Handheld Unit measures 8 physical quantities.

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OMNIPORT 20 utilizes pluggable sensing probes that facilitate configuration of unit for various applications and measuring ranges. Measurable HVAC and process parameters include relative humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, air velocity, water activity in oil, and water content in oil. Along with backlit display, product features thumbwheel navigation and is suited for use in harsh industrial environments.

Original Press Release:

Maximum Flexibility with OMNIPORT 20 from E+E Elektronik

1 Handheld - 8 Physical Quantities

Eight physical quantities can be accurately measured with only one handheld unit OMNIPORT 20 from E+E Elektronik. The pluggable sensing probes allow easy configuration of the OMNIPORT handheld for various applications and measuring ranges.

With its range of sensing probes OMNIPORT 20 measures following HVAC and process parameters :
- relative humidity (RH)
- temperature (T)
- dew point temperature (Td)
- absolute humidity (dv)
- mixing ratio (r)
- air velocity (v)
- water activity in oil (aw)
- water content in oil (x)

The large display with back light and the robust housing allows the use of OMNIPORT also in harsh industrial environment. The thumbwheel navigation with easy to use menus as well as the calibration procedure stand for easy and user friendly operation.

A carrying case is available for an OMNIPORT display unit, up to 5 sensing probes and a calibration kit for relative humidity.

Further Information:
E+E Elektronik GmbH
Ing. Werner Hentscholek
Langwiesen 7
A-4209 Engerwitzdorf
Ph.: +43 - 7235-605-0
F: +43 - 7235-605-8

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