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Anti-Static Coating maintains optical clarity on molded plastic.

July 19, 2010

Solvent-based and UV curable, Vueguard 941 is designed for applications where permanent, clear coating is required to dissipate or prevent static charge. Typical application would be to prevent static build-up on personal electronic displays. Vueguard 941 can be applied via spray, dip, spin, roll, or flow coating. Read More

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UV Inking System can withstand high-pressure situations.

February 6, 2008

Including MTG-FORM(TM) and MTG-NF(TM), MTG(TM) UV inking systems are suited for use in making formable and non-formable automotive, appliance, cell phone, and medical parts. Both mar- and scuff-resistant MTG sets can be used as standalone hard coats or can be blended together to alter desired finish, and are available in matte, gloss, or texture clear finishes. MTG-FORM(TM) formable UV ink can stretch up to 1.5 in. as plastic parts become 3D. Read More

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