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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Hot Foil Embossing - Infrared Increases Running-Speed

Carbon Infrared emitters increase running-speed A carbon medium wave infrared system is helping API Foils Ltd to achieve greater line running speeds and better heating control in the hot embossing of holographic foils. API Foils is a worldwide group which produces an extensive range of stamping foils used on a wide variety of products from stationery to wine labels and from flexible food...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Engine-Driven Welder offers multi-process capabilities.

Offered in compact case, Vantage 500 PerkinsÂ-® is powered by 4-cylinder, 1,800 rpm turbo-charged diesel engine that meets EPA Tier 4i standards. Unit offers stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored, and arc gouging mode, and can produce up to 12,000 W of continuous 1-phase ac generator power for common construction tools, while simultaneously welding at up to 250 A. With 20 gal fuel tank, unit offers 9...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Wire Feeder features voltage control knob for arc control.

With digital meters for monitoring as well as MIG-STTÂ-® capabilities, dual power LN(TM)-25 PRO can be powered by either control cable or across arc cable, which allows operator to adjust voltage and wire feed speed remotely. It features heavy-duty spindle design with adjustable brake, and MAXTRACÂ-® Wire Drive system with tool-less wire guides that eliminate birdnesting and set-up...

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Electronic Components & Devices

Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems feature modular design.

Designed for use in heavy duty transit applications, UL Series has chassis design that utilizes lightweight recyclable materials for reduced fuel consumption, overall weight reduction, and reduced noise emission. UL500, 700, 800, 900 operate with heavy duty transit type compressor, while UL500 is also available with hermetic compressor for use on electric/hybrid vehicles. All models work with...

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SMD Planar Transformer promotes output winding flexibility.
Electrical Equipment & Systems

SMD Planar Transformer promotes output winding flexibility.

With footprint of 35 x 25 mm and profile under 10 mm, planar transformer component designed for battery input voltage (24-48 Vdc) handles power up to 200 W with natural cooling and 240 W with heatsink. It has switching frequency range of 100-300 kHz, efficiency of up to 99%, and leakage inductance of less than 300 nH. PCB layout design allows different input and output possibilities as well as...

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Software helps businesses comply with duty legislation.

Duty Management 2009.1 International Trade and Customs solution lets companies delay payment of all Customs duties and VAT until latest possible time. Replacing existing paper forms, solution specifically enables users to comply with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) initiative to implement electronic Alcohol and Tobacco Warehouse Declarations. It also lets users hold Authorized Economic Operator...

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