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Time-Temperature Indicator monitors seafood products.

May 18, 2016

With FlashLink Mini Electronic TTI, seafood shippers and receivers can monitor temperature of fresh refrigerated and vacuum packed products during transport and storage. Single-use device has pre-configured threshold of 41°F and is set to trigger alarm if accumulative temperature abuse occurs above this threshold for 4 hours or more. Providing immediate pass or fail indication from flashing green or red LED, indicator helps ensure FSMA, FDA, and HACCP compliance. Read More

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Small Business Braves the Exclusive World of Military Timing and Counting Instrumentation

May 17, 2016

A small business located in Peekskill, NY is now bucking the trend and is the only small business manufacturing Elapse Timer Indicators (ETI) and their close cousins, Event Counters and Pulse Counters based on MIL-DTL-7793. Until now the niche market for these devices has been dominated by big business and defense conglomerates. Solid State ETI’s are widely used on aircraft with Auxiliary... Read More

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Vaisala Signs Contract to Deliver Sounding Systems

September 8, 2015

Vaisala has signed a contract with its customer in Asia Pacific to deliver sounding systems which will be integrated into customer's meteorological system for decision support. Deliveries will start late 2015 and will be completed during 2016. The value of the deal is five million euros. The contract includes delivery of Vaisala sounding systems, which provide atmospheric profiles for... Read More

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ThermoTrace TTI Time-Temperature Indicator Selected as Finalist for 2015 R&D 100 Award

August 4, 2015

Pleasanton, California, – DeltaTrak® Inc., a leading innovator of cold chain, food safety and environmental monitoring solutions, is honored to announce that its ThermoTrace TTI Time-Temperature Indicator Label has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 RD 100 Awards in the Process/Prototyping category for supply chain management and operations. A panel of independent judges and editors... Read More

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Temperature Dataloggers Help Preserve Product Freshness

May 14, 2015

HOBO Loggers Monitor Warehouse Temp Humidity 24/7 CHESTERLAND OH – Recently a manufacturer of vitamins and mineral supplements deployed several Onset HOBO® temperature and humidity loggers in their climate-controlled warehouse to monitor seasonal temperature fluctuations and optimize product freshness. To comply with strict FDA quality regulations and to meet its own internal PQ... Read More

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Portable Hygrometer offers spot check measurements to -58°F.

March 31, 2015

Housed in rugged NEMA 6 polypropylene enclosure with carrying handle, Easidew Plus Portable measures dew point in compressed air and other gases over measurement range of -58 to +68°F, at pressures up to 4,350 psig. Unit provides T95 response to -31°F in less than 10 minutes and offers measurement accuracy of ±3.6°F. Operating up to 16 hr on rechargeable NiMH battery pack, hygrometer includes integral stainless steel sampling system with particulate filter and sample tubing. Read More

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Onset Temperature Loggers Track Energy Efficiency in Green Construction Study

February 17, 2015

BOURNE, MA, – Onset, a world leader in data loggers, today announced that Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) is using Onset HOBO® UX100 temperature/relative humidity data loggers in a green construction project designed to train students in energy auditing, combustion testing, and retrofitting existing homes to make them more energy efficient. The project, which is part of... Read More

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In-Duct Digital Psychrometer calculates enthalpy.

December 17, 2014

Intended for HVACR technicians, Model EP8711P can measure/calculate ambient temperature, RH, dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, and enthalpy. Instrument is designed for in-duct measurements upstream and downstream of evaporator unit to determine HVACR system’s efficiency. In addition to 6 in. sensor-tipped probe with linear insertion markings and adjustable rubber bushing, portable unit includes 4-digit 1.5 in. LCD, protective probe cap, and belt clip. Read More

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Handheld Vane Anemometer/Psychrometer offers 8-in-1 functionality.

December 10, 2014

With form factor that supports one-handed operation, DAF3009 can measure all parameters associated with installing, testing, and fine-tuning performance of HVACR system: airflow volume (CFM or CMM), air speed (fpm, m/sec, km/hr, mph, or knots), enthalpy (BTU/lb or kJ/kg), ambient/dew point/wet bulb temperatures, wind chill index, and RH. Features include Auto Power Off function; backlit, dual-readout LCD; vane and sensor cap; and tripod mount. Read More

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Temperature Scanner Indicator monitors up to 32 channels.

October 21, 2014

Designed for continuous monitoring, microprocessor-based model PMD-MXT series accepts inputs from up to 32 thermocouple or RTD sensors. Rows of LED annunciators warn of specific channel alarm conditions, and 14 mm tall digit, red LED display may be read from distance. Along with 2 user-selectable HI/LO, HI/HI, or LO/LO alarm set points configurable via front panel pushbuttons, features include auto or manual scanning, adjustable auto scan rate, and field-selectable °C or °F units. Read More

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General Tools & Instruments Honored with Two Dealer Design Awards

July 30, 2014

One Product Takes Silver; One Takes Bronze (New York, NY) Two new products from General Tools Instruments (General®) have received 2014 Dealer Design Awards for excellence in HVACR product design. General’s 6-in-1 Psychrometer with Enthalpy (EP8711P) received the Silver Award in the Testing & Monitoring Products category. The company’s PalmScope (DCS950) received the Bronze Award in the... Read More

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Humidity/Temperature Transmitter uses field-replaceable sensors.

May 8, 2014

Supplied in wall-mounted, vented housing, Series RHP-E/N is available with optional integral LCD that indicates ambient temperature along with humidity or dew point. Remote display is also available for building balancing or LEED® validation. Humidity and dew point, measured using capacitive polymer sensor that completely recovers from 100% saturation, can have current or voltage output, while optional temperature output can be current, voltage, RTD, or thermistor. Read More

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TQC Dewpoint Calculator

April 9, 2014

Simple calculator for determining the dew point and relative humidity using the measurements carried out with a sling psychrometer (measured in the wet / dry bulb principle) or an electronic temperature and relative humidity meter. DETERMINATION OF VALUES 1. If a Sling Psychrometer, so called wet- dry bulb temperature is being used. Determine the dew point by putting the dry bulb... Read More

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Digital RTD Meter features FM approval.

March 18, 2014

Designed for hazardous locations where accurate temperature monitoring is critical, DST500-FM features fixed stem probe, which is available in 304 SS or 316 SS with straight or 90° back, left, or right angle connection. Thermometer has NEMA 4X-rated housing and 1 in. 4-digit LCD that is readable from 30 ft. With temperature range of -328 to 1472°F, 4-wire RTD provides total system accuracy of ±0.3°F for temperatures <300°F and ±0.25% for temperatures >300°F over 1-year period. Read More

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In-Transit Temperature Recorders feature vented case.

November 20, 2013

Available in 5- to 90-day transit periods, Series 16000 generates permanent record of transit conditions on 36 in. strip chart. Single use units feature vented case for optimum air circulation and accurate temperature responses, as well as view port that allows operator to visually confirm activation after startup tab has been pulled. With serial numbers for traceability documentation, recorders are suited for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive commodities. Read More

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Smart Temperature Alarming for Fresh Seafood

August 23, 2013

CAS DataLoggers Delivers an Affordable Solution CHESTERLAND OH – CAS DataLoggers has supplied the temperature alarm solution for a fish market selling fresh catches of fish and shellfish as well as sashimi and sushi rolled onsite. Strict temperature control is the most effective way to slow bacterial growth and maintain seafood quality. All the fresh seafood in each display case has to be... Read More

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Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers Prove Results

August 15, 2013

CAS DataLoggers Helps a Local Business Protect Heirloom Pianos CHESTERLAND OH – Application Overview: CAS DataLoggers has recently provided the datalogging business solution to Jim and Mary Kelly of Fur Elise Piano Service, Pawleys Island, SC serving Georgetown and Horry Counties, just south of Myrtle Beach. Fur Elise (www.FurElisePiano.com)... Read More

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Reusable Data Logger monitors temperature of vaccines.

August 12, 2013

Supplied with Certification traceable to NIST, FlashLink USB Data Logger with Glycol Bottle monitors temperature of vaccines stored in refrigerators and freezers. Unit provides detachable external temperature sensor in sealed 5 mL glycol bottle for accurate reading of liquid temperatures. Compatible with FDA, CDC, and WHO guidelines, logger can be customized for different logging intervals and with high/low alarms. Temperature data can be downloaded via USB connection. Read More

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Temperature Controller delivers finely tuned accuracy.

July 17, 2013

Pro Series provides 2 PID sets, enabling user to tune for accurate control for range of set points or various products with different thermal characteristics. Each unit offers 6 outputs, and up to 4 digital inputs are available as well as built-in profiler. This lets users better control processes with varied setpoints and stages. Special key can be customized with frequently used functions, making them available via one keystroke to negate lengthy programming and set up wizards. Read More

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Noshok Announces New Digital Temperature Indicators

June 7, 2013

Berea, Ohio - NOSHOK has added new 820/821 Series Digital Temperature Indicators to our Temperature Measurement Solutions offering, backed by a 3-year warranty. These temperature indicators are an ideal replacement for bimetal, liquid bulb and glass thermometers in applications including pharmaceutical, food preparation, utilities and municipal, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants,... Read More