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Test & Measurement

Test Station covers all ranges of spectral calibration.

Spectral Test Station provides 100 mm dia collimated and wavelength variable monochromatic light beam to illuminate, spectrally calibrate, and document radiometric sensitivity and response characteristics of spectral and hyper-spectral sensors. Featuring up to 4 snap-in, turret-mounted gratings, it delivers discrete bands of selected monochromatic light and/or scans selected spectral regions from...

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Packaging Products & Equipment

Pad Printing Inks meet medical industry requirements.

Designed for those who print on catheters and other medical devices, Class VI and Class I USP-certified inks adhere to various substrates and are certified for use with their corresponding hardeners and/or thinners. PLTF Black and PLT4 Black, Blue, and Yellow all pass required Biological Reactivity Tests for USP Plastic Class VI. Six colors of pad printing ink PLT4G - certified for specific...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Prototyping Platform aids software, device development.

Offered as software development and device prototyping platform, OMAP2430 Starter Kit (OSK) comes equipped with tools that let developers begin immediate wireless-/multimedia-based application development. It comes preloaded with Linux BSP, which supports range of modules and drivers - display, touch screen, keypad, NAND, audio, Ethernet, serial UART - and includes ITBOK (Is the Board OK)...

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Display & Presentation Equipment

Adjustable Stand combines scanner and printer.

Model SFP353 adjustable scanner stand enables IDEAL/Contex large format scanner to piggy-back over large format printer, transforming scanner and printer into single foot print solution for scan-to-print and quick copy applications. Compatible with HP, Canon, and Epson printers, it adjusts from 32-53 in. high and can also be used as traditional standalone scanner stand.

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Optics & Photonics

Intelligent Surveillance Camera provides 360

FullSight IP 5 megapixel camera monitors whole scene continually through wide-angle lens. On-board video analytics are capable of initiating virtual camera that automatically tracks an object of interest. Camera can be used standalone via web browser or can be integrated into video surveillance system via network video recording software that lets users pan, tilt, and zoom recorded video with...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

ICs protect portable devices during battery charging.

Featuring input over-voltage threshold of 5.85 V, model bq24314 programmable battery charger front-end IC protects lithium battery when charger circuit fails due to fault condition and can report status of fault to host or application processor. Model bq24316 supports up to 6.8 V threshold. Both 2 x 2 mm safety circuits protect cell phones and other portable electronic devices from input...

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Microspectrophotometer is available with UV imaging system.

Suited for uses such as contamination analysis and pharmaceutical research, QDI 2010(TM) with QDI ImageUV(TM) imaging system lets microscopy and microspectroscopy users acquire images and spectra in UV, visible, and NIR regions of micron-scale samples. QDI ImageUV(TM) combines hardware, optics, and software to enable user to control number of digital imaging sources from single software package....

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Software automates enterprise reference data management.

Financial Data Enterprise facilitates end-to-end acquisition, management, and distribution of reference data for financial institutions. Acting as transformation and enrichment hub, solution consolidates disparate data sources leveraging its intelligent and dynamic metadata layer and delivers data to end users, systems, and value-chain participants. Abilities include processing of corporate...

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Test & Measurement

GPS Devices track indoor, outdoor, or hidden assets.

Able to determine their location without direct line of sight to satellite, AnyTrack GPS-100 and GPS-130 transmit location data in real-time to deliver point-to-point shipment visibility. AnyTrack GPS-130 combines 2.65 oz AnyTrack GPS-100 and rechargeable battery pack in magnetic, impact-resistant case. Measuring 2.36 x 1.85 x 0.8 in., AnyTrack GPS-100 can be removed from case and used to track...

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