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Protocol Stack lets non-J1939 devices use J1939 link.

Offered as complete software package for building J1939-based devices and systems, J1939 Protocol Stack features revised J1939-21 Data Link Layer that includes provision for Extended Data Page bit in 29-bit header. This allows non-J1939 devices to use J1939 link, recognize bit setting, and filter out non-J1939 messages. J1939 Transport Layer is modified to avoid issues in BAM message handling.

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Mobile Computer is designed for hazardous environments.

Suited for chemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, grain, textile, and mining industries, intrinsically safe CK32IS carries global hazardous environmental ratings (ATEX, IEC, UL)and meets requirements for flammable gases, vapors, and liquids as well as dust, fibers, and flyings. RoHS-compliant, handheld unit is based on Windows MobileÂ-® v5.0 and features Intel(TM) XScale(TM) PXA270 processor....

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Portable FT-IR System is offered with multiple options.

Along with collimated entrance and exit ports, VIR-9000 series integrates hermetically sealed interferometer, DLATGS detector, high intensity source, KRS-5 windows, and automatic alignment. Three models are available: general-purpose VIR-9400; VIR-9500, which provides 0.5cm-1 max resolution; and VIR-9600, which comprises NIR configuration. Each incorporates cross-platform software suite, Spectra...

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Carpet Cleaning Brush features stainless steel glide plate.
Cleaning Products & Equipment

Carpet Cleaning Brush features stainless steel glide plate.

Manufactured for commercial and in-home use, SpinSafe(TM) Carpet Brush features smooth stainless steel plate that can be adjusted as bristles wear or for use on various naps. Impervious to water and chemicals, plate allows brush to glide over carpet and does not require break-in process. Stainless steel design dissipates heat built-up and will not melt, fade, or overheat. Offered in 15 or 18 in.,...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Current Transducers integrate primary conductor.

Operating from +5 V power supply, surface-mount Model HMS combines ASIC with open-loop, Hall-effect technology. It comes in 4 models to cover nominal ac, dc, pulsed, and mixed isolated current measurement of 5, 10, 15, or 20 ARMS, up to 50 kHz. Internal reference voltage of 2.5 V is provided on separate pin or can be forced by external reference for reference thermal drift cancellation. Measuring...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Crawler Dozer promotes operator comfort for extended use.

Available in 4 track configurations and 4 blade configurations, TD-15M Extra is powered by electronic, Tier III-certified Cummins engine that delivers 190 net hp (142 kW) and max torque of 745 lb-ft. Air intake grid heater comes standard, and modular countershaft power shift transmission with electro-hydraulic controls allows operator to preset travel speed and auto-downshift. Ergonomically...

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Adhesives & Sealants

Placement and Bonding System covers range of processes.

Suited for R&D laboratories, universities, and pre-production environments, KADETT provides flexible and open platform for assembly and bonding of devices on variety of substrates. Semi-automatic machine performs accurate pick-and-place functions, and accurate alignment is achieved via vision system with 2 independent video microscopes and high-resolution (0.1 Â-µm) XY alignment stage....

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Oxygen Consumables optmize cut time for mild steel.

Featuring power level of 50 A, cutting consumables are designed to optimize edge quality and speed of HyPerformance PlasmaÂ-® systems when cutting mild steel with thickness between 22 gauge and 5/16 in. Consumables are available for HyPerformance Plasma HPR130 and HPR260 systems as well as HyDefinitionÂ-® HD3070 and HD4070 systems retrofitted with HyPerformance Plasma torch.

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