SMD Planar Transformer promotes output winding flexibility.

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With footprint of 35 x 25 mm and profile under 10 mm, planar transformer component designed for battery input voltage (24-48 Vdc) handles power up to 200 W with natural cooling and 240 W with heatsink. It has switching frequency range of 100-300 kHz, efficiency of up to 99%, and leakage inductance of less than 300 nH. PCB layout design allows different input and output possibilities as well as topologies, consisting in parallel or series connection of output windings.

Original Press Release:

Planar Tecnology Finally Overcomes Conventional Wirewound Costs


Planar transformers have been used more and more in the market as a high efficiency low profile transformer solution in DC/DC high frequency converters in many sectors such as telecommunications, medical equipments, automotive, industrial, avionics, etc., presenting many advantages versus standard technology: reduced size, high power handling, low losses, high reliability, low leakage inductance, high repeatitivity,; and its only drawback was its higher cost compared with standard technology.

Premo has developed a high performance planar transformer component, presenting all the advantages of the planar technology at lower price than the standard equivalent power transformer. It is designed for battery input voltage (24-48 Vdc) and handles power up to 240 W. Switching frequency is defined between 100-300 kHz.

Premo has launched a promotion of the first 10.000 units at 0.60 Eur, much lower cost (45%) than equivalent conventional transformer.

Key characteristics:

- Compact size (35x25mm)
- Low profile (< 10mm height)
- High efficiency up to 99%
- Low leakage inductance (< 300nH)
- Easier cooling (easy to attach a thermal pad on the core)
- High power handling (200 W with natural cooling and 240 W with heatsink)
- Designed with multilayer high Tg PCB
- Low DC and AC winding resistance
- High operating temperature (-40ºC to 105ºC)
- SMD mounting with gull-wing pins avoiding soldering shadows
- High resistance to extreme Pb-free reflow soldering profiles
- According to EN-60950 safety standard

Premo has developed a special PCB layout design in order to allow different inputs (18-72 Vdc) and outputs possibilities (5-30 Vdc) as well as topologies (Forward, Push-Pull, Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge), consisting in parallel or series connection of the output windings. It also includes a 2 turns auxiliary winding to supply PWM controller.

Electrical parameters

1. Inductance (4 Turns) = 75µH ± 30%
(Measured at 100kHz, 100mVac, 25ºC)

2. Leakage Inductance (Pins 2-4, all others shortcircuited) = 300nH max
(Measured at 100kHz, 100mVac, 25°C)

3. Winding DC Resistance

4. DC Resistance (4 Turns) = 11 mΩ max
DC Resistance Aux (2 Turns) = 500 mΩ max
(Measured at 25ºC)

5. Dielectric Strength (All windings to all windings) = 707 Vdc
Dielectric Strangth (Windings to Core) = 707 Vdc
(Time = 2'', max breakdown current = 5mA, 25°C)

6. Operating temperature: From -40°C to 105 °C

7. Storage temperature: From -40°C to 155°C

Premo Group, with more than 45 years of experience, is the first Spanish manufacturer of inductive components, one of three major Spanish exporters of electronics components and the worldwide leader in low frequency RFID antennas. The company takes an active part in the main European, NAFTA (US, Canada, Mexico) and Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea) markets, with exportation of up to 70% of its turnover. Premo employs more than 500 people in the world, including 40 engineers dedicated to R&D.

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