Aprima Medical Software, Inc

Modular Stander offers 32 options.

Customized to meet each client's medical needs, EasyStand-® Evolv(TM) provides support options that follow user from sitting to standing with less than 1 in. of shear. Options include 4 backs, hip supports, lateral supports, chest straps, chest vests, and head support. Back Angle Adjustment Wheel enables accurate positioning of back angle, while Independent Roho-® Kneepads relieve pressure on...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Ruggedized Computer has sunlight-viewable display.

Available with solid-state or rotating hard drives, GX Magnum is powered by 1 GHz Via processor and features 512 MB DRAM, 10.4 in. display, and touchscreen. It is offered with local and wide area wireless options and provides soft shut-down button and LCD on/off switch. Computer is designed for public safety, EMS, mining, farming, marine, and construction industries and other environments...

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Test & Measurement

Process Gas Chromatograph has field-mountable design.

To permit measurement of trace hydrocarbons at parts-per-billion concentrations, explosion-proof Rosemount Analytical Model 700 employs micro-flame ionization detector (-µFID) with detector pre-amplifier/electrometer board. Micropacked methanator permits measurement of trace CO and CO2 in ethylene, propylene, and other polymer-grade chemicals. Other features include Flame Photometric Detector...

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Optics & Photonics

CCD Camera operates at frame rates to 90 fps.

Operating at its maximum rate with 640 x 480 resolution, EC650 incorporates CCD sensor, firewire interface (IEEE-1394), and Sony's HAD (hole accumulation diode) technology. Snapshot shutter enables camera to capture full-frame, stop-action images without mechanical shutter. Monochrome and color models are available for use in industries such as factory automation, industrial inspection, computer...

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Network Communication Software does not require server.

In addition to instant messaging capabilities, Network Assistant v4.1 real-time communication utility for office environment, offers channel-based chat, file exchange/sharing with option to resume transfers, whiteboard, messageboard, and remote PC control/monitoring options. It does not require Internet connection and supports IP Multicast technology that allows traffic-friendly group messages....

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Software monitors serial ports.

Designed for Windows OS, Serial Monitor completely supports PnP and virtual serial devices with hot-plug and hot-unplug functionality, and lets users log and analyze all activity that occurs with devices using serial ports. Program puts filter driver upon serial device driver of Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 server operating system, letting user track data that is transferred. Data can be logged,...

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Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment

Dissolution Tester complies with pharmacopeia methods.

Fully automated DT-810 tests dissolution of up to 8 samples with paddle or rotating basket method. Circular design provides uniform water temperature and utilizes round heating element, while Direct-Center(TM) automatic centering mechanism provides hands-free positioning of dissolution vessels and drive shafts. All components can be controlled via PC using graphic interface. Tester can be...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Junction Box has pre-mounted swing ears for attachment.

Used on walls up to -¾ in. thick, Steel City-® 4 in. Square Old Work Box with Swing Ears enables contractor to secure installation by turning swing ears upward to grip backing of existing sheetrock or drywall. Swing ears are pre-mounted to box, eliminating need for on-site assembly while allowing secure installation. Swing ear mechanism turns with pan-head self-tapping screws on mechanism that...

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Dispenser offers manual and semi-automatic work modes.

Electromechanically operated Loctite-® Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser uses pressure from mechanical rotor to move single-component adhesives or solvents with viscosities up to 5,000 cPs. Able to transfer adhesives directly from bottle to handheld dispense valve, volumetric dispense system suits applications that require dot to dot or continuous bead repeatability. System uses air-free dispensing...

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Electronic Components & Devices

Digital Attenuator has 15.5 dB attenuation range.

Suited for applications that require monotonic performance, RoHS-compliant MAATSS0022 is 400-2,500 MHz, 5-Bit serial controlled attenuator housed in lead-free MSOP-10 package. This 0.5 dB step GaAs MMIC digital attenuator requires external dc blocking capacitors on RF ports, single positive supply voltage, and 5 individual bit control voltages. It is fabricated using GaAs 1.0 micron process,...

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