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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Current Probes measure AC/DC currents up to 500 Arms.

Utilizing hybrid technology that combines Hall effect sensor and AC current transformer, N2780A Series accurately capture transient or steady-state currents in power electronics applications. Units can measure currents without breaking into circuit. In conjunction with optional Agilent N2779A power supply, current probes operate with any oscilloscope featuring high-impedance BNC output.

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Power Analyzer performs complex tasks without programming.

Providing insight into DUT power consumption within as little as 5 min and without requiring user to write single line of code, N6705A combines up to 4 dc power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, and datalogger. Integrated instrument makes all dc sourcing and measuring functions available from front panel and offers color-coded connections and controls, It features output...

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Test & Measurement

Manufacturing Test System suits high-volume environments.

Optimized for WiMAX Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) and PC card manufacturers, MXZ-1000 calibration and tuning solution supports fixed and mobile last mile broadband wireless access systems using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. Solution offers Beceem's BCS120 chipset library and incorporates MXA Signal Analyzer, MXG Signal Generator, and interface unit into one product with...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Modular DC Power Supply System suits ATE applications.

LXI-compliant N6700 gives test system integrators flexibility to optimize performance and power to meet test needs. Modules N6753A and N6754A, together with 20 modules already offered, comprise family ranging in power from 50-300 W at 3 performance levels. Any of 22 modules can be combined in any of 3 MPS mainframes to create 1U-high DC power system of 1-4 outputs. Features include autoranging...

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Packaging Products & Equipment

Vacuum Packaging Services protect IR imaging cameras.

Designed to support customers producing IR imaging cameras, vacuum packaging service offerings include support of low-volume prototypes utilizing packages with ports and high-volume assemblies employing vacuum reflow sealing. All packaging solutions maintain low mTorr levels. Vacuum package design requires analysis of housing and window sealing technologies as well as internal material...

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Software centralizes and manages open source software code.

Powered by wiki engine, Open Source Management System resolves security, compliance, legal, and architectural concerns around usage of open source by centralizing distributions, providing platform for sharing information and enforcing policies, and delivering continuous updates on potential risk areas. By providing common solution for all stakeholders across enterprise, OSMS helps companies...

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Service provides network security and email protection.

Targeting SMBs, Perimeter Email Protection provides email security, filtering, and delivery back-up for businesses that own and manage on-premise email servers. In addition to validating users, PEP Filtering scans every incoming message for spam and viruses and ensures that only clean, valid email is sent to email servers for delivery. Delivery back-up service insures that company never misses...

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Services provide remote PC tech support.

Available at OfficeMax stores and online, ctrlcenter(TM) offers small businesses, home office workers, and other PC users 24/7 remote alternative to physical visits. Services include Set-Up for new PCs, wireless networks, peripherals, and software; Fit-It services such as PC Restoration and General Technology Help Session to restore performance; and Protect-It services including PC Guardian and...

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Software helps optimize construction fleet productivity.

Designed to help manage construction equipment and operations, Internet-based Trimble Construction Manager v1.9 includes charts and dashboard view that allows users to visualize critical operational information for their construction fleet. Utilization report aids in identifying which equipment is under or excessively utilized, while maintenance alert contacts users via email or SMS to mobile...

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