Industrias Auge Named a "Whitford Quality Approved Coater"

Houston, TX. – Whitford, makers of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has launched a “Quality Approved Coater” program in North America that recognizes a limited number of coating applicators who meet strict criteria set by Whitford.

The program originated in the oil industry in Asia, where it met with great success. It consists of a select group of applicators who have proven their capacity to provide coated fasteners that meet a list of strict standards established by Whitford. Its objective is to assure consistently high quality in coated fasteners.

Industrias Auge of Mexico has completed all necessary requirements to qualify for Whitford’s QAC program award in North America. Auge has been a manufacturer of high-perfomance fasteners for the oil and gas markets as well as other diverse industries across North America and around the globe for more than 50 years. Auge brings to the industry a quality- and service-focused approach with innovative coating capa- bilities, located at their Lerma Mexico facility.

Reports Bill Pernice of Whitford, “The Auge technical team showed exemplary technical knowledge of the coating process and completed all of the QAC requirements in record time.”

Says Abrahan Puente of Industrias Auge, “We thank Whitford for this unique recognition and for the consistently high level of technical support that they have always provided us and we look forward to working together on new opportunities.”

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