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Dry Pendent Fire Sprinklers feature extra-large orifice.

October 19, 2015

Supplied in sizes from 12–48 in. in 6 in. increments, Dry ELO Pendent Sprinklers are FM-Approved with K-factor of 11.2 (161). Units are available in 165°F, 205°F, and 280°F temperature ratings and are suitable for many cold storage applications where ceiling heights are 35 ft and below. Offered in both standard and quick response versions, sprinklers come in plain barrel, standard adjustable, and recessed adjustable styles with 1 ¼ in. NPT thread size. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Upright Fire Sprinkler eliminates in-rack sprinklers.

August 25, 2015

With K-factor of 25.2 (363), Model VK598 Standard Response Upright Sprinkler is approved for use in both dry and pre-action systems. Unit can protect Class I-III commodities with storage heights up to 40 ft in warehouses as high as 45 ft, without need for additional in-rack sprinklers. Featuring 1 in. NPT thread size, VK598 is FM-approved for protection of open frame rack, solid piled, palletized, and bin box storage configurations, with maximum sprinkler spacing of 10 x 10 ft. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

ESFR Pendent Sprinkler suits warehouse, storage applications.

June 4, 2015

UL-Listed and FM-Approved for warehouse and other high-piled storage applications, TYCO Model ESFR-14 Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Pendent Sprinkler (TY6236) has K-Factor of 14.0 (202) and max working pressure of 175 psi. Profile promotes installation flexibility, and design is available with ¾ in. NPT or ISO 7-R ¾ threads. Ordinary (155°F) and intermediate (200°F) temperature ratings are available for this suppression-mode sprinkler.
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Safety & Security Equipment

Pendent Sprinklers target residential applications.

May 27, 2015

Designed for homes, apartments, dormitories, and hotels, 5.8K Series LFII Residential Sprinklers incorporate fast response, frangible bulbs available in both 155° and 175° with ½ in. threads. Units are intended for wet pipe sprinkler systems and to protect large rooms with lower pressures. Recessed version, designed for areas with finished ceilings, employ 2-piece Style 20 Recessed Escutcheon that provides ¼ in. of recessed adjustment or up to ½ in. of total adjustment from flush ceiling position. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Commercial Sprinklers target design-focused clients.

May 7, 2015

Suited for hotels, casinos, offices, and educational facilities, 5.6K pendent and horizontal sidewall RAVEN Studio Sprinklers are available in Standard Coverage for protection of Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies and Extended Coverage for Light Hazard applications, as defined by NFPA 13. Units feature paint-in-place escutcheon, providing variety of custom colors to match any project. With heat sensitive solder type release element, units are listed as quick response sprinklers. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

ESFR Storage Sprinkler provides ceiling-only protection.

April 28, 2015

Offered in 165°F and 205°F temperature ratings, Model VK514 is UL-Listed to provide ceiling-only protection for storage up to 43 ft in warehouses with ceilings as high as 48 ft, without use of in-rack sprinklers. Pendent sprinkler is also UL Listed for aisle widths as narrow as 6 ft and approved to protect Class I-IV commodities. Featuring 1 in. NPT or 25 mm BSP thread size, unit has large K factor of 28.0, which results in pressure requirement of 35 psi. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Fire Sprinklers protect combustible concealed spaces.

December 29, 2014

Available in 4.2 and 5.6 K-Factor listings, UL-listed Model CC3 Sprinklers are designed for use with steel or CPVC piping in horizontal, combustible, concealed spaces up to 60 in. deep. These quick response sprinklers, with temperature rating of 200°F, provide protection of light hazard, combustible spaces as required by NFPA 13. Design is intended for installation with BlazeMaster® CPVC wet pipe systems as well as with steel wet pipe or dry pipe sprinkler systems. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Recessed Flush Dry Sprinkler protects unheated areas.

August 27, 2014

Featuring 5.6 (81) K factor, Model VK482 is cULus Listed for both Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies. Unit's fusible element can be recessed up to ½ in. above ceiling, making sprinkler suitable for freezers, where possibility of forklift damage is potential concern. Offered in 165°F and 205°F temperature ratings, quick response pendent sprinkler is available with optional insulating boot assembly, which can be used to satisfy NFPA 13 code requirements. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

ESFR Sprinkler targets cold storage facilities.

November 11, 2013

With K factor of 16.8, Model VK504 is intended for freezers and cold storage facilities where wet-pipe sprinkler system is installed in conditioned space above insulated ceiling. Dry ESFR unit enables ceiling-only protection, without use of in-rack sprinklers and pre-action systems. Supplied in standard length of 37½ in. with 165°F temperature rating, sprinkler is available with 1½ in. grooved or threaded connection. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Sprinkler Assemblies offer flexible connections.

October 8, 2013

FSC Flexible Sprinkler Assemblies include Model FSC-28B with FM Approved braided flexible connection and Model FSC-25U with UL-Listed non-braided connection. When ordered, customers receive desired FSC flexible sprinkler connections, as well as separate package containing specified sprinkler factory-installed onto outlet fitting. Each assembly is 100% factory-tested, eliminating potential leak point. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Storage Facility Sprinkler features K factor of 22.4 (320).

July 11, 2013

Available with 165° and 205°F temperature ratings, model VK506 Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) pendent sprinkler is intended for use in warehouses and other storage applications. Product is cULus Listed and FM Approved for buildings up to 45 ft high and storage heights up to 40 ft, without use of in-rack sprinklers, and can be installed with deflector located 6–18 in. below ceiling. Featuring fast response fusible element, sprinkler has 1 in. NPT thread size. Read More

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Flexible Sprinkler Connections include FM-approved braided hose.

June 26, 2013

Model FSC-28B braided flexible sprinkler connections are available in standard lengths of 39 3/8 and 59 in. with either ½ or ¾ in. NPT sprinkler connection. Connection and hose are shipped pre-assembled, with installation bracket providing secure fit to suspended ceiling grid and lateral adjustment for precisely locating sprinklers. Center bracket design also allows for vertical adjustment to accommodate semi-recessed and concealed sprinkler installations. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Flat Plate Concealed Residential Sprinkler has K Factor of 3.0.

May 30, 2013

Model VK488 flat-plate concealed pendent sprinkler is cULus Listed with flow rate of 8 gpm and pressure requirement of 7.1 psi in 12 x 12 ft room size. It is also rated for 14 x 14 and 16 x 16 ft coverage areas and has temperature rating of 165°F. Featuring ½ in. NPT thread size, residential sprinkler incorporates cover plate, available in 3 options including standard/small diameter, large diameter, and square versions, in various finishes and custom colors. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Pendent Sprinkler provides 48 ft ceiling-only fire suppression.

December 3, 2012

UL-Listed for use in storage occupancies with up to 48 ft high ceilings, Model ESFR-25 (Early Suppression, Fast Response) eliminates need for in-rack sprinklers for protection of class I through cartoned unexpanded group A plastics in various storage arrangements. Features include coverage area of 64–100 ft², max slope ceiling of 2 in. rise for 12 in. run (16.7%), and spacing from 8–10 ft. Sprinkler is rated for temperatures to 214°F. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Flat Plate Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler suits hazardous locations.

August 13, 2012

Available in 165 and 220°F temperature ratings, Model VK481 is 5.6 (81) K factor horizontal sidewall sprinkler designed for Group 1 and 2 hazard occupancies. Featuring total length of 2 in., cULus listed unit has ½ in. NPT thread size and can be installed with deflector from 4-12 in. below ceiling to accommodate obstructions such as light fixtures and crown moldings. Flat concealed cover plate maximizes aesthetics and comes in white finish or can be custom painted. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Dry ESFR Storage Sprinkler features FM approval.

July 12, 2012

Installed on wet pipe system, model VK502 dry ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) pendent sprinkler eliminates need for in-rack sprinklers and dry or preaction system in certain freezer and cold storage applications. Unit has 14.0 (201) K factor and provides ceiling only protection. Suited for cold storage facilities where system piping is installed in heated space above freezer area, 165°F sprinkler comes with 2 insulating boots and is offered in single barrel length of 36 in. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler features a 28 ft wide coverage area.

June 18, 2012

Available in both recessed and domed concealed models, Model VK638 Corridor Sprinkler has K Factor of 8.0 (115), ¾ in. thread size. It is cULus listed for 28 x 12 ft and 28 x 14 ft coverage areas, with deflector installed up to 12 in. below ceiling. Both recessed and domed concealed models are available in 57°C, 68°C, 79°C, and 93°C temperature ratings. Horizontal sidewall sprinkler is designed to protect corridors, hallways, decks, walkways, and other areas where wide spray pattern is optimal. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Fire Sprinkler provides lowest achievable flow rates.

June 8, 2012

Featuring 3.0 K-Factor, Freedom® VK470 Recessed Pendent Sprinkler is cULus Listed for 12 x 12, 14 x 14, and 16 x 16 ft room sizes. In each coverage area, unit provides lowest possible flow rate for NFPA 13D and 13R residential systems requiring 0.05 gpm/ft² density design. Available in white, ivory, chrome, and black finishes as well as variety of custom colors, sprinkler has ½ in. NPT thread size and temperature ratings of 155°F and 175°F. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Sidewall Sprinkler is concealed behind flat cover plate.

September 19, 2011

Model VK680 combines extended coverage with flat concealed cover plate. Featuring ¾ in. NPT thread size and 8.0 (115) K factor, commercial horizontal sidewall sprinkler is cULus-listed for light hazard occupancies as well as 14 x 22 ft, 16 x 20 ft, and 18 x 18 ft coverage areas. Temperature rating is 165°F, and cover plate has temperature rating of 135°F. While sprinkler can be installed up to 12 in. below ceiling, total length of 2 in. aids installation in tight wall spaces. Read More

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Fire Protection Products facilitate inspection.

September 16, 2011

Designed for home sprinkler systems, Residential Fire Protection line includes RF PEX(TM) Tubing, which features distinctive orange stripe, enabling inspectors to visually follow tubing throughout installation. Line also includes Lead Free PEX(TM) Fittings and Lead Free RF PEX(TM) Sprinkler Fittings, which accept all standard ½ in. residential sprinkler heads and will work with variety of sprinkler head brands. Read More