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Smart Tester identifies opens, shorts, and arc faults.

February 4, 2016

Running on power from circuit until circuit breaker trips, TFT100 Fault Trapper™ detects type of fault, timestamps when fault happens, and locates position of electrical event that caused intermittent/persistent circuit breaker trips and No Fault Found conditions. Tester provides in-line monitoring of dedicated circuits up to 300 Vac and 40 A, and allows unattended monitoring to identify electrical events. Using back-up battery, tester enables unpowered display of results. Read More

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In-Line Conductivity Sensor withstands boiler environments.

December 28, 2015

Designed for use in industrial boilers, CS875 Series provides conductivity measurements at saturated steam conditions up to 600 psig and temperatures up to 486°F without cooling of process sample. Sensor enables continuous automatic blowdown control, which minimizes corrosion and scaling. Models with and without ATC temperature element are available, and all feature 316 stainless steel body and measuring pin, PEEK insert, and Perfluoroelastomer O-rings. Read More

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AC Current Transducer monitors loads up to 800 A.

December 21, 2015

Combining current sensing element and signal conditioner in one package, loop-powered AT/ATR-MS Series features split-core design that allows for installation over existing conductors without disconnecting load even in applications with multiple conductors per phase. Transducer produces 4–20 mA output signal proportional to AC current, and factory calibration eliminates zero and span potentiometer adjustment. Design meets UL, CUL, and CE approvals. Read More

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Circuit Monitoring Sensors measure currents up to 160 A.

December 15, 2015

Measuring currents up to 160 A (AC and DC, TRMS), circuit monitoring system (CMS) sensors come in cable tie- and DIN rail-mount versions and can be installed in almost every environment with diverse products. Sensors help increase availability and energy efficiency of electrical plants and machinery. Capable of monitoring all branches to ensure system continuity, sensors can also perform rough cost allocations on branch level when used with controller. Read More

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Sensors aid college-level chemistry investigation.

October 29, 2015

With 600 nm filter, software, and downloadable experiments, tabletop Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer is used to demonstrate fundamental principles of chemical kinetics and photochemistry during experiments. Pressure Sensor 400, used to conduct physical and analytical chemistry experiments, measures absolute pressures from 0–400 kPa. Used to explore properties of conductivity, Platinum-Cell Conductivity Probe has 2-cell, glass-insulated platinum sensing element and epoxy body. Read More

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DC Current Transducer offers ambient temperature compensation.

October 20, 2015

Housed in split-core package so existing wiring remains undisturbed, DT Series features temperature range of -20 to +50°C and provides 333 mVdc, 5 or 10 Vdc output proportional to DC current. With microprocessor-based method of signal conditioning, sensor output is automatically adjusted as temperature changes. DT Series is suited for applications such as measuring photovoltaic output in panels producing less than 50 A or less than 100 A, as well as monitoring smaller DC motors. Read More

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Hall-effect Current Sensor targets HEV applications.

September 3, 2015

Optimized for very high fields that characterize hybrid and electric vehicle applications, IMC-Hall® MLX91208CAV can handle up to 1,000 A of primary current. AEC-Q100-qualified device employs integrated magnetic concentrator technology to accurately measure current without bulky external ferromagnetic cores. Housed in surface mount SOIC8 package, contactless sensor intrinsically delivers galvanic isolation mandated by high voltage applications, while eliminating additional sources of power loss. Read More

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Condition Monitor brings intelligence to shaft grounding.

August 13, 2015

Smart Ground Monitor provides instant feedback on performance of CDR® (Current Diverter Ring®) in diverting shaft currents away from bearings to ground. Designed for simplicity, interface alerts users in real-time when optimal contact between grounding brushes and shaft does not exist in order to prevent bearing failure. External ports facilitate safe oscilloscope readings, and condition monitoring system can be set up in stand-alone or auto mode for performance indication. Read More

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Conductivity Probe provides real-time, flow-through measurements.

August 12, 2015

Factory calibrated and completely sample independent, Model 1021 works with Model 2100 conductivity meter and can measure conductivity from 2.5 micro-Siemens/cm (10-6) to 25 femto-Siemens/cm (10-15). Unit can be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning in seconds without any change in calibration or cell constant, and portable design allows use on bench tops or in laboratory fume hood. Applications include monitoring liquid systems where conductivity is measured in flowing environment. Read More

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High Current Probe ensures reliable and repeatable testing.

August 7, 2015

To address critical parameters of high current testing, 150 A DC-rated HC500F features low resistance plungers, optimized base materials and plating, high-temperature spring design, and high-current tip geometry. Tip styles maximize surface contact and reduce arcing, while body geometries and materials minimize resistance. Areas of use include industrial test applications, including transportation, automotive, power grid, military, and PCB test applications. Read More

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Proximity Voltage Detector provides warning in work areas.

July 7, 2015

With 2 voltage range settings of 50 V to 4 kV and above, Model PRX-4 provides utility professionals, arborists, and first responders with safety tool that will alert them to potentially dangerous high voltage in work areas. Unit detects voltages around 3 in. at 50 V setting and 10 in. at 4 kV and above. Sealed to resist water penetration in typical outdoor environments, detector uses loud beeper and LED lights to indicate voltage. Battery recharges in 15 minutes to provide full day use. Read More

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Wireless DC Clamps save, share measurements directly from field.

June 25, 2015

With 64 mm jaw size, a3003 clamps around large, high current conductors and measures up to 2,000 A DC. Fostering accurate measurements without interrupting workflow, a3004 measures 4–20 mA signals without breaking loop and features detachable clamp with extension cable for measurements in tight locations. Both instruments record and store up to 65,000 measurements with logging feature and wirelessly send data to Fluke Connect®-enabled master units and Fluke Connect mobile app. Read More

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Temperature Controllers has UL listing and integrated design.

June 16, 2015

UL-Listed HALO® combines multiple sensor inputs, including process temperature, limit temperature, and current sensing, to allow monitoring of multiple heaters wired in parallel. Designed for use in remote locations that may pose limited accessibility issues for maintenance personnel, unit also offers Modbus RS-485 communications, DIO, hi/low alarm output, and ramp/soak temperature profiles. Plug-and-play operation is supported with SENTINEL® Gas and Pump Line heaters. Read More

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Current/Power Sensor has analog output and 2-wire digital bus.

June 11, 2015

Available in 3 x 3 mm VDFN package, PAC1921 consists of high-side current sensor with digital output and configurable analog output that can present power, current, or voltage over one output pin. All power-related output values are also simultaneously available over 2-Wire digital bus, which is compatible with I²C™. While 2-Wire bus maximizes data and diagnostic reporting, analog output minimizes data latency. Analog output can also be adjusted for use with 3, 2, 1.5, or 1 V MCU inputs. Read More

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Current Probes offer sensitivity down to 1 mA/div.

May 22, 2015

With 50 MHz Model CP030A and 100 MHz Model CP031A, users can measure currents from milliamps to peak current of 50 A. Small jaws, clamping onto conductors up to 5 mm in diameter, enable measurements in tight spaces. When used with 12-bit resolution HDO high definition oscilloscopes, users can obtain accurate, low-current waveforms for optimized debug and analysis capabilities. Probes connect directly to oscilloscopes through built-in front-panel ProBus interface.
Read More

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Current Probe provides sensitivity down to 1 mA/div.

April 16, 2015

Sensitivity of CP030A and CP031A probes, which feature respective bandwidths of 50 and 100 MHz, lets users measure current from mA range up to 30 Arms continuous and 50 A peak, all with same probe. Accommodating space restrictions on crowded boards, design includes jaws sized to probe currents in tight spaces while retaining ability to clamp onto up to 5 mm dia conductors. Both probes connect to oscilloscope via ProBus interface and do not require additional hardware. Read More

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Dual Channel TDR locates faults on metallic cables.

April 15, 2015

Designed to locate faults on all metallic cables, including twisted pair wires and coax cables, TDR2010 Time Domain Reflectometer features 800 x 400 pixel, backlit WVGA color LCD with user-definable tones. IP54-rated unit offers velocity factor of 0.20–0.99 and 5 output impedances of 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 Ω. TDR has minimum resolution of 0.1 m and max range of 20 km, depending on velocity factor and cable type. With trace tagging function, user can maintain records of circuit details. Read More

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AC Voltage Detectors measure up to 600 or 1,000 V.

April 13, 2015

With 50–600 Vac range, Sniff-It™ Jr. combines built-in headlight, audio alerts, and shock-resistant ABS housing. Unit features CAT III certification, providing protection for both product and user. Sniff-it™ 3 adds wider range of 25–1,000 Vac, both audio and visual alerts, adjustable sensitivity, and ABS housing with rubber grip. Read More

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Conductivity Meter utilizes remote sensor.

April 9, 2015

Comprising inductive sensing element and transmitter with integrated CombiView display, CombiLyz AFI5 offers 14 selectable measurement ranges from 500 µS/cm to 1,000 mS/cm, including conductivity, concentration, temperature, current output, switching states, and device status. Sensing element and transmitter can be installed separately and connected via cable. With max deviation of <1%, sensor has response time of <0.3 sec for conductivity measurements and <15 sec for temperature. Read More

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Diagnostic Test Tools find switching system faults.

April 1, 2015

Designed for Pickering PXI, PCI, or LXI products, eBIRST Switching System Test Tools identify faulty relays and display graphical representation of switching system’s PCB assembly, highlighting relays that need to be replaced. Three tools support 200-way LFH, 78-way D, and 50-way D connectors, while set of adapters allow connection to other connector types. Application program controls tools via USB2 connection that also provides power and controls switching system using Test Definition File. Read More