Sotera Wireless® to Highlight the Power of Patient Surveillance at IRRS 2016

SAN DIEGO Sotera Wireless, a leader in the drive to make healthcare safer through continuous multiparameter patient monitoring, today previewed its clinical presentations the 12(th) International Conference On Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center on May 2 and May 3, 2016.

Among the featured events is an educational session sponsored by Sotera "Surveillance Monitoring Using the ViSi Mobile® Monitoring System," which will take place on May 2 from 1300 to 1315 local time in Room 104. Dr. Ben Kanter, Sotera chief medical officer and a nationally recognized physician leader in the use of health information technology, will lead the discussion along with Gary Manning, Sotera vice president, sales and market development. Dr. Kanter will highlight how hospitals are using the ViSi Mobile System to reduce failure-to-rescue situations and adverse events among non-ICU patients. In addition, he will discuss benefits derived from the system's advanced interoperability capabilities and analytics.

"It is a privilege to speak at the 2016 IRRS Conference," said Manning. "This clinician community is dedicated to improving worldwide patient safety through early detection of patient deterioration in the hospital setting. We value their insight and have applied it in our drive to provide technology that enhances the effect of the rapid response system."

Dr. Kanter will also present in a general session on May 2 from 1600 to 1615 local time in Room 103. The abstract "Multiparameter Alarm Management and Distribution on the General Care Unit" describes a study exploring whether continuous multi-parameter physiological monitoring could be used to better track patient deterioration and trigger rapid response without causing significant alarm fatigue or alarm issues. The study, conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, N. C., employed an integrated system comprised of the ViSi Mobile System, electronic health record, clinical communication and collaboration tools, and cutting edge mobile technology to manage alarm distribution.

The ViSi Mobile System will be highlighted in an additional session "Response to Patient Deterioration in the Afferent Limb: Effectiveness of Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring" to be held on May 2 from 1645 to 1700 local time in Room 2. Presenters Koh Mei Jiao and Wei Ling Ling of National University Hospital, Singapore, will discuss a study evaluating the utility of the ViSi Mobile System and the efficacy of vital sign parameters in the detection of serious complications. Rosemary Kennedy, Sotera chief nursing officer, served as the primary study author.

The ViSi Mobile System is a wireless, wearable platform that continuously monitors all patient vital signs and communicates data to clinicians. The system aligns with evidence demonstrating that the highest-specificity indicator for at-risk patients is a combination of heart rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure and change in mental status. The ViSi Mobile System measures heart rate, respiration rate, and continuous non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP), along with SpO2 pulse rate, and skin temperature.

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