New Multipurpose Hose Sprayer Features Plug-And-Play Design with Any Garden Hose

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  • Maximum temperature of 110 degrees that allows users to change their water temperature instantly to accommodate all their washing needs
  • Offers 4 spray patterns (cone, flat, jet and shower) that change by simply turning a dial
  • Features comfortable, ergonomic grip and a trigger lock to make cleaning a breeze

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RheemLabs Introduces HotWaveâ„¢, The Multipurpose Hose Sprayer That Never Runs Out of Hot Water

Built with Tankless Water Heating Technology, Users Can Access Endless Hot Water Outdoors to Clean Their Homes, Patios, Vehicles, Etc.; Indiegogo Campaign Launches to Fund Product's Final Development

Atlanta, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Rheem, a leading global water heating and HVAC company, today introduced HotWave, the multipurpose hose sprayer that never runs out of hot water. Using tankless water heating technology to provide endless hot water outdoors - whenever, wherever, HotWave makes cleaning dirt and grime easier to help save users time and effort when washing their homes, patios, vehicles, pets, and a variety of other items. The Indiegogo Campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $50,000 USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $89 USD, as well as several other rewards for backers.

HotWave is no ordinary hose sprayer. It's plug-and-play design easily attaches and works with any garden hose. By incorporating tankless water heating technology, HotWave allows users to heat and access water from a single source. For users, this means eliminating the need to go indoors to get hot water outdoors. With a maximum temperature of 110 degrees, HotWave allows users to change their water temperature instantly to accommodate all their washing needs.

HotWave's multipurpose design features 4 spray patterns (Cone, Flat, Jet and Shower) that users can quickly and easily change by simply turning a dial. Each pattern offers a unique water pressure and the ability to use cool, warm, or hot settings. This allows users to customize the spray for any and all of their personal needs. Because of this, HotWave makes cleaning dirt and grime easier, faster and more effective, saving time and effort when washing homes, patios, vehicles, and a variety of other items. Furthermore, it features a comfortable, ergonomic grip and easy-to-use trigger lock to make cleaning a breeze.

"Hot water has faster moving molecules than cold, and that increased speed and energy makes cleaning easier and more effective," said Andy Zortman, innovation manager, Rheem. "With HotWave and its tankless water heating technology, the applications are endless - cleaning a home's exterior, hosing down outdoor equipment, washing vehicles, bathing pets, showering while camping, and more."

Because it's made by Rheem, an industry leader in water heating and HVAC, users can feel confident about the product's reliability and safety. HotWave was designed to the highest electrical standards, and its durable construction has been tested for tough, intensive use.

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