations, listed additional benefits. "The larger size pillows are now less expensive than alternative void-fill materials, such as peanuts and paper. Also, most end users prefer pillows over peanuts and paper because they are easier to dispose of, and since air pillows weigh less, they lower shipping costs. Plus, they save precious natural resources because the larger pillows use less poly per cubic foot of fill."

The AirPouch Express 3 pillow material is DuraClear(TM) polyethylene, which is stronger than most other LDPE materials and comes fan-folded in convenient sized boxes that contain 50-100 percent more material than most rolls. This results in longer run times, less changeovers, and increased yield. The DuraClear material is very puncture resistant and the unique AirPouch sealing process prevents air leaks often found in other systems. The amount of air per pillow is adjustable for optimum packing conditions. Air pillows offer many advantages over traditional packing materials because they are cleaner, lighter, more user-friendly, and they do not hide the product inside the box.

The AirPouch Express 3 weighs 35 pounds and has a footprint of 20" x 12", making it one of the most lightweight and compact packing systems on the market. This desktop unit is quiet and its all electric design requires no compressed air.

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Automated Packaging Systems is a world leader in high-reliability packaging systems and has been designing and manufacturing original Autobag(R), SidePouch(TM) and AirPouch(TM) systems and products for more than 40 years. With more than 25,000 packaging systems in operation and a national service organization, Automated Packaging Systems delivers a total systems approach for ultimate customer satisfaction. Many years ago, some of our customers began using our baggers to create void-fill. The AirPouch product line was a natural extension from this idea.

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