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Central 3D Video Motion Detection System guards perimeters.

March 4, 2015

To protect borders and strategic facilities, 3D-GUARD–Advanced 3 Dimensional Video Motion Detection System provides 24/7 automatic detection of and alerts for moving targets/intruders. This day/night system, comprising 2 stationary cameras (thermal imagers, uncooled IR, or dual day TV) with fixed fields-of-view, has detection range of up to 1,000 m and uses algorithms to automatically calculate data collected from dedicated area and target itself to minimize false alarms. Read More

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Monitoring Software enhances heat exchanger performance.

April 2, 2013

As pre-engineered, integrated solution, Heat Exchanger Monitoring Solution embeds process and exchanger best practices into software using wired and wireless instrument applications for automated, 24/7 monitoring. Maintenance personnel can schedule optimal time to clean to sustain optimal heat transfer, helping facilities reduce energy and capacity loss due to fouling by up to 10%. Also, additional emissions from heater operation are avoided due to improved heat recovery in process. Read More

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Baggage Screener meets ECAC Standard 3.

May 2, 2012

Rapiscan RTT® (real time tomography) hold baggage scanner meets European Civil Aviation Conference's (ECAC) Standard 3 threat detection test, highest standard set by ECAC for the detection of explosive threats in passenger baggage. RTT's design screens baggage at same rate as traditional airport baggage handling systems, allowing it to be installed in existing systems with no loss of speed. System screens up to 1,800 bags per hour. Read More

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Protection System wirelessly secures home/office spaces.

October 26, 2011

Comprised of smart panel, door/window sensors, PIR motion sensor, and key fob remote control, Burglar Stopper® Wire-Free Home Protection System (STI-WS100SG2) supports 8 preset security zones and 4 operation modes (Alarm/Alert/Home/Standby). System offers up to 490 ft range and is controlled via smart panel that receives information from wireless sensors placed in various locations. Security breach triggers indicator lights and 120 dB+ audible alarms. Read More

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Heat Stress Monitor targets sport medicine environments.

June 1, 2010

Designed to monitor environmental thermal conditions, handheld Model WBGT8758 determines true heat stress temperature by accounting for air currents, relative humidity, solar load, and air temperature. Measurement parameters include Web Bulb Globe Temperature, Globe Temperature, Air Temperature, and % Relative Humidity. With temperature accuracy of ±2°F and RH% range of 0-100%, instrument is useful to coaches, team trainers, athletic directors, and sports medicine practitioners. Read More

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IP-Based Physical Security System is suited for SMBs.

March 15, 2010

Designed for systems with up to 32 access control readers and 8 total network nodes, browser-based S2 Pronto integrates various security management capabilities. Web-based network appliance, able to be managed remotely by system owner, supports video monitoring, access control, and alarm capabilities. User interface facilitates system operation for users of any skill level, and home page provides instant snapshot of system status. Support for touchscreens is standard. Read More

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Monitor manages worker heat stress in real time.

March 31, 2009

Microtherm® calculates Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index by means of 3 sensors that measure natural wet bulb temperature, globe temperature, and air temperature. Sensors are manufactured to BS 1904 and DIN 43760 accuracy standards and can be mounted on instrument or remotely positioned by cable up to 30 ft away. WBGT data is compared to reference values defined by ISO 7243 standard, and in event of WBGT reaching dangerous levels, unit issues audible and visual alarms. Read More

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Heat Stress Monitors feature waterless wet bulb calculation.

December 8, 2008

Incorporating Waterless Wet Bulb sensor, QUESTemp°44 and 46 evaluate indoor and outdoor environmental conditions for potential to cause heat stress or heat-related injuries. Both portable instruments measure/calculate dry bulb, wet bulb, and globe temperatures along with WBGT indoors, WBGT outdoors, relative humidity, and Heat Index/Humidex. In addition, QUESTemp° 46 includes ability to measure stay times in order to manage work/rest regimens. Read More

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Security Panels are suited for small businesses.

December 8, 2008

While ST8 64-zone modular hybrid hardwired/wireless system suits custom applications, ST Express 64-zone wireless self-contained system offers accelerated installation. Both support phone control, voice feedback, and voice messages, and ST Express adds built-in 2-way voice verification. Systems can also transmit over VoIP lines and are available with Ethernet interface module for remote monitoring and control as well as 2-way communications with automation systems. Read More

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Security Monitoring Solution transmits full event alarms.

November 11, 2008

Operating on Numerex ISO27001 secure network, ETL-listed Uplink 2550 transmits full event alarm signals wirelessly when phone line is compromised or unavailable. It can operate as back-up or primary communicator and features full event reporting and line-fault detection. Other features include dial-capture, 2 inputs, 3 outputs, and universal compatibility with alarm systems and central stations. Online dealer portal offers access to information and administrative functions. Read More

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Security Device prevents theft of oil, oilfield equipment.

July 30, 2008

Operated off 12 V battery or existing 12 Vdc supply, Valve Sentry(TM) monitors incoming power to all controls, wire to all motors or automation panels, and thief hatch. Enclosure, constructed of 12 and 14 gauge steel with no exposed fasteners, denies access to off loading valves on oil tanks. Stand-alone system can only be accessed by key and contains electro-mechanical lock rated to withstand over 1,000 lb of force. Options include tamper-proof vibration switches and alarm horn. Read More

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IP-Network Security System is offered with various options.

June 17, 2008

NetCanSee is offered with option of hardware or PC-based recording with software decoders that allow camera images to be monitored through PC without use of receiver. Cameras offered include N-CC2360 Network Color Camera with built-in condenser microphone and N-CC2564 Network Combination Dome Camera capable of monitoring high-speed PTZ movements. Both N-VR2010 Receiver and N-VT2010 Transmitter are PoE compatible, and N-DR2000 Recorder records images from up to 16 network video transmitters. Read More

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Security Appliance protects converged voice, data networks.

March 25, 2008

To facilitate management tasks and help protect VoIP gateways, SIP servers, and VoIP phones, Sentriant(TM) is available with behavior-based IP Telephony security rules that focus protection around voice traffic traversing unified communications network. Rules take into account traditional traffic patterns occurring between IP phones and call servers, and protection mechanisms are automatically triggered if significant amount of traffic anomalies occur. Read More

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Baggage Inspection System detects explosives/liquids.

January 18, 2008

Including wide variety of modular components, iLane checkpoint features HI-SCAN 6040aTiX high-performance multi-view X-ray inspection system that automatically detects and pinpoints explosives as well as liquid substances in carry-on baggage. Unit separates suspicious bags from those that are cleared, diverting them on to separate lane to defined re-inspection area. Tray return system automatically takes empty bins back to start of security lane. Read More

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Quality Improvement System facilitates long-term care.

October 23, 2007

SamarionSolution(SM) administers transformational technology to nursing homes through Enterprise Quality Enhancement System. Transparent for end-users, solution provides restraint-free fall prevention, wandering and elopement prevention, as well as resident, staff, and visitor safety and security management. System also offers staff management and facility monitoring capabilities as well as family-and-friends communications system. Read More

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Web-Based Security System enables remote control/monitoring.

October 18, 2007

Available 24/7, e-Secure enables users to control and monitor business security systems while offsite using Internet-connected computer, PDA, or text-enabled cell phone. Business owners or managers can check alarm status, arm and disarm system, view system history, as well as add and delete users. Additionally, notification lists can be set-up online to determine who receives e-mail or text alerts about alarm and non-alarm activity and under what circumstances. Read More

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Monitoring Device supports up to 4 pan-and-tilt cameras.

September 18, 2007

Suited for environmental and security monitoring, securityProbe features 4 built-in pan-tilt controllers as well as 32-bit Xscale PXA270 312 MHz processor; 128 MB nonvolatile flash memory; and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, serial, USB, RS485, and Modbus ports. It also has 8 full autosense RJ-45 ports for connection to AKCP intelligent sensors. Running on Linux embedded OS, system offers 640 x 480 pixel resolution with 15 fps frame rate and 320 x 240 pixels at 30 fps. Read More

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Monitoring Devices have temperature sensing capability.

April 16, 2007

Featuring embedded Linux OS, sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 products are intelligent, SNMP-enabled, web-based environmental monitoring devices capable of connecting up to 4 cameras for security monitoring and software motion-detection. Both are offered with AKCP Thermocouple in addition to data-logging, graphing, remote monitoring, and out of threshold notification capabilities. Thermocouple enables temperature measurement from -454 to 2,501°F in dangerous or harsh environments. Read More

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Monitoring Systems offer customizable notifications.

September 30, 2005

Able to record pictures whenever sensor event occurs, cameraProbe8 has CCD camera and supports up to 3 additional external analog security cameras, while sensorProbe8Linux allows for up to 4 additional external analog security cameras. Both systems incorporate Sensor Notification Matrix, which can send alerts via Email, SNMP trap, SMS, MMS, Text to Speech, and telephone calls. Each individual sensor may have different settings which can execute any alarm. Read More

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Camera detects concealed weapons in real-time.

May 6, 2005

With 45 ft range, BIS-WDS(TM) Prime uses passive millimeter wave sensor technology to detect guns, knives, or bombs of metal, plastic, or composite construction. Weapons Detection System (WDS) consists of millimeter wave camera combined with video camera and algorithm software that interfaces to other security devices/networks. Capable of identifying up to 50 threats simultaneously, system produces electronic alarm when suspicious item is detected. Read More