GEDA rising high in Denmark

SST HEJS relying on GEDA GmbH lift systems for two construction sites in Denmark

GEDA GmbH, a German construction and industrial lift manufacturer, is making its presence known on two construction sites in Denmark with a GEDA Multilift P22 Premium and four GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms. While the GEDA Multilift P22 Premium has been deployed at the Herlev Bymidte shopping centre, the four transport platforms are being used to build a new school in Copenhagen.

Denmark’s construction sites
The existing Herlev Bymidte shopping centre in a suburb of Copenhagen is pursuing a comprehensive residential approach. With a supermarket and shops as well as 135 rental apartments measuring between 50 and 130 square metres in size, the building has plenty to offer to its residents. By the end of the year, it is to be renovated and expanded to include additional space. The aim of the residential concept is to combine all the activities of a city in one place. From a town hall to shops and from gym to living space, everything is to come together in one place. That’s where the GEDA Multilift P22 Premium comes into play. It simplifies day-to-day operations for the workers and optimises the processes on the construction site by quickly transporting materials and the workers themselves.

The second construction site is located directly in Copenhagen at the new Arenakvarterets Skole, one of the most extensive schools in Denmark. The building includes the community school, sports grounds, recreational facilities and a large communal space. The school is set to open at the end of this year. The four GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms are helping to support work on the construction site and make life easier for everyone involved.

The GEDA Multilift P22 at the multifunctional Herlev Bymidte shopping centre
In Herlev, a suburb of Copenhagen, the premium version of the GEDA Multilift P22 is transporting people and materials up to a height of 50 metres. At the Herlev Bymidte shopping centre, the system featuring intelligent call control serves eleven floors, which are equipped with GEDA Comfort landing safety gates. The maximum lift height is 200 metres at a speed of 54 m/min. As they are accessible from the platform, the electronic components can easily be maintained and make the GEDA Multilift P22 Premium an indispensable piece of equipment for an efficient construction site. Overall, it is an impressive system, which is easy to set up thanks to its compact, pre-installed base unit and installation without a separate base. The great advantage of this is that the unit can simply be taken straight off the transport vehicle and assembled. The base unit comprises the car, the guardrails, the flat cable bin and the drive. The GEDA Multilift P22 Premium is also a real powerhouse and can lift up to 2,000 kg or 22 persons. This is incredibly useful for operations at the Herlev Bymidte shopping centre, as it allows work to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

One school – four transport platforms
On the construction site of the new Arenakvarterets Skole in Copenhagen, no fewer than four GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms fitted with platform C are in use, capable of transporting up to 1,500 kg. This is also the largest platform with the highest capacity of this model. The platform measures 3.2 m x 1.4 m and, despite the high load capacity of up to 1,500 kg or seven persons, runs on only one GEDA VARIO MAST.
At the school, two of these transport platforms are mounted on the ground and travel to a lifting height of nine metres, stopping at two floors. The other two units have been installed on the flat roof and serve four floors, with a lifting height of 18 metres. The GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platform can serve heights of up to 130 metres. The different platform versions with various speeds and load capacities offer the client maximum flexibility for the unique conditions on the construction site in question.
For even greater efficiency, the two units at the Danish school have been set up next to each other so that they can run simultaneously. This allows more to be transported at the same time, and work can be carried out more efficiently overall.

GEDA in Denmark
GEDA GmbH and SST HEJS ( have worked closely together for many years.
They have previously worked on various projects in Denmark, and the business relationship between the partners was stepped up again in 2018. Since then, SST HEJS and GEDA have been jointly involved in further exciting projects in the country. We would like to thank our sales partner SST HEJS for the successful collaboration and are looking forward to many more great projects in the future.

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